*THIS IS SADLY MOST LIKELY MY LAST CHAPTER! Time to cry a big fat tear! Then again, this leads me to another story. After all, when you close a door, a window is opened.

Sadly, this door was too much fun to think the window will be better*

Solla Sollew

5 years pass.

Morton was very proud of his adoptive parents. He would never care that I, Auntie, was his real mother. Or that his Uncle was actually his stepfather. Gertrude and Horton let Morton blend right in.

Gertrude and Horton's wedding was as soon as high school ended. Horton was the proud father of 7 elephant-birds, not including his little Morton. Morton was his pride and joy, and he had two daughters named Pride and Joy who adored his only son.

Me? Well, I'm doing well. Cat and I are quite content, and playing with Gertrude's kids remind me everyday that they are not what I want in this time and place. Neither does Cat. It's a joy to watch my nieces and son grow old with the two people I used to not be able to stand.

Funny thing is, I'm the one that thought Horton was crazy. I thought Gertrude and Horton were just a phase. I thought that Tweet knew what he meant when he said there's nothing to worry about, I do this all the time. I thought I would never become friends with a cat. And now I'm married to a cat? It's nothing but a dream to me.

So I spend my evenings in a dream land: Cat on my hip every night. Horton is on my right, Gertrude on his lap, his children to my left, my son on my lap. Sipping a glass of Pink lemonade while slow silent-movie music plays in the background. Horton calls this place Solla Sollew. I visit it every single day: wondering what could have been, and loving what really existed.

*Was that any good? I love opinions and I need more ideas! Fans fan flames, say that three times fast, and I need anything to write about now. That window might be there, but it's glued shut.*