Special Announcement!

Hey ya'll! Guess what!?

The sequel of Fairly Foolish is coming! I am currently writing it, and have the first two chapters done. As of right now the first chapter of, All the Salt in the Sea, will be uploaded on here this Friday! I am so very excited for ya'll to read it. I had not planned on having a sequel, but the last week or so I have had sudden inspiration for it and just have to come back to my Ezria family I created. I am in love with the plot line and story so far and I think it's definitely going to be as big as Fairly Foolish was.

The sequel is so much different from the first one, but filled with more drama. As of yet I have not decided to include A in the sequel, but you never know if A will show up unexpectedly!

Alright, now on to a little more details about All the Salt in the Sea:

Summary: Salt. It heals our wounds. But the process is painful. Aria and Ezra have been happily married for four years. Or so it seems. As they struggle through difficulties that life has thrown at them recently, how will they react when secrets begin being revealed and the present swirls with the past?

Annnd a little teaser:

"Aria." Ezra pleads, his voice filled with sadness. He pulls me up so I'm sitting in front of him. "Baby, you are healing. It's okay, we can do it."

I shake my head; tears begin to fall from my eyes. I bury my face in Ezra's chest, sobbing now.

Eeeek I'm so excited for you to read it and can't wait to post it!