The Importance of Being Celibate

A Pregnancy parody by Chibi Horsewoman

Warning: Due to hormones some characters may be slightly OOC. This is played up for the sake of humour. I'm warning people now so I don't get a review telling me so and so wouldn't act that way. So and so is pregnant and you've no idea how she might act.

Dedication: My reviewers, my beta reader and anyone who can take a joke.

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Chapter Two: Waiting on Two Pink Lines

As soon as the lunch bell rang, the Winx girls were on their way to the shuttle for Magix before anyone could try to stop them. Of course in order to stop them they would first have to identify the six girls as the famous Winx Club. Tecna had put off throwing up long enough to remind her quintet of friends that they were rather well known in Magix, so disguises were quickly adorned so no one would find out that the entire Winx Club didn't use birth control and may have gotten knocked up.

It only took twenty minutes to get to the center of town, find a pharmacy and grab three different kinds of tests- three for each girl that is- in case one gave an unwanted result. Then catch another shuttle and get back to Alfea. Yes it may have only taken twenty minutes, but for the Winx girls it felt like a lifetime.

"Can you hurry up already?" Flora demanded after Bloom had shoved past her into the washroom to take her first test.

"You can use our bathroom," Musa offered, "Tecna and I already finished the first brands we bought."

"And we labeled them too." Tecna added as Flora nearly ran her over in her rush to get to the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes and two out of the three brands of pregnancy tests later (Not to mention quite a few liters of water) the six girls were no closer to having the answers they wanted.

"A smiley face?!" Stella sobbed in disbelief, "Why do they have a smiley face for a positive test result?"

"Maybe because some people would be happy to find out they got knocked up?" Tecna offered in disgust as she threw her second positive test result in the trash. "Ugh! If I never have to pee on another stick again it will be too soon."

"You still have one more to go Tecna." Layla reminded the magenta haired fairy with a slight smirk.

"Oh why bother? If the first two tested positive, it's not like the last one will make a difference." Flora griped.

"Besides, I just took my last one and this is what I got." The brunette fairy held up her last dip stick to reveal two pink lines in the upper window.

"That's it, we're done for." Musa sighed. "I hope Riven doesn't mind becoming a nice addition to someone's d├ęcor."

"You mean you're going to tell him?" Bloom gasped in horror. "I'm not telling Sky! No way!"

"Then you can continue the fine tradition of deceit on which your relationship is built on." Musa returned in a snarky tone before taking one of the ginger gummies the group had picked up at the pharmacy.

"And I thought Flora had turned into the bitchy one." Layla observed earning herself a death glare from Flora.

"My relationship with Sky is not built on deceit!" Bloom snapped. "And even if it is at least we talk unlike some people."

"Riven and I talk too ya know." Musa shot back.

"Darling, breaking up every three weeks does not constitute talking." Stella retorted taking Bloom's side.

"Oh what do you know? Brandon lied to you too!"

Stella turned a pretty shade of tomato red at that fact. "Yeah, maybe I'll hold off telling him too."

"I don't care what either of you do. I just believe Riven should be told, if only for his own safety."

"I'm with Musa," Layla added, "I don't think the guys would like being lied to any more than we would."

"Screw that, I'm heading back to Gardenia." Bloom stated as if that would be a shock to anyone other than Layla who just stared at the other four waiting for an explanation. Tecna willingly offered it.

"You know the saying that when the going gets tough the tough get going?" She asked with a grin.

"Yeah." Layla answered, curiosity fully piqued.

"Well when things get too hard for Bloom, Bloom high tails it for Gardenia."

The others shared a brief laugh at Bloom's expense. Bloom just began to pack her suitcase in sulky silence.

"Hey Bloom, can you at least do us a favour and tell Faraganda you're leaving this time? And tell her we tried to stop you." Flora asked as the red head made her way for the main exit.

"Why's that?" Bloom asked curiously.

"Because this time we don't want to catch the heat for your bad decision making like we did when you ran off during our first year, right before the Trix took over." Tecna explained, playing with her mobile phone. (1)

"That's not very nice you guys." Bloom pouted.

"Nice or not it's the truth." Musa defended. "You're the princess of Domino for the love of the Great Dragon! And princesses can't just run off when they get faced with problems. And it wasn't fair that we were blamed the last time."

"Okay, but if I have to tell Faraganda why I'm leaving then I'm taking the rest of you down with me."

"You do, and after you have that baby I'll use you in a potion." Flora snarled.

Bloom immediately backed down then backed out of the doorway and sped down the hall. She didn't want to take her chances with the new pregnant hormonal Flora.

"I think I'll stay out of the way of pregnant Flora." Tecna whispered to Layla who nodded her agreement.

"Either that or just give her whatever she wants." Stella added.

"Well, Bloom's made her decision. What about the rest of us?" Musa asked.

The other remaining Winx just looked bewildered.

"Goin' into battle. 'Bout to pitch a fit

Lord if you listenin' get me out this shit"

-Peewee Gates- Fallen Angels by Walter Dean Meyers

Yay! I finally decided to update after almost two years. I'm sorry for the wait, but babies take priority over updating fan fiction. Thanks for your patience.

In all honesty the worry that the Winx were feeling in this chapter is based on how I was feeling over the summer when I found out I was pregnant again. But I was more worried about telling my mom, my now husband was actually hoping he'd gotten me pregnant. It turned out alright in the end though.

This is true from both versions. In the first season of Winx Club Ms Faraganda blamed the other Winx for letting Bloom run off to Gardenia and not stopping her. Never mind that Bloom never bothered to tell them she was leaving.