Summary: After taking a potion suggested by her brother, Janelle Snape née Potter does not exist. She creates a new life, has a small family, and is finally allowed to return after Voldemort's downfall. She takes the job as Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts while she is working on the antidote to the potion.

Harry and co. have returned for what Headmistress McGonagall has deemed their "eighth year", and only have to take Transfiguration, Potions, and Defense (those teachers the only accepting to add another class to their schedule). With unexpected romances and suspicious friends, this is sure to be a well-remembered year. T for Language, and material that will come later.

The story doesn't completely revolved around Janelle though. It's not just her secret to be revealed, it's many secrets.

*This story is completely in line and metaphorically holding hands with Things They'd Forgotten. You do not need to read one for the other, but it might add some insight. Actually, this is "technically" a spoiler to what happens in Things They'd Forgotten (Though I'm not done with that story... It's on a small hiatus).

Disclaimer: I only own the things you do not recognize. Otherwise, it belongs to the lovely J.K. Rowling.

When Secrets Surface


19 September 1981

"Elle, please just trust me on this!"

Janelle Snape née Potter was not easily convinced.

"James. I'm not taking a potion that dangerous." Janelle remarked quietly.

James sighed heavily. He had been trying to convince his sister for over an hour to take a potion called Deleoesse. It was a tiny little potion, only a small vial of it needed for success.

Within seconds of taking the potion, the drinker's existence would be erased; it would be as if they were never born. Usually, it was used for safety; whatever the drinker was running from would suddenly forget it existed.

Sometimes, Death Eaters had used it for torture. They would kidnap and physically torture a witch or wizard, then give them a glass of water with the potion mixed in. After, they would set the prisoner free, and when this witch or wizard went home, their family would not remember them. Kicked out of their home, no job, no family, the person would usually end up committing suicide.

Janelle was right, it was quite dangerous, but there was an antidote, if you could find the instructions to make it.

"Please! Look, this war is going to be awful. I can already tell." James quickly glanced around to make sure Lily was not near by. "I also am fairly sure Lily and I won't make it."

"Don't say that." Janelle mumbled, eyes downcast. "I can't just stand by and watch the world crumble, James. I can't leave my husband, I can't leave you or Lily or Remus or Sirius or Luc-"

"I know, Elle. It'll be hard. But I want at least one person alive to take care of Harry when this is all over. A real family member, his own flesh and blood." James put his hand on her shoulder. "I want to see my baby sister come out of this alive."

"I'm only younger than you by a few minutes..."

James laughed, and engulfed her in a strong hug. "Ellie-bug, please do this for me. I'm begging you."

His twin sighed, hugging him back tightly. "James..." Pulling away just enough, she saw his face. Pleading eyes, searching the depths of Janelle's.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Yes!" James exclaimed, reaching into his coat pocket for a small vial, holding it in front of her.

"Hey- You already had it made? How'd you know I would say yes?" Janelle asked with a small laugh, taking the vial from him and pocketing it.

"Babes," He began with a wink, trying to be suave. "I know you." He walked over to the small end table that was near them, unlocked the drawer, and pulled out a piece of paper that looked as though it had been ripped from of a text book.

He held it out to her as he approached her again. "These are the ingredients and instructions for the antidote. However, I don't want you taking it until Voldemort is officially gone-"

"James! That could be years!" She exclaimed in protest.

"Elle, the purpose of this is to be alive for Harry after the war if Lily and I aren't. If you come back before it's over, you're still at risk." He explained. "I'm guessing your Dark Mark should fade when he is for sure gone?"

Janelle nodded distractedly. "Why I ever did that I'll never know..." She trailed off. "Wait, I know why. I did it for Sev." She laughed slightly, hand lightly rubbing her forearm.

James took her hand. "I know who you are as a person. I don't care if you have a stupid tattoo. I know you don't support him." Kissing her temple, she smiled at him.

"So, knowing you, you want to make this official? With an Unbreakable Charm, yeah?"

"Maybe twins can read each other minds...Yes, I would. Make me feel better." James agreed. They moved away from the table and couch and grasped each other's arm.

"Do you, Janelle, promise to take the Deleoesse potion within the next twenty-four hours?"

"I do." A warm, ribbon-like glow wrapped around their arms.

"Do you, Janelle, promise not to return or take the antidote before Voldemort is rid of the world forever?"

"I do." Another glow.

As they let go of each other, James became crestfallen. He began playing with a strand of her long, wavy black hair. "You know, I was hoping, just a bit, that you wouldn't agree. I can't imagine not knowing you..."

"It'll be very weird," Janelle began, "Try to be alive when this is all over, yeah?"

James laughed. "I'll be sure to try," While giving her another hug, he glanced at the clock. "You should probably head home and let Snape know what's going on..."

Janelle nodded. She walked solemnly over to the door and turn to face her brother. "I love you, Jaja."

James laughed heartily at the childhood nickname. "Love you, too, Nelly." They hugged one last time, it lastly just a bit longer than usually, and then she was gone.

Returning home, she explained the situation and the vow to Severus.

"Why the fuck did you agree to that?" Severus asked angrily. He had a way of being viciously angry, while being very quiet. It was more unnerving than yelling, Janelle always thought.

"He's my brother. And..." She couldn't think of any other reasons.

He had cleaned up himself and a bit of the house when he realized she was going to be out for a long time. Dressed in a dark green button-down shirt, black slacks, and his long black hair pulled back in a tie, he looked ready for their weekly, "At-Home-Dinner-Date". She had forgotten.

They sat in silence for a very long time. It felt like hours to Janelle, but it may have been only ten minutes. She was waiting for Severus to say something. Suddenly, he took her hand. She turned to look at him, and saw him rubbing his eyes with his free hand.

"I'm not that mad..." He began. "I'm not happy. But I still love you." He stood up, pulling her up with him. Let's just... go to bed."

Janelle nodded, and decided then she would wake up early, pack up her things, and drink the potion before he woke.

She didn't cry. Didn't throw anything to wall, didn't yell. She knew she would be back, eventually. It was just a matter of when.

Seventeen years, to be exact.

To be continued.

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