Cosmos, the goddess of harmony.

Chaos, the god of discord.

Reigning from distant realms,

the two gods have gathered warriors from

all lands to lead them in savage war.

Cosmos and Chaos were of equal strength.

It was believed the conflict would last forever.


In the thirteenth cycle, the Warriors of Cosmos created a miracle,

and broke the savage cycles of battle.

With crystals in hand, they defeated Chaos,

and returned to their original worlds.


Chaos would not accept this.

In desire to win, Shinryu appealed Chaos,

giving the god of discord a chance to obtain revenge

against the one who betrayed them.

Now the cycles have begun again,

and the warriors trapped.

It is now the 21st cycle.

And the last hope for them lies not here

But in another world.

Dissidia [Vignti Unus] 021 Final Fantasy: Fati Summonitores

The sky was covered by dark clouds tainted red. The earth cracked and roared as it sought to destroy itself, wanting to free itself from the immeasurable pain it has been placed under. Lava spewed like blood oozing from a wound, burning the ground, making it impossible for anything to even grow on it. Several men were watching the scene unfold, each horrified that this had come to pass. Behind them, a woman with hair the color of gold, and a gown the color of silver and gold lining witnessed the event. Her usual calm demeanor has changed to that of sadness. Glistening tears trickled down her face.

"It is too late, for this world..." She whispered in grief. The world she was charged to protect was falling apart. One of the men turned around, gritted teeth and eyes of sadness, but still held the determination.

"NO! There has to be a way to save it!" The tan man cursed in defiance. Another young man, with spiky gold locks turned towards him.

"There's nothing that we can do. Cosmos is right."

"But...we swore...we took upon oaths to save this place!" A handsome silverette in silver armor spoke. Laughing drawn the group's attention as they all looked up to see several other warriors, but, unlike the first group, each held a malevolent aura to them. One of them, a knight in large, bulky armor wielding a sword like weapon laughed.

"What will you do? Perish along with this world, or follow us to a new cycle?" The warriors in front of the woman known as Cosmos growled, gritted and cursed at the words. Cosmos turned to the evil warriors and frowned, her eyes showing a new found determination.

"They will."



"They are right. This world is lost, but there is still a chance to save a new one." She spoke with reverence as the sanctuary around them began to fall apart. "Go, my warriors. End this cycle of battle, once and for all. On the new world." Cosmos placed her hands together, and began praying. The knight that spoke earlier chuckled.

"So, you've come to your senses. Very well, we shall be waiting...IN THE NEW WORLD!" At his statement, each of the evil warriors disappeared in black flames. The warriors of light gasped. The shaking grew more intense, causing several of the warriors to collapse. A blinding light engulfed each of them. A knight turned to the female and saw what she planned to do.

"Cosmos!" The warriors and woman disappeared as the blinding light engulfed the area. The sanctuary grew dark, as the rest of the world fell into ruin. The world which held the endless cycle, died, never to come back.

In the darkness, Cosmos awoke to see her still unconscious warriors. She turned to the darkness and prayed once more.

"Here me, those pure of heart, I implore you," Light began building inside her closed hands. "Summon these warriors, and help them lead the cycle to it's end. Join that this nightmare is never repeated again." She released the light, and each small fragment flew towards each warrior. One by one, they disappeared into light.

All except one.

The knight with silver hair.

Cosmos looked upon him and frowned sadly. Her eyes closed as she walked towards him.

"Sleep for now, until the day you can be summoned." A light began to puncture through the darkness, but this light wasn't ordinary. It was a golden light. A light Cosmos knew all to well.

End of Prologue

Yeah, got a new story idea and been on a hype to write this. Believe it or not this came as a dream! And ever since this dream, I had to write this! So I hope you enjoy my new story. I know that I need to update Ryu no naku koro ni and Pretty Guardian Sailor Luna, but I've been on a writer's block on that one and I still have yet to finish Ryu no naku koro ni with the decks and mysteries. And i'm in the midst of a story my friends are making together, and my rewrite of Millennium Princess. Plus...I GRADUATE IN 20 DAYS! HELL YEAH!

So, I hope you all enjoy my little plot bunny. Oh and just to warn you, there will be some elements of Fate/Stay Night in this, but it's not really a crossover. And since I've only played Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10, 10-2, and 13, not really familiar about the other games and characters...but I'm playing dissidia, seen it online, along with 012, and read about the characters and respective games! So I got some idea. I hope you all enjoy this!