There was a knocking on his door but Ichigo ignored it. The person kept knocking though.

"Whoever that is, leave me alone!" Ichigo yelled out from his bed, not bothering moving.

"You're ruining the moment," he heard a voice say.

"W-what?" Ichigo sat up.

The door opened, and Grimmjow stood lit by the hallway light, smiling at Ichigo.

"It's only been a couple of hours. Did I somehow get it back for awhile? Why can I see you?" Ichigo asked out loud.

"Idiot," Grimmjow said, coming close and wrapping his arms around Ichigo. "It's a gigai."

"What? I thought that none of them were working at all."

"Whatever the hell happened to me at the hospital made it so that I can wear just a normal gigai. It didn't have to be altered," Grimmjow grinned at Ichigo. "'re stuck with me."

"Really?" Ichigo asked. "This isn't going to go away? Or did I just fall asleep?"

In response, Grimmjow kissed him passionately. "How good are you at dreaming?" He kissed Ichigo again. "Do you dream my taste, my feel?" He kissed Ichigo's neck. "My body heat? How it feels when I begins to get aroused?" He said, pressing into Ichigo, letting him feel his excitement hardening against his stomach.

"It really works..." Ichigo breathed, burying his head into Grimmjow's chest.

"Yeah, Kisuke said I'm I think that's what he called it. Kinda like you but reversed I guess," Grimmjow said. "We're gonna work on me getting my mask back when I fight and stuff but I kind of wasn't really feeling the training thing right now. I just wanted to tell show you."

"Great, now I owe Urahara," Ichigo groaned.

"Yeah, he says you have to work at the shop," Grimmjow said.

"What? I already have a job!" Ichigo complained.

"I'm pretty sure he was just kidding. I mean, he also said I was going to have to and showed me this apron he wanted me to wear, so he was either joking or has a death wish."

Grimmjow paused. "This doesn't mean you get to give up though, you know. It's not the same, us being together this way. I can't feel you like I want to. Being a human kind of sucks."

"Hey, I'm a human!"

"You are not," Grimmjow scoffed.

"Er, well close enough."

"Not even close."

"But you can stay in the gigai for a long time, right? My dad has for decades," Ichigo stated.

"Yup. I can be this way as long as you need me to," Grimmjow said.

"I guess I should introduce you to Yuzu," said Ichigo. "I don't think she's really seen you yet."

Yuzu wasn't the only person that Ichigo introduced Grimmjow too. He introduced him to the other visoreds, assuming that even though Grimmjow was a hollow who had become a shinigami it was close enough that they'd want to meet him.

It almost went well, until Grimmjow started strangling Hiyori and Shinji just stood there laughing telling her she deserved it for calling him a kitty cat.

Grimmjow trained with the group for a couple of weeks, to get used to switching in and out of his masked form. It was different than what they were used to, since they had to battle their hollow sides for dominance and he didn't, but they still eventually welcomed him into their close knit group. For some reason Grimmjow got along most with Kensei, mostly because the two of them could sit and just drink sake and not talk to each other for hours and call it a good time (and because they both had tempers, Hiyori being Grimmjow's hot button and Mashiro being Kensei's).

Ichigo was contemplating moving out, since Grimmjow was still living with him but now they weren't nearly as quiet as they used to be. Ichigo was constantly trying to get Grimmjow to not horrify him by making loud sex noises and Grimmjow was constantly trying to get Ichigo to be as loud as possible.

Neither of his sisters seemed to mind, at least not after the first couple of weeks of slightly embarrassing family breakfasts.

Ichigo had to always remind Grimmjow to wear more clothes, since Grimmjow seemed to think "not naked" was good enough. Which was another reason Ichigo thought that they should get their own place. He honestly liked the idea of Grimmjow walking around mostly naked all day, and if they had a small studio downtown he'd never have to get dressed. Ichigo could just come home to a bare chested Grimmjow lounging on the futon and attack him and not have to worry about a sister or his father walking in on him while he hands were diving into Grimmjow's fundoshi.

Still, they currently all lived together, and that wasn't that bad either. It was kind of like adding a new family member, since Grimmjow was mostly considered family anyways. Isshin had even recruited Grimmjow to scare off any potential suitors of his "dear precious virgin daughters". No one that Grimmjow gave his "special treatment" to dared to come back. Mostly the guys were after Yuzu, so Karin didn't mind. Besides, she had her own guy in mind and he didn't seem like the type that would be easily scared off, even by an ex-espada. And since her dad was already being accepting of an espada in the family she didn't think he mind so much if there was another shinigami. Karin laid her plans carefully but knew that she's have to wait until she was a little older. Still, she consulted with Grimmjow and was planning on striking as soon as she was 18.

Toshiro Hitsugaya didn't stand a chance.

"Good morning class, today we have a new student. He's from Germany, so please welcome Grimmjow Jaegerjaques to Karakura High!" Ichigo's teach said.

Ichigo choked a little. He glared at the grinning man in front of the classroom and barely heard Grimmjow introduce himself.

Grimmjow didn't bother waiting for a seat assignment, simply pulled the kid out of the chair next to Ichigo and took a seat. No one bothered to stop him.

"You could have said something," Ichigo said under his breath.

"And spoil the surprise? Besides, this way I can glower at people that hit on you and have them actually see me," Grimmjow grinned.

And I'm never letting you get hurt again, Ichigo, he thought to himself. I know you have a lot of friends here to protect you, but that didn't work last time. Never again...

"By the way," Grimmjow said to the classroom, every student's eyes on him. "I'm Ichigo's fiancé."

"WHAT!" Ichigo yelled. "Er, I have to go to the bathroom!" He said loudly, pulling Grimmjow after him as he fled the room. "Do you even know what the means?" he asked Grimmjow as they stood in front of the sinks in the men's bathroom.

"Yeah, that's you're my mate. It's what Orihime said to let the hospital let her in," Grimmjow told Ichigo.

"You can't're supposed to ask," Ichigo stated.

"Oh, well then do you want to be my ma..."

"Not in the freaking bathroom, you spaz!"

That night Ichigo snuggled deeper into Grimmjow's arms, both watching the moon outside of Ichigo's window.

"Get something warm on," Grimmjow said into Ichigo's ear. "I'm kidnapping you."

Ichigo pulled on some clothes and a put on a hoodie. "I don't think that kidnappers usually care if their victims are warm," he joked.

He followed Grimmjow through town, finally come to a small outlet for the river than ran through Karakura town. It was just a small stream with a bench near it and a clear view of the night sky. Grimmjow put a warm blanket on the bench and bundled the two of them up on it.

"So, you're going to be my mate, right?" Grimmjow asked.

"Are you asking me to be your mate, or marry you?" Ichigo questioned.

"Whatever you call it when you're completely mine," Grimmjow stated.


"Fantastic," Grimmjow said.

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