*This is a new type of story for me. I usually write Beauty and the Beast fanfiction, or Wicked, or maybe even Glee. But in all honesty, this might be my favorite thing to write a story about. I'm really still a little girl at heart, and it might be because of the crazy people I met in 6th grade.

This is a blast from the past. In 6th grade I got into school theatre in Seussical, the first and only musical I did with a kid's part. Seuss is the one thing that I sing more than anything. I still listen to it, I sing along, and some of the songs still put me to sleep.

"Seussed" is about the romance between Gertrude and Horton, and what the 'Whos' do to make them both man up to one another?

Hope you like it as much as I do.*


This isn't what you wanted to hear. But I am a star. Way deep down everyone here knows I am a star. The star with the biggest tail in all of the tall trees.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Mayzie la Bird. I was who you were expecting, wasn't I? Don't tell me you don't know. I don't mean to be a bit nosey, but it's what I do for a living. I am the new face of the news. This will be the most important story of my life.

Big Boss put me up to this one. Pretty funny, actually, because I'm his neighbor. Horton they told me would be the most interesting story for the paper. Which is important, because journalism is the one thing I fail at. I mean, to some people, I would fail at a lot of things. Like English… or math… science, maybe… and definitely History. But in this place, which is Nool, life is rough and everybody fails.

That is, depending on who you are. There are Stat A's, and they are the sports team captains and Cheerleaders. Stat B's, they're the other members of the squad and teams and stuff. C's are typical students and sports wannabes. D's are the kind of people who like to have fun by writing each other with their variables on the calculators. I'm an A, Horton is a D. so me being his stalker is a little weird. Him being mine, I can accept that. Everybody wants a piece of this.

Not everybody. Everybody who WANTED me got what they wanted. I'm quite good at playing mind games. Start by whispering in their ear, they're your prey depending on what you say. My line is usually haven't met you, but I want to. So common, it rings in every ear. Now you think cheerleading is legal prostitution. Well, if you think that… you're so right.

One more thing you have to know: on a scale, Gertrude is an E. That isn't on the scale already, is it? If it is, she's soooo far off there's nowhere on the scale to hold her. She has several blue feathers scattered all over her body, but almost nothing to accentuate her invisible assets. You know what I mean right? Exactly. And the best part of my entire plan, is the part that has to do with her.

I don't have to work to stalk Horton. Good news is: Gertrude will do it for me.


"Hello, Gertrude." I tried not to squeal in agony as I said her name. Were any of the squad watching me?

"Oh am I in your seat?"

"Oh, no. don't mind me." I said, taking the seat next to her. "Oh, don't tell me you were saving this seat." Of course she was.

"Nope. I sit here everyday, though. Nobody else likes me."

"I don't know why." I rolled my eyes. Was it the snorting, or how she looked, or her absence of a tail. "Someone must like you."

"I want someone to."

"WHO." I asked super sarcastically, hoping she doesn't hear my tone.

"Actually, I like Horton." She semi-whispered. I fake a gasp.

"No! Well say it isn't so!"

"It's true."

"Well, then, maybe you can help me with a problem." I asked, jumping to my point. "I have a project for Journalism, on Horton and how crazy he is."

"He's not crazy." She said matter-of-factly. High school: home of the liars.

"Yes, well, maybe you can… watch him for me?" I batted my eyes. The puppy-dog face is completely irresistible if written on Mayzie laBird's face, boy or girl.

"I would be honored."

Best Frenemies Forever.