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Her Falling Tears

by The Sneezing Panda

Their first time wasn't supposed to be like this.

Kimberly Hart had always imagined candles lit around a bed sprinkled with rose petals, white curtains dancing in the light breeze, with the stars and the Eiffel Tower shining in the distance on their wedding night. Perhaps she had even considered making love on the white sand of a deserted, exotic island, under the sunset while cool water splashed on their naked bodies during their honeymoon.

She sure as hell wasn't afraid, nor ashamed, to admit she had envisioned them having shamelessly hot sex during their teenage years. When she was sixteen, she had always thought she would lose her virginity to him- particularly following those afternoons when she watched him work out with that white t-shirt clinging to his sweat-slicked body, long hair cascading over his muscles...

There were countless fantasizes and numerous times she had actually considered making love to Tommy Oliver.

The real deal was a far cry from what she expected; from what she perceived.

It was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be a declaration of their love. They were supposed to brand each other theirs.

It was never supposed to be like this.

He was supposed to draw her into his arms, pull her flush against his chest as their orgasms wore off. He was supposed to stroke her hair and tell her he loved her.

She was supposed to absentmindedly trace shapes on his bicep while he brushed a tender kiss on her temple. She was supposed to relax in his embrace and return his love.

The reality was incomparable.

Tommy crashed down onto the bed by her side and placed a hand on her shoulder as Kim struggled to regulate her breathing.

When she caught his gaze, she wasn't supposed to notice the flicker of emotions; guilt, anguish, pain, and lust. She wasn't supposed to turn her head when she couldn't stand the raw feelings radiating off his body. She wasn't supposed to get a glimpse of the wedding band that sparkled under the low light of his dresser.

He was supposed to stop her when she slowly arose from the mattress and began to gather her clothes; he was supposed to assure her his marriage was long over.

Kim wasn't supposed to leave his house with warm, fresh tears rolling down her flushed cheeks after the most amazing night of her life. The first time she gave herself to Tommy Oliver.

He wasn't supposed to be in love with another woman. He was supposed to be in love with her, but he wasn't. She was supposed to be in love with him, but she wasn't.

Their relationship had ended over a decade ago. They led entirely different lives.

It wasn't supposed to hurt, knowing a woman that was not her had assumed a role that had once been hers. However, it did, and she didn't know why.

It wasn't supposed to hurt.

The night was never supposed to unfold this way.

Their first time- it was never supposed to be like this.

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