A/N: Usually I do this at the bottom but I need to forewarn you guys. This story is long on explicit smut and short on plot and a bit on the dark side. Not too much, kind of like dark chocolate. I mean it's still like regular chocolate just not as sweet. If this doesn't sound like your thang then you are welcome to choose another story. I'm working on a long Jori fic and just really needed to write something short. Review for a virtual high-five!

All his young life Sinjin was a curious boy. Never one to have too many friends, he usually spent most of his time alone in his room. That didn't mean he was lonely or a loner or a loser or any other sad 'L' word. He did have friends and he did have fun. Sometimes though, he preferred his personal time. That's how he ended up with his own mixing board which he spent fourteen continuous hours building. That's how he knew every piece of electrical equipment at H.A. inside and out so when something broke down, the school usually didn't even call a tech guy. That's how he became a genius with computers. However, being a smart guy meant being bored a lot and everyone knew that idle hands are the devil's plaything.

He couldn't remember exactly when he got obsessed with Jade. Sinjin wasn't delusional. He understood that his odds with her weren't very good. That didn't mean he couldn't convince Sikowitz to pair him up with her to do lighting for a play or break into Jade's house when she wasn't there. Or read her journal. Not her obvious, easily accessed by any amateur on the PC journal either. That one was a decoy.

No. He had found the other one. The one that was a folded up composition notebook bound with elastics and hidden at the rear of the drawers in her chest of drawers. If any of her friends knew what Jade had in there, they might change their minds about being friends with her. What she wrote wasn't mean or hurtful, just honest. She didn't secretly hate them and she wasn't a psycho or anything. At any rate though, they wouldn't understand. But Sinjin did.

The entries concerning Tori began changing roughly three months ago. Sinjin wasn't surprised that Jade would write about her nemesis but he definitely did not expect the turn these entries took. They became very fascinating and at some point and for some inexplicable reason, Sinjin decided Tori must find out.


Tori was running late. When she got to school in the morning, her locker seemed to be stuck closed. After bracing a foot against the other lockers and pulling with all her strength, it finally snapped open. By then the second bell had rung and Tori wildly collected her things and dashed to her class. She went around a corner and ran straight into someone. Notebooks, textbooks and loose papers went flying everywhere.

"Oops, sorry about that Tori," Sinjin said nervously.

He hunkered down and hastily picked up his own things, sliding his glasses back up his nose.

"That's okay Sinjin. I wasn't really looking where I was going."

Before she had even taken a hold of her notebook, Sinjin was up and hurrying off in the opposite direction.

"Hey, you forgot your papers!" Tori called after him, holding up several of the free sheets.

But he was gone and Tori decided to just stuff them in her bag. She was already late enough as it was and she could always return them to him later.


Later, however, the papers were still in Tori's bag. In her room after school, she was distractedly emptying everything out when they hovered to her floor. Recognizing what they were, Tori was about to set them in one of her binders until her own name on them caught her eye. Looking much closer now, she saw two things. One, the handwriting looked familiar and two it was girly so it couldn't have been Sinjin's. Whose was it, Tori wondered skimming through the sheets. The entries were dated and Tori organized them chronologically before reading. One of the first entries started at the top of the page but wasn't complete.

'—why she did that. I thought she wanted to hook up with Beck. I kind of expected her to maybe sabotage me and get him to like her. But she didn't. That doesn't mean I'm going to be her friend that's for sure.'

This was Jade's, Tori realized, her heart starting to beat excitedly. She was holding, in her hand, photocopied pages from Jade's diary. The fact that Sinjin had them didn't surprise her at all and only for a minute did Tori feel guilty. Then she continued reading. A few minutes later she stopped, flabbergasted. She re-read the sentences and still couldn't believe it.

'She was wearing those knee-high boots again with her skin-tight jeans. Fuck she looks hot in those. Bet she knows it too, strutting around and everything. I wanted to just tear those skinny jeans off her.'

What the hell was this? Did Jade like have the hots for her or something? This just didn't appear real at all. Maybe it was a prank. But that thought seemed unlikely as soon as it popped up in her mind. The more she continued reading, the more she started to blush. In the last two entries, Jade wrote things that sort of frightened her.

'Once I'd get her in that janitor's room I'd lock the door. I'd push her against a wall. She'd probably struggle and that would make it hotter. Then I'd rip her shirt open and pinch those perky nipples of hers until she screamed. I bet she'd like that too. After that, I'd put—'

And that's where the last page ended. Tori was breathing hard. Hyperventilating was more like it actually and she was hot all over. This was so messed up and weird and scary and thrilling because as disturbed as she was, Tori was also a bit turned on. No, I'm not, she firmly told herself and put the papers in her binder like she intended from the beginning. She couldn't understand what she just read and she couldn't understand what she felt. So Tori did what any sane person would do in that sort of a situation; forgot that she ever read anything at all.


The week went on and everything continued normally and every time Tori looked over at Jade, it was absolutely just harmless looking. Once in a while, when she glanced over, Jade would be staring back. When that happened, Tori, without realizing, would bite down hard on her lip.

Consciously, she put the whole diary thing out of her mind. But subconsciously, late at night just before she fell asleep, Tori secretly wished Jade would do something. Subconsciously she wondered what exactly Jade could do and how it would feel.


Saturday night Tori had the whole house to herself. Parents were gone on a week cruise and Trina was at a four day Young Singers of America seminar in New York. After a delicious dinner and some dancing at one of their favourite hang-outs, all of them came over to Tori's for a movie. After the movie was over and everyone tiredly shuffled out of her house, only Jade was left. Beck had the only car but due to some new project he and Robbie were working on, it was full of electrical equipment and only had room for three. The plan was to drop off everyone else first and then come back for Jade.

Currently, Jade was leaning on Tori's kitchen counter, lazily flipping through a gossip magazine. Drowsy and only doing it because she wanted to get to bed as soon as Jade left, Tori went to her room to change. She came back downstairs in flannel pyjama shorts and a white cami top. Jade glanced up at her from the magazine then returned to the glossy pages.

"Anything interesting?" Tori asked resting on the counter across from Jade.

She just honestly wanted to see the magazine from where she was. Definitely, she did not want to let the cami top dip and allow Jade to get a good look at her cleavage.

Now Jade glanced up much more slowly, first going to Tori's face then to her breasts then back to the magazine once again.

"Nope," she said, listlessly turning another page.

Tori went around the side of the counter and placed her elbows on its surface next to Jade. Browsing some blurb on Taylor Lautner's new gym routine, Tori tipped closer to her, their forearms touching. Jade stopped being interested in the magazine. Her eyes went to Tori, the way she was leaning over, the amount of skin her pyjama boxers were revealing.

"What are you doing?" Jade asked quietly.

There was a dangerous undertone to that question that made Tori look up as well.

"Nothing. I'm not doing anything," Tori said innocently, not noticing she was bowing her back, stretching seductively.

Jade suddenly seized one of her wrists, winding her arm back and shoving her. Tori went sprawling, the top part of her ending up lying flat on her kitchen counter.

"I think you know exactly what you're doing," Jade hissed from directly behind her, thrusting her hips so that they bumped Tori's into the counter's curved lip. "I think someone's been reading something they shouldn't have been reading."

Tori's whole body was thrumming, her heart pounding in her chest. She cried out in pain when Jade bent her arm further.

"So? Have you read my journal Vega?"

Somehow the pain merged with everything else and a deep-seated twinge spread from between Tori's legs.

"Yes," she whispered.

"That's not very nice," Jade said intensely, her other hand almost violently plunging into the front of Tori's flannel shorts. "That's not nice at all."
Tori cried out again, this time in pleasure when Jade's fingers found that sensitive, little nub. Jade bent closer to her.

"And is this something you wanted Vega? Did you want me to do this to you?"

Her fingers ran down her slick folds and back up, caressing her in a way that made Tori's hips buck.

"Yes . . ." Tori whispered again, finally being able to admit it was true.

Jade let her arm go and Tori folded both of them on the counter. The other girl's hand left her shorts and pulled them midway down her thighs, the fingers returning to stroke Tori's clit. Tori moaned into her arms and bit down on one when Jade sunk a finger into her from behind. Effortlessly, Jade soon added a second finger and Tori was shocked to find she was pushing back.

"That's it Vega. Fuck, I knew you'd be like this," Jade said, her voice unsteady.

One of Jade's hands held her hip while the other worked between her legs. Faster and faster it went until Jade's thumb brushed against that precise spot again and Tori was seeing stars.

The next thing Tori could comprehend was a loud knock at the door. She was still bent over the kitchen counter, the magazine ruined under one of her arms and Jade was washing her hands at the sink.

Still dazed Tori pulled her shorts up and ambled over to the door.

"I thought you girls fell asleep or something," Beck said looking tired. "You okay Tori?"

"Um yeah, I'm fine. Just sleepy," Tori said distractedly.

Jade walked past her, purse slung over her shoulder and totally composed. Beck had already jogged down the few steps to his car.

"Goodnight Tori!" He called before getting in.

Jade turned to her, a wide smug smile on her face.

"Goodnight, Tori," she echoed Beck. "Sleep tight."

She winked at her, got into Beck's car and they drove off into the hot L.A. night.