If You Wanna Go

Aria knocked on Ezra's apartment door. He had texted her after school asking if she could stop by his place, adding that he had something important to tell her.

Ezra answered immediately, a desolate look on his face.

"Ezra?" Aria began, "What's wrong?"

Ezra stood aside and let Aria slip past him into the apartment without saying a word. He shut the door behind him and faced Aria, who's face was etched with concern.

"Aria, I have something to tell you." Ezra spoke quietly. He took Aria's hand in his and led her over to the couch where they both sat down.

Ezra looked at Aria, staring silently at her for several minutes. He caressed her checks, trailing his fingers over her cheekbones and over her chin. He could see the tears budding in Aria's eyes as she stared back into his eyes, begging him to speak.

"Ezra, please, just get it all out, even if it hurts." Aria whispered, tears threatening to spill down her flushed cheeks.

"Before I say this Aria, please just let me tell you that I wish I had another choice. But I think this is the best for us . . . at least for now."

"What do you mean? Ezra?"

"I was offered a teaching job in New York City, it's a two year contract. I would come back to Rosewood just in time for you to be graduating and then we could be together. I know it's not what we wanted Aria, but it may be the only way we can still be together."

"So you're just gonna leave me? For two years, and just forget about all that we have together? And then what, come back to me and pick up where we left off?" Aria breathed, shocked. Ezra was surprised by her reaction, he hadn't meant it that way.

"No . . . Aria. We can visit each other on the weekends, and the holidays. I couldn't just forget you Aria." Ezra swept a strand of curls out of Aria's face.

"Aria, I'll stay if that's what you want. I won't leave you. I just think it would be better for us, for our relationship, for our future."

"Ezra, being polite is getting us nowhere right now and it hurts to much to be doing this. You can't just think this over with me for endless days and nights. You just have to decide. Now. Cause I'm not gonna sit here and cause a fight about it."

Aria stood up from the couch, Ezra standing with her. He took her in his arms and held her close to him, feeling the warmth of her body and the smell of her perfume. He bent down, kissing her forehead before whispering in her ear, "I love you Aria." He cooed before pulling away and looking in her teary eyes. She gave him a weak smile as she opened her mouth to speak.

"If you wanna stay, just stay." She began, the tears finally spilling down her cheeks. "But if you're gonna leave, then just go Ezra." She cried. Her hand fell from his grasp and she walked quietly to the door, the only sound was her sniffling. She stopped when her hand reached the knob and turned around to face a speechless Ezra.

"Go far away." She whispered, stepping out of his apartment and closing the door behind her.

This is my first Fanfiction, I hope you like it! If I get enough reviews, and people wanting more than I will continue and have several chapters! The song this is based off of is by Joy Williams and is called If You Wanna Go. I highly suggest listening to it, it's a great song! Again I hope you like the story and please R&R!