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Several hours went by before Tori picked out the perfect outfit for the date and a single text message rendered that effort useless. 'Dress casual,' Jade had written. Equally reluctant and annoyed, Tori dragged on a pair of dark jeans and her old white-toe, black canvas sneakers. She exchanged the silky medallion blouse she so meticulously picked out for a cream and navy striped lose-shoulder top.

Nerves were getting to her. A sense of unease settled in which, shamefully, had nothing to do with her feelings for Jade and more to do with being seen in public. At school, people sort of found out after a series of gossip bombshells which softened the blow. Out in public was a different story. Would they get stares? Would it be obvious she was on a date with a girl?

Sitting on the arm of her couch, Tori anxiously tapped her foot, beating out a random rhythm. Their whole relationship – if that's what it could be called- started out so bizarrely, was so different from any relationship she'd ever had and Tori didn't know how to act.

When the door bell rang, she almost fell on the floor in her urgency to get up. Tori composed herself and, straightening a few loose strands of hair, she opened the door. Car keys freely dangling from her hand, Jade appeared impatient standing at the entrance to her house. Like Tori, she was wearing dark denim jeans but unusually –for Jade at least- she had a bright, plum henley shirt on. It brought out the pink of her lips where Tori's eyes were instantly drawn. Their gaze locked and, as if mesmerized, Jade slowly leaned in towards her, head tilted. Then, as if remembering where they were, Jade stopped inches away and backed off. Tingling heat flared over Tori's skin, all nerves forgotten for the moment. She couldn't believe how easily she became attracted to Jade.

"Hurry up, Vega," Jade said loudly, going back down the steps.

They got in the car and Tori noticed that the backseat was taken up with a large wicker hamper. The sun was already setting and Tori thought going for a picnic at night would be strange. Though knowing Jade, it was exactly what the other girl planned.

Tori strapped her belt across, glancing over at her out of the corner of her eye, her earlier apprehensions flaring up again.

"Relax," Jade said, starting the car.


"I'm not taking you anywhere too public," Jade said, checking her blind spot as she backed the car out.

All at once, Tori felt guilty, wondering what gave her thoughts away.

"Jade, it's not like that."

"Yeah. It is like that and it's exactly what I expected from you," Jade answered in a flat, detached voice.

"Jade," Tori tried again.

"Whatever, let's just drop it."

Regardless of all Tori had done, the kiss, the flowers, Jade still wasn't convinced for some reason. Tori despondently sank back in her seat. This wasn't going how she planned at all.


"Where the heck are you taking me?" Tori asked, distracted by the scenery.

Dusk was turning into night and Jade's turns kept bearing them further and further away from even the sparsely suburban areas. More fields and open spaces lay between houses now. Lampposts were thinning out too, turning the road dark.

"You're not planning on killing me and burying my body somewhere out here, are you?"

"Oh shit, you figured it out!" Jade said, tightening her grip on the wheel and turning again.

"Only because you've tried it before," Tori insisted, noticing gravel littering the road and numerous orange and black pylons signifying a construction zone was ahead.

"Why do you keep making a big deal out of that?" Jade protested.

Their street stopped, the rest of it blocked off by fat, concrete wedges and Jade parked in front them. Once out of the car, the girls went through the narrow gap between the wedges, Jade with the basket in her hands.

The road beyond had not yet been fully evened out and further in the distance loomed a massive grassy hill. At one side of it stood an inert, yellow excavator where work had begun on breaking the hill down and hauling the soil away.

Tori dutifully trailed Jade up the dirt-packed path to the hill's summit in silence. The top was fully overgrown and Jade put the basket down, rolling out a big blanket, and flattening it out amongst the wild bushes. They were completely out of view here, the bushes concealing them even from the road. Tori looked back the way they came. Jade's car stood lonely at the mouth of the rough road. A few lamppost cast small circles of amber light down on the empty road and the closest house was a quarter of a mile away.

"So on our first date, you brought me to the top of a dirt hill in the middle of a construction site?" Tori asked.

Jade said nothing and continued to even out the thick material of the blanket. Ultimately, she stood up and crooked her finger, motioning for Tori to come over.

"What?" Tori asked sceptically.

Taking her by the shoulders, Jade twirled her around, away from the street. Spread out below them, on the other side of the hill, grew an immense, grassy meadow that stretched out for what seemed like miles. Its green was coloured black and blue under the light of the newly risen moon. But that wasn't the attraction.

"Oh my God," Tori said faintly, her heart fluttering.

The meadow was utterly full of fireflies, hundreds of them everywhere. Either they hovered just above the tall grass or sat atop the stalks; a sea of tiny, emerald lights which blinked on and off and swayed with every gust of warm summer wind.

"Watch this," Jade said, picking up a medium-sized rock.

She threw it, disturbing the grass and a glowing whirlwind of fireflies spiralled from the spot. It was one of the most brilliantly sublime things Tori had ever seen.

"Jade . . . how did you find this place?"

Jade went to sit on their blanket and untied the lid of the basket. "An old friend of mine lives around here."

"It's beautiful," Tori said, coming to sit down, next to Jade and noticing for the first time that there were scores of fireflies in the bushes around them as well.

Jade was taking small, plastic containers out of the basket and soon a good portion of their blanket space was taken up. Clearly Jade had gone to quite a bit of effort in preparing this picnic. And summer fields of beautiful fireflies didn't seem like Jade's style either.

"Chicken wrap?" Jade asked, revealing a bag of tortillas.

"Sounds perfect," Tori said, a little taken aback by all the things Jade had seemingly done for her. She picked up a container with shredded lettuce and unfastened it. While the wraps had been a good idea, the success rate of keeping various foods in the flour tortillas proved to be low. In between their casual conversation, they kept giggling as a tomato or a cucumber cube went tumbling out. Mayonnaise shot out of Tori's wrap and landed in a nasty gob on the blanket.

"Sorry," Tori said, attempting to wipe it off.

Jade laughed at her. "Don't worry about it. No one uses this thing."

Hearing Jade laugh was almost too much for Tori. She truly did not know her and was rather sure all their friends didn't know this Jade either. This girl that was under the mask.

"That uh . . . stuff you wrote about me in your journal. When did it start?" She asked slowly.

Jade said nothing and began to put away the leftovers.

"A few months ago," she finally told her, not entirely comfortable with the question either.

"Oh," Tori said, handing her the containers when Jade busied herself with packing them up. The silence continued while fireflies danced around them.

"I knew I liked chicks before you came along so don't go flattering yourself," Jade eventually revealed, lying back and resting on her elbows to look up at the night sky.

"But why me?" Tori asked, getting an idea. "Is it because of how pretty I am? Or my talent? I always like to know which one."

Razor-sharp, Jade's green eyes shot to her. Tori knew her so-called arrogance was one of Jade's buttons and she took great pleasure in pushing it. She stretched out on the blanked under Jade's venomous gaze, angling her head back.

"Come on Jade, I know you can't resist me," Tori whispered deliberately and Jade's mouth came down on her neck, sucking hard on the dark, purple mark she had crafted there a few days ago. A sharp, burst of a sound escaped Tori's throat.

"You just make me so angry," Jade said, harshly. "I love it."

A warm wave passed over Tori's skin at her proximity and out of nowhere, Beck's words echoed in her head. She's so intense Tori and she sucks you in. But it doesn't last.

"Jade . . ." Tori began again as Jade's mouth progressed down her neck in a series of sharp nips. "Are you switching schools? Or are you staying?" With me, she wanted to add but didn't.

"I'm staying," Jade said, as if she heard the unspoken part of the question.

Knowing that she should stop there, that she was about to mess up a perfect moment, Tori pressed on regardless. "Did that Jessie girl try anything?"

"What the fuck! I thought we were over this!" Jade spat, moving off her.

"I—I'm sorry. I can't help it," Tori stuttered. "I'm jealous."

Something changed in Jade's eyes at those words. Anger shifted and became something else.

"After the interview, she asked me to come back to her car with her. So I went." Jade took Tori's arms, placed them above her head on the blanket. "We got into the back seat and she held me down. Just like this."

"What?!" Tori struggled but Jade kept her in place. "Are you seri—

Jade crushed her lips to Tori's, cutting off her protest. "She kissed me," Jade said simply, her wet lips going to Tori's ear while fingers skimmed along Tori's flat stomach to her waistband. "Her hand went to open my pants."

Unbuttoning the jeans, Jade slipped a cool hand inside her panties.

"Then I let her eat me," Jade whispered hotly and applied sweet pressure to that tiny bundle of nerves and Tori moaned, arching off the blanket despite Jade's words.

"That didn't happen," Tori asserted, trying to think coherently.

"No?" Jade almost hissed. "Are you sure?" She thrust a finger into her.

"Yes," Tori cried out.

"Yes, you're sure or yes Jade, please don't stop?"

"Yes, I'm sure," Tori answered. "And yes Jade, please don't stop,"

"Big words from a girl who, I don't really think, is into other girls," Jade said casually but Tori picked up the slight tremor in her voice. It was Tori's turn to confess to some difficult truths.

"You're right, I'm not into other girls," Tori said. "I'm into you."

Jade tried to cover up the whimper that came out of her by bending down for frantic kiss. Some clothes came off, pants were pulled down but neither girl was comfortable with being fully naked lying on top of a grassy hill. In the midst of all the touching and massaging, Jade reached up and out of Tori's view.

Suddenly, Tori felt something unfamiliar but smooth and big at her entrance. On instinct, she closed her legs but Jade grabbed a thigh, stopping her.

"What are you doing?" Tori got up on her elbows and saw in Jade's hand the same toy they were examining days earlier in the sex shop.

"It will be okay," Jade said, still gripping her thigh.

"But I've—

"It'll be okay," she repeated soothingly, running the tip of the toy up and down her opening. Tori let out a tiny moan, her legs falling apart slightly.

"I—I just don't think—

"It'll feel so good," Jade whispered. "I promise."

Tori exhaled shakily and Jade kissed her mouth, letting the toy rub her. Every so often, Jade would dip the tip of it inside, only to go back to caressing her with it. To Tori's amazement, the teasing became too much and she rocked her hips causing more of the toy to enter her.

"Oh Ja-Jade," Tori stammered, pulling the other girl close, trying to get more of it inside but Jade wouldn't let her.

"Please," Tori pleaded, out of breath.

Jade lips hitched up into a fiery sneer. "I told you I'd have you begging for it."

There was a spasm of pain when she pushed the rest of toy in and Tori gritted her teeth, thinking maybe it was a mistake. And just as quickly, the pain twined with pleasure. A primal moan split from her, deep in her throat and her hips snapped in time with Jade's hand. Tori cried out loudly in the dark when Jade increased the pace.

Vivid green iris fastened to deep brown ones. Heat spread from Tori center and raced up her skin, flushing her cheeks. It took the lightest graze of Jade's thumb for the electricity to shimmer up Tori's spine and burst. She arched up, into Jade and before the last of the shudders tapered off, Tori was already tugging at Jade's panties. She gasped, feeling the slickness of her.

"Is this what I do to you?" Tori asked, her voice husky.

Surprise flitted over Jade's features and she couldn't restrain the groan that flew from her mouth when Tori slid fingers into her. Still, Jade attempted to hang on to some control.

"Tell me, Jade, please," Tori implored, her fingers working more urgently.

"All the time," Jade panted.

She came hard then, bucking her hips desperately into Tori's hand, as if the admission itself brought her to climax. They lay on the blanket with their limbs entangled, catching their breath. Her body was so spent that Tori couldn't keep her eyes open.

"We should get dressed before we get mosquito bites anywhere unpleasant," Jade murmured, sounding equally sleepy.

"Good point," Tori said, struggling to get her jeans on.

With that done, she helped Jade fold up the blanket and held onto it while Jade grabbed the basket.

"So what really did happen with Jessie?" Tori asked.

"Is this what it's going to be like? You constantly nagging me?" Jade questioned her, stopping to glare.

"You're dating a girl now. It's what we do." Tori smiled tiredly at her.

Jade rolled her eyes at her and began walking down the hill. "Well after she told me that you weren't my type, I told her she could go fuck herself."

"Good," Tori said, and followed Jade back to the car.


Cracking open his locker door, Sinjin barely missed smacking his nose. He really needed to remember to lean away when he did that but he was in a hurry. A new sound board came in today and he knew he had a bunch of audio jacks somewhere in his locker except he couldn't see them. Sinjin shoved a few books and old, mouldy lunches out of the way and a pencil case fell out. Looking down at it, Sinjin also saw a pair of burgundy combat boots. He gulped and swung his locker door closed to see Jade holding up pieces of paper in his face. Specifically they were photocopies of her journal. The photocopies he had made of course.

"Did you give these to her on purpose?"

Too scared to do anything, Sinjin nodded and hopped his bladder would hold this time.


That was a question he was not expecting. His mouth opened and words came out although he wasn't quite sure what he was saying. "I thought she'd be good for you."

Jade's features turned soft for the smallest instant.

"Who asked you to think?" She demanded, voice hard as she lunged forward.

Sinjin closed his eyes, shrinking away, waiting for the punch to land. Instead something much more delicate made contact with his cheek. Jade had kissed him.

"Thank you," she said quietly and spun around.

Shocked, mouth gold-fishing, Sinjin observed her walking up to Robbie and Andre at the center staircase in the hallway. He touched his cheek where he still felt the warmth of her kiss and smiled.