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"Blahblahblah"-Speaker Phone


Chapter XXV: The Most Dangerous Summoner

The wind whistled through the evergreen trees. The night sky wrapped the country of Oriens in a thick, dark blanket. To those who slept in their beds, it was peaceful. To those animals who crept in the night, it was like everyday. The sound of scraping dirt echoed through the forest. A small clearing was straight ahead. It wasn't surrounded by trees, it was a field all of its own. A field of white flowers, a small cliff to the north, to which flowers gave a divine feeling. In the middle of this field, Cid, Shirou and Rei were walking around in circles, each holding a blade, carving into the ground. A large circle stood where they were drawing, the three humans adding onto the geometric shape. As the three drew the circle, Valon and Kai stood in the center, their weapons in hand as they used the tools as drawing implements. Their minds focused as symbols were added to the circle, runes of control and power were placed carefully while the other members focused fragments of the magic to the circle.

"Alright, add a stick to the center of the field!" Gilgamesh called out, Chantez back on his shoulders. "After that, it's showtime... Oh and don't mess up!"

"What happens then?" Hunter asked nervously, not truly wanting to know what would happen if they messed up.

"Not sure... Magic isn't my strong point but... The Void might just rip open and well sayonara universe."

"Really?" Chantez asked before a cheeky smile appeared on her face. "Don't mess up! The Void would end up eating itself if you guys entered it... Actually... Gil, let me down! We can beat the Void this way!"

"Chantez, no destroying the world!" Hunter yelled at the kid who pouted in response. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

"You ain't the only one…" Cid flickered his cigarette into the field. Before it hit the white flowers, an azure blue flame enveloped it, burning the cinder to a crisp before it could latch onto the pure white field.

"Alright….Hikari connect with Cosmos!" Rei ordered. Hikari nodded and knelt on the ground, her hands placed together in a prayer. Inside her mind, everything was empty, a black abyss no one could pierce through. A small white light appeared within the darkness.

"Cosmos...did you find them?"

A voice spoke from the small fragment of light. "One of them is missing...a dragoon knight, a friend of Cecil's…."

"How is that possible? Was he... Absorbed?" Hikari's voice took a tinge of doubt and despair as she began to worry. If a friend of Cecil's, one of the strongest men she knew was missing, could that mean the others were slowly vanishing as well.

"No, he's fine. I can feel the power I gave him still flowing inside of him... Where he is however, I do not know."

"C-can we still do this?" A small laugh was the response as five shadows of light began to form in the inky darkness. Their forms shifted as energy revitalized their bodies before the shadows became whole.

"They are ready... Now, it's your turn Hikari." Cosmos' words became harder to hear as drowsiness interfered with them. Hikari could tell that the goddess had used a fair amount of her power to bring the fallen towards the surface and was starting to pay the price.

"Alright, I'm ready." Her eyes opened in the real world as a blue aura ran through the seals on the ground. The stick hummed as a sphere of nothingness opened before the entranced summoners. A wordless hymn began to fill Hikari's mouth as she prayed to the sphere. A hand emerged from the sphere followed quickly by a woman with rose colored hair. As she fell to the ground in a kneeling position she was followed by a black haired woman wearing a tank top, a young lady wearing a kimono, and an man who looked like in his late twenties early thirties. As the five fell to the ground the sphere shrunk before vanishing completely, the stick used broken cleanly in half as the seal returned to the earth.

"Did... Did it work?" A tired Hikari asked. Her words caught the attention of the pink haired woman. The female walked over to the priestess, a somewhat heated glare in her ice blue eyes.

"Where are we?"

Her answer?

"What the hell! She has pink hair!" All eyes turned to Kanna, who still retained her pink hair, but was now crying over a simple fact. She would have to dye it...again…..


The Warrior of Light crushed the grass beneath his feet, walking uphill, his body aching all over. His breaths were in shallow pants. Behind him, the pink haired soldier, Lightning, was glaring at his back.

"Do you mind?" The Warrior finally said to the soldier behind him. He was not sure who she was or what he had done to upset her but her glare felt like a storm was about to be unleashed on him.

"I have nothing to say to you," Lightning stated as she overtook the man in front of her. To be sent back to another war, another that had nothing to do with her, infuriated Lightning. Her sister was waiting for her and she had to waste more time somewhere else? And with allies she couldn't trust fully? She would have rather been teamed with her soon to be brother in law and her student before she trained him then work with the Warrior again.

"Just who are you?" With that Lightning turned, a scowl on her face as her glare deepened.

"So you don't remember me, you don't remember the sacrifice we made? And you call yourself a warrior." The soldier turned once again and stormed off forcing Light to pick up his pace to follow after the angry woman.

"Before we continue this pointless argument, may I remind you Hikari and possibly the others have been taken?"

"No kidding! She was only kidnapped when you were with her!"

"I know this...and I intend to save her…" His voice was honest and true. His eyes even revealed the determination in them. Lightning blinked. There was something different to him. Unlike the perfect, the emotionless soldier she fought with in the twelfth cycle, this one...had something to him. More...feeling? His eyes weren't dull and blank, they were determined. She only saw him like this when Cosmos was a concern.

"Why do you want to save her?" She had to ask. The ice blue eyes softened a bit, but the glare was still present. "To me, she is my only way home. She promised to help me. I only got her word and compensation as a promise. But why do you want to save her? Is it because she is a summoner? Your only way of being here?"

"She….to me…." What was she to him? A summoner...that should be right but, his heart felt off when he wanted to say just that.

"So you don't even know?" Lightning frowned. She sighed slightly before returning to her walk. A sudden shaking of bushes nearby caused her to grab her saber as Light summoned his weapon. The two were tired and engaging in battle seemed like the worst move.

"Sorry for surprising you." Yuna spoke as she stepped out of the bushes. "It's really good to see you again Warrior." She said with some reservation in her voice before she turned to the female of the pair. "Light were you able to protect Miss Himemiya?"

Before the Warrior could speak, Lightning shook her head. "They are stronger than I remembered. Especially Garland, he was at least a bit stronger back then. How about you?"

"Tidus and Jecht beat me and Valon. I... Wasn't expecting Tidus to act like that... And with Jecht's summoners appearing..." Yuna shook her head sadly, giving Lighting all she needed to know. The Warrior looked between the two women as a frown appeared on his face.

'Another one? And she also seems to know me. Who are they? Are they friends or agents of Chaos.' As Light prepared to speak once again, a voice called out from the distance.

"Hey, I found them!" Vaan called out as he, Tifa and Laguna ran down the hill to meet the others. "I don't believe it but Laguna was right about where to go for once."

"Hey. I get things like this right...Sometimes." Laguna argued with the younger man as Tifa chuckled.

"Yeah sometimes," she spoke with mirth before turning to Light. "How have you been Warrior?"

"Don't bother." Before he could open his mouth, Lightning had spoken with anger in her voice. "He doesn't remember us." This caused several gasps and wide eyes from those of the new entourage.

"Wait, really?" Laguna asked. "So he has Apatosaurus?"

"Amnesia, Laguna" Yuna spoke quietly. "So he doesn't remember... That cycle?" She shivered at the end along with Vaan. The images of what had happened was extremely clear in their memories as if it and only been mere days since it had happened.

"Maybe it's a good thing he doesn't remember that part... But to forget everything else?" Tifa's heart went out to the Warrior, knowing what it was like to live without memories of certain events. She knew her friends and allies had the same problem but hers... Her memories were still fractured.

"I don't know who you are but seeing as you treat me as a comrade, can I assume you were with Cosmos?" Light asked.

"Yep, we all were. You and Lightning where the leaders... Or Light nominated herself because she didn't approve of your orders that much." The rose haired woman glared at Vaan who ignored the look he was sent. "Wait... If he forgot does that mean he doesn't remember what he and Kain did?"

"Kain?" Light asked as he looked at his assumed allies. There looks changed from worried to untrusting in seconds. As if they were worried about what he would do.

"He doesn't remember that either." Laguna let out a sigh of relief. Although he had mostly forgiven Light for what he and Kain had done. The damage was still there and although they had mostly made up for it, Kain especially in the journalists eyes, they still a long way to go before the trust was complete again.

"Let's discuss this later! The others' they need our help!" Tifa declared as the other warriors nodded, sans the Warrior of Light and Lighting. They knew what they intended to do, save the blonde haired priestess, even if they had different objectives as to why.


Several cries of pain and discomfort echoed through the area, enough to earn gasps from Tifa, Laguna and Yuna. Their bodies moved on their own towards the rising smoke.

As the six rushed towards the smoke, the darker it became as their path entered a burnt out forest. Several trees had fallen as ash of white and black mixed together in simple patterns. Left to rot in several of the dead trees were several of the warriors. Spotting someone they knew, Tifa, Yuna, Laguna and Vaan ran to them.

"Terra!" Vaan yelled as he lifted the Esperkin from her place on the ground. She was bruised deeply like the others, though a stray thought entered the future pirate of the skies mind. Why was Terra left when she was the clown's favorite?

"Hey, you ok kid?" Laguna asked as he sat Squall up against a log, Tifa doing the same with Cloud and the others. "Anyone know why they were left? I mean doesn't make sense to me."

"I don't know." Yuna said as she sat Tidus on her lap. 'If only I had access to my white magic...' She thought as she poured a small amount of potion on his wounds. "I agree with Laguna, why leave them here?"

"The Stigma…" The pink haired soldier's words came out as slight shock.

"Hikari Himemiya destroyed the Stigma, it's the reason I am able to move with my own will. The others-"

"Your suspicions are confirmed…" A groan caught the group's attention, and everyone to turn to see Cecil in his Dark Knight armor trying to move. "We tried to save the summoners….but we failed...they are so much stronger than-" He couldn't even speak the last of his words before he was clutching his chest.

"So then, everyone is free?!" Tifa exclaimed, her mind in a mixture of happiness at Cloud's freedom, but there was still doubt as the summoners were now gone and in the hands of the enemy.

"For now," Firion coughed as he moved his body upwards slightly before a green glow fell onto him. Looking around he noticed the glow coming from Lightning. "Thank you, miss..."

"Lightning," the soldier frowned as another didn't recognize her. "You were saying for now?"

"Right. If it was Golbez who dropped us here we might have a chance... Unfortunately it was the Emperor who placed us here." Yuna turned slowly at Firion's words. Her eyes narrowing as she remembered what that monster of a man had done to her in the past. "By the way Light can we trust your friends?"

"We can..." Squall groaned as he sat up. "I recognize one of them... He's a pain but we can trust him." Laguna grinned as the young man woke.

"Welcome back to the land of the living Squall!"

'Yep... A bad dream come to life. But...I guess...it's good to see you anyway old man,' Squall said nothing but nodded at the man's words. "They are trustworthy, believe me on this."

"That's unusual, you are being nice for once," Cecil joked before he grabbed his chest in pain once again.

"Do you all know where they might be?" Yuna asked, before her gaze adverted to the boy's head on her lap. Slowly, Tidus was coming to. The corners of the summoner's lips went up as she saw the boy open his eyes.

"Yu...na…" His voice cracked. Tidus was still recovering, but it looked like he was coming back.

"Yes." The brunette nodded her head, tears threatening to fall from her face. "It's me Tidus…"

"Good to see you... Yuna." The two smiled at each other as the others looked away from the private moment knowing it would be intruding. As the summoner and Blitzer finished looking into each other's eyes, Tidus laid a hand on his loved ones. "So we wait for the others to get up?" He asked as Firion and Cecil gave him odd looks. "Hey, I was starting to wake up, don't give me those looks."

"Don't worry, it's nothing." Firion spoke before he and Cecil shared a knowing look, time for some teasing after this was done.

"We will wait for now as Tidus said. When everyone is awake and mostly healed then we will go find our Summoners." Light ordered getting nods from the members, some more reluctant than others.

Lightning shook her head before she began to heal those she could with Cecil's help. "So... What next?"

"That I don't know. We will need everyone to save the summoners. That's the only reason we are waiting...Even if I don't agree with it myself."

"So you have all gathered here I see…" The voice upon the wind send everyone's minds into turmoil. But there was one emotion in everyone that was shared.


The voice was of the golden king, the one who, despite being Chaos' Servant, ruled over the others. He would be the one to turn his venom into sweet words the warriors would be forced to listen to. Emperor Mateus appeared from the shadows, along with all of the Chaos Summoners and Warriors. "And we were waiting so patiently for your arrival…"

"Wasn't in a hurry to see you!" Vaan replied with a fist to the air. The king's eyes narrowed. These people, who were they? It finally clicked. Eyes widening in amazement, he looked onto the warriors from the rift.

"Well now, I am most surprised. How did you all survive in the rift between worlds?"

"You... Why do I feel you were behind this whole mess…" Yuna stated as she lifted Tidus off her lap, her staff appearing in hands. The man smirked darkly as he recalled this female well.

"Ah, Lady Yuna, I believe. My, my, it has been awhile. Now I really am curious on how you survived."

"Then you are a fool." Cloud of Darkness spoke as she floated impatiently. "Someone released them from the Void. Only we and Exdeath can perform such a feat... Unless it was someone outside of us."

"Cosmos must have interfered with this war once again." The warlock decided, his eyes narrowed as he watched the newcomers. "No matter, their false hopes will soon be absorbed to where they belong."

"So Cosmos interferes once more does she? Then if we were back in that world, our win would have been swift." The Emperor mused. "However that is not why we have come. We are willing to make a deal." Holding out his hand, Sakataki gave the man a scroll before he backed away quickly. "Thank you Sakataki. Now our deal is simple, in exchange for the summoners, all of them, we only desire one thing in return."

"And that would be?" Lightning asked as she drew her Blazefire Saber and aimed it towards her foe. A dark grin grew on Nero's face as he raced forward and allowed the gun to be aimed at him instead.

"Well? Aren't you going to shoot?" He taunted to the soldier's displeasure.

"Nero, enough." The werewolf frowned at his warrior's words before he walked slowly back making sure his back was open for attacks. "The deal is simple, we shall give you back the summoners and in return..."

"In return?" Squall asked, his own gunblade drawn. 'Knowing their deals in the past, none of us will like this.'

"And in return, you grant us Cosmos' crystals." Mateus finished as he handed the contract over to Light. "Simple, is it not?" Light frowned as he read over the contract before passing it to Squall and Lightning.

'Well this favors us well,' Squall snarled as he read the contract carefully, looking for any loopholes he could see. The contract appeared to be ironclad with no room for betrayal on either side, but this was the Chaos side they were dealing with.

"What you have in your hands is an Unbreakable Contract, a rather interesting relic in this world that binds the words of those that sign it. Truly, this world has so many interesting things...So as for our deal…" His eyes traveled to Golbez. The warlock released a sigh before waving his hand. A circle of dark flames appeared in front of the warriors. Several stepped or rolled away in response. Slowly, the flames died as quickly as they came. Even so they still existed, but enough to reveal what was inside the circle. The several eyes of the warriors widen.

"To make this fairer to you, the Summoner's are yours." One by one, the Summoners were levitated over to where their partners were waiting. As they touched the ground safety, the healed members ran over and assessed the damage on them. Most of the members were fine, as if they were healed beforehand by the opposition. "So our deal?" The Emperor held out his hand, awaiting the contract once more to signify a completed deal. Rereading the deal one last time, Light held out the contract to the Emperor. The warrior took the contract in hand. In mere seconds he tossed it into the air, several bullets ripped the contract to shreds.

"What do you take us for?" Lightning asked as she raised the barrel of her gun towards Mateus. "Did you actually think we would fall for this?"

"The way I see it Light," Laguna spoke as he stood on Cid before kicking him onto his side. "Is that munchkins are really useful in these situations." As Cid landed on his side, his form changed from that of the dark skimmed pilot to a purple Squall lookalike. One by one, the summoner's forms changed becoming that or either of their partner's manikin forms.

"Manikins," Cloud of Darkness spoke as her serpents hissed at Sakataki. "We were told that contract would not fail."

"Hey, don't look at me! His Majesty gave it to me to sign. I only wrote part of it but never mentioned anything like Manikins. T-that was all his Majesty's if he wrote that." Sakataki pleaded, gaining a smirk from the Emperor. The man knew the contract was compromised; someone had messed with it but no matter. It was of little consequence as plan B was about to begin.

"So you desire to save your chosen instead of taking the easy road. How predictable." The Emperor stated. "Exdeath, send the message along to Kefka. Tell him 'showtime'." The warlock nodded before he teleported away. "Now, I offer you another deal. The crystals once more and in return..." Clicking his fingers, a black and red void appeared overhead courtesy of the abomination from the rift. "You may have your summoners safe and sound." The rift rippled several times before the bodies of the chosen Summoners appeared. Instantly, Tidus and Zidane ran towards them, only for them to slam against a massive dome surrounding them.

"Try as you may, this dome protects the summoners from you, but also blocks out all sound." The Emperor declared. Unknown to the Warriors, whose eyes were all focused on the one warrior, several specific warriors, along with several summoners were glaring at the pompous ass in gold, those names being Jecht, Beriah, Nero, the twins and Sylphiel. Evil they maybe, even they wouldn't condone this kind of act, but as it stood they didn't have the strength to match the warrior's. Only Jecht did, and he was worried. One wrong move would spell the end. He had to be patient, reluctantly, like Golbez. Both silently prayed that the summoners would be saved.

"Mateus! What are you doing?!" The Warrior's voice echoed through the region.

"A little...convincing...Kefka…" As if speaking the word to a command, electricity began circling the summoners. The blue lightning bolts traveled around the summoners before converging on them. The bodies began moving. They couldn't hear it, but they were screaming. What the warriors saw were bodies moving around in pain.

Valon clenching his fists on the ground. Kanna trying not to scream, but her mouth released what couldn't be heard. Cid coughed into his nearby hand, his body obviously in antagonizing pain for his age. Kai and Ace were side by side, trying so hard not to scream and endure it, not to give the damn Emperor the pleasure he wanted. Hunter, Shirou and Rei were roughing it out, though screams still left them, no matter how much they tried to endure the pain. Chantez, poor, poor Chantez was left in tears, her mouth forming the words stop and hurt over and over again. Hikari, she didn't do anything, her body was simply too tired to move.

The Warrior's eyes widened. Hikari's eyes….they were nearly dead. To him, the world stopped. All he could hear was his own heartbeat, thumping a mile a minute, like a bird attacking its own cage. Seeing those eyes, it sent chills down his spine. If he had hair all over him he would look like a porcupine. Sweat dripped down his face. His eyes dilated.

That's right…..he felt this way before….

Images of the mad creature, the final attack, wracked through his mind. But it was replaced by another, the shape of that priestess, her eyes dull, and her body not moving.

This feeling, all the warriors felt it alongside rage, sadness, guilt, grief.


"STOOOOOP!" The Warrior of Light found his voice. The once solid, confident voice broke, revealing a helpless child underneath. His eyes, not matter how bored, dull, or uninterested they looked; they failed to hide the fear that laced through his voice. "Give….give us five minutes….and we will comply…."

Lips curled on the Emperor of Palamecia. With a snap of graceful fingers, the electricity stopped, granting relief to the injured summoners. Kanna gritted her teeth, crawled her way to Chantez, shaking the girl who was in tears, trying to console her.

Light turned away as he brought his team over to him as they huddled together, thankfully for them all healed. Bartz frowned as he looked over the group and noticed that several of the Chaos members were gathered and appeared to be arguing slightly. "Well, some of them don't seem happy." He commented as Onion frowned.

"Maybe they aren't happy that they couldn't join in?" He mused before shaking his head. "We have to make that deal. I'm sorry but... Chantez won't survive another jolt like that."

"Onion's right." Terra agreed, tears falling down her face. "I think they can last a little longer but... Chantez and Hikari..."

"Then we have no choice." Firion sighed. "The Crystals are his... I'll deliver them..."

"Actually," Laguna smiled as a plan occurred to him. "How about we trap him in his own trap?"


"Hehe, just leave it to me." The man smiled as began to tell the others what to do. As the explanation finished, Light nodded before he held out his hand, save for the other five following. As the crystals appeared, Vaan stared into Terra's trying to figure out what they meant.

'Is this Cosmos' power?'

"So, are we ready?" As the group nodded, Tifa and Light stood forward ready to address their opponents.

"Hey, we have come to our decision." She called out, causing the Chaos members to stop their conversations. Mateus smirked as he walked over to them followed by Sakataki.

"So your choice?"

"We've decided," The warrior sighed as the silver haired leader held out the crystals, the fragments of Cosmos' power floating around the Warrior.

"They are yours...Just let them go first." Tifa may have stood her ground, but she was still begging for the summoner's release.

"I'm glad you see things our way." Sakataki grinned as he looked at the bartender's breasts before turning his vision to the power in the crystals. 'That power... Imagine what could be done with that.' "Alright hand them over!"

"The summoners first! We know you won't play fair so place them on the ground first. Gently!" Vaan argued. As a sigh escaped from Mateus, he clicked his fingers once more calling off the dome. From there the ten fell to the ground where at last moment floated silently before dropping gently. Each member from Cosmos' side ran over and helped pick up the Summoners before rushing back. A snake like smile spread across the ruler's face as he held his hand out.

"And our end of the bargain?" The Warrior of Light sighed. It was now or never. The crystals levitated at a wave of the warrior's hand. Slowly, each of the symbols of the surviving warriors of the thirteenth cycle gathered towards the radiant chosen of Cosmos. Silver blue eyes kept their gaze on the emperor. The crystals began floating towards the smug like man.

Several of the warriors couldn't believe it; they were really going to do this? Yes the summoner's lives were important, but giving up the crystals meant ensuring the God of Discord's awakening. The crystals rotated slowly as the Emperor reached for the newest one. His fingers touched the pink edges of Firion's, feeling the willpower of the rebel inside. Knowing that it was indeed the real thing, the man grasped the object in his hands before nodding to his allies to take the others.

One by one, the warriors of Chaos approached their respective opponent's crystal, their hands at the ready to take and corrupt what their foe believed in. As Kuja reached for Zidane's golden crystal he stopped as the object began to turn faster. As he attempted to grab it, the crystal moved backwards to his annoyance and the arriving Kefka's amusement.

"Aww, what's the matter Kujie-coo? The whittle cwstal won't wet you take it?" The clown guffawed in his rival's face as he too went to grab his crystal. As the man touched it, the embodiment of Terra's power shot forward and slammed into his gut. "So the doll wants to play huh?" Kefka sneered as he reached for the crystal again.

Little by little, the crystals moved away from their opponent apart from the one within Mateus' grasp. As they moved, they entered a circle formation and spun faster and faster until they were nothing but a blur. Sephiroth frowned before he struck the objects with Masamune, hoping to break whatever spell was on them. As his blade sliced down, a holy field surrounded the crystals causing Masamune to be repelled. As one, the crystals shot forward in different direction soaring through the air leaving nothing but a trail of light on where they were headed.

Frowns covered the warrior's faces as they glared at their foes. Jecht had to, however, hide his grin behind his gauntlet knowing the Emperor; the man who had tricked them all had just been tricked himself. The irony was far too great causing the champion to bite his cheek to prevent his laughter. As the One winged Angel and Warlord of the Void stepped forward to punish their impudent foes, Firion collapsed on the ground.

"That...Was a bit too much." He groaned before he forced himself back up. His magic reserves had fallen considerably with that one trick. Sending the crystals elsewhere was far too much for him to handle due to the power sealed in them and yet he was unable to save his own. As he steadied himself, he knew along with his friends they had no way of fighting the opponents before them.

At that instant, the Warrior of Light summoned his sword. "SHINE!" A brilliant light released from the blade, blinding the enemies across from them. "Now everyone!" The warriors took the cue and began running, the summoner's on their backs. The light was strong, blinding the opposing team but it failed to stop the sound of voices.

"After them! Do not let them escape!" The Emperor called out as the summoners blinked several times to regain their vision, apart from Sakataki who immediately ran into a tree. As their vision returned, Kuja, Kefka and Cloud of Darkness immediately took to the air and began to hunt down their missing opponents. The others apart from two began to teleport or ran in different directions to where they believed their opponents went. "So they decided to play this the hard way. Ultimecia, take the crystal back to our residence. I will not have us losing it." The witch smirked lightly as she took the crystal.

"Unlike you to give chase." Ultimecia stated before teleporting away, not seeing the dark grin on her allies face.

"Give chase? No, a trap would be the better choice of action for now." The man said to no one before he too teleported away.


"Come on Firion hurry up!"

"I'm going as fast as I can Zidane!" The weakened rebel yelled back at the thief. The group had so far begun to make good progress through the forest, avoiding the wildlife and the opposing force as they went. Their bodies were screaming in pain yet they could not stop. They had to escape for there was no other way to get around their problems.

'Which way do we go?' Light thought as his team turned to the right. He stopped for a second to adjust Hikari before continuing the escape. 'Akikaze is the best spot for now... But can we even make it? No. I can't second guess myself, my allies need me to make sure we get back safe.' "Pick up the pace!" The warrior ordered as his speed increased slightly. "We need to get back now!"

"Akikaze is the best place!" The familiar sound of a feminine voice caused the warrior to turn and see the familiar lolita fashion loving ninja, awake and running.

"WHOA KANNA!?" Zidane yelled out, obviously confused and baffled at how she was moving.

"Cid had a feeling this would happen and asked me to try and use the least amount of energy. Hikari is going to wake up soon due to the Stigma's side effects. She will be healed but only have enough energy to teleport us to Akikaze. Once we are there we will be safe!" The girl explained as she looked behind her, trying to see if any of the Chaos members were following them.

"So we have sort of six of us that can fight?" Laguna asked as he turned and tossed a [Sticky Bomb] behind them, setting no time limit but to go off as something stood on it. He smiled lightly before frowning and rejoining the others. "So if we do encounter one of them, you guys are going to escape right?"

"I think that's the idea Laguna." Tifa frowned as she leapt over a large rock in the way. "I think we can handle it, though Kanna should escape as well." Kanna frowned before Tifa held up her hand to stop the incoming argument. "No offence Kanna but we can't really risk you. You know more about Cid's plan then we do."

"Alright, I won't fight. Cid's plan isn't that technical anyway. Oh by the way. Clicky!" Clicking her fingers with a dark smirk on her face, the sound of groans, screams and complaints from behind them filled the air. "Pitfall traps, lace covered in lightning and quicksand. Courtesy of Chantez and Kanna, traps to weaken you by." And with a simple bow several members clapped at the simplicity and ingenuity of it.

However, Zidane only groaned in pain. "For once I feel for them…."

"Hey you set off the traps yourself! The plan was to have Kuja be the bait. You just have bad luck," Kanna defended herself as she placed her hands behind her head.

"Bad luck indeed…." A puppet came out at the sound of a voice, the Cosmos Warriors barely avoiding the scythe of the red hooded puppet. "I apologize for the sneak attack. My orders however are your end." Strengir spoke as he emerged from the growing darkness.

"Wait... Hold it!" Bartz shouted. "I might have been mostly knocked out but Hunter beat you! He burned right through your body... At least I think he did?"

"Hunter won?" Kanna asked slightly surprised before messing up his hair. "He's better then he thinks he is."

"You are correct, Hunter Eckhart defeated me, but there is a lot that he does not know." The man recalled Sorrow back to him before he began to leave. "They are all yours, Emperor Mateus. Beriah requires my assistance." As he left, said ruler teleported in front of the group.

"Such a good pawn, emotionless but useful. If only his connection to that girl could be removed." Mateus spoke. "But enough about the pawn, the crystals. Where did you send them?"

"Who knows!?" Firion answered. "I sent them away so that none of you could get even one!" At his words Mateus brought out a familiar pink crystal, one that made Firion's eyes widen.

"You were saying?"

"Dammit…." Firion hissed as he drew his sword, ready to attack.

"So now you intend to stand your ground. The priestess may have destroyed the Stigma...but the spells are still inside all but one…" His majesty's eyes fell onto the Warrior of Light, who only met his gaze with a glare. The Warrior summoned his sword.

"Ugh…" Silver blue eyes widened as he looked down. The girl was finally waking up! Hikari groaned, Light slightly as her eyes opened. Her first sight was of the Warrior's face.


"Hikari, I apologize to wake you but we need you to get us out of here." The girl nodded groggily as she began to focus her power. The opposing warrior just smirked as he slammed his staff on the ground. A rumbling was heard as the ground shook slightly, before large swords fell from the sky. One by one they slammed into the ground causing the Cosmos warriors to jump with each blade. As the final sword fell, a man held onto the hilt as he boxed the warriors in. The man looked down before he jumped to the ground.

"L...ight, I'm sorry... The spell...Won't work." With that the young priestess fell back into the world of dreams. Light's mind began running a mile a minute. This man's technique must have broken Hikari's concentration. The group was already weakened and against this new person, they did not stand a chance.

"Who...who are you?" The Warrior of Light spoke.

"My name... I'm called Aias." Several members took a step back remembering Cassandra mentioning a Lord Aias. Could this be the same man the insane woman had talked about?

"Aias, show them the power of the strongest Summoner." Aias frowned at the ruler's words. In his hands were two broadswords of a basic design appeared in his hands. With a surprising burst of speed, the man tossed his swords towards his opponents. As the swords struck the ground, the twin blades exploded into wind causing dirt and debris to fly into a makeshift smokescreen. Light immediately threw one arm in front of his face to prevent himself to become completely blinded.

"Do you think that will help?" Aias' voice spoke from around the dust. "I would apologize for not fighting fairly but... I am not amused by any of you." Several yelps were heard from around Light, causing the man to summon his own sword. With his many years of experience, the warrior blocked another blade that came from the side. "Placing those who should not be here into confrontations like this. That is the most cruel thing any human can do." A slash to the back of the leg nearly caused the warrior to drop Hikari. "Even now you are placing the child into the most dangerous place she can be. How much of a fool are you?" All around Light, more blades sliced into his body forcing the man to the ground, the priestess he was protecting falling beside him.

"What….are you referring too?" The warrior hissed at the pain in his wounds. They weren't that deep of cuts, but there were so many, and they continued growing. The Warrior could barely protect himself and Hikari while wielding his sword. Firion tried to attack but a sword slashed through his arm, creating a deep gashed that caused the rogue to howl in pain.

"Firion!" Cloud cried out as he hacked away at the blades, trying to either destroy or kick them over, but they were stuck in the ground. Why, why was this man so focused on the leader? The others had tried, punching, kicking, magic, but nothing would cause them to break. Were they too weak to do so?

"So you do not know just what danger you have placed them in? The train, Cassandra and Nero, Thunderbird, Beriah and Strengir, the first battle you placed them through and perhaps more I don't know. If I am correct, the entire time you have been here you have caused problems for your Summoners. You call yourselves warriors of Cosmos yet you harm more than you protect." Light forced himself back but he was knocked back over by the mysterious man.

"That's not true! And how do you know so much?!" Rising up again, Light made sure Hikari was behind him before he leaped at the man, his sword meeting a basic wakizashi. 'Another sword? How many does this man have?'

"Why should I tell you anything? We both know you will keep placing those you have sworn to protect into danger." Focusing his skills, Aias' blade cut a small fragment off of the sword of light. Doing so however caused the wakizashi to crack showing that the sword was not of great quality. As the Chaos summoner jumped back, the man tossed the sword away as a claymore took its place. Not seen to any but the Emperor, the broken Wakizashi shattered and returned to nothingness showing it was nothing but solidified mana.

'Such an impressive technique... Yet it does have it's flaws. Those swords aren't perfect or perhaps ones he makes on the fly aren't perfect. Just means I will have to watch this one more carefully than before.' The clashing of blades continued. The Warrior of Light set Hikari's unconscious body by one of the blades and summoned his shield. Digging his sword into the ground, the young man sent a wave of light [Shining Wave] towards Aias. Aias remained unfettered. In mere seconds, another claymore was in his hands. With amazing strength, and with just one hand, the blade collided with the attack, shattering it like glass.

The Warrior was speechless. This man...completely disintegrated his attack, with a single sword swing.

"No….Impossible…." The Warrior's energy was depleting, the others were still trying to destroy the blades, the Chaos Warriors were closing in on them. No, he couldn't lose hope. He had to keep fighting!


A gentle breeze blew past the Warrior. He felt a presence. The silver blue eyes of the man looked up.

Standing there, tall and proud, was Cheveyo.

A smile was on the tanned man's face, his black hair swept back like always. "This old man heard a battle and look who he finds. His apprentice knocked out, friends surrounded by materialized blades, rather big ones at that, and you looking like you fought an army."

"Cheveyo? How did you get here so fast?" Light asked.

"That friend of yours and Haruka's returned home and said something about trouble. So, I decided to have a closer look, along with a friend. And don't worry about them sneaking past, That Gilgamesh will protect Akikaze. So for now," The man placed his left hand forward along with up his left leg while the right side was bent. "Let this old man take over."

Aias narrowed his eyes. "You…" His tone was threatening, yet his body seemed tense, like he was on guard. Cheveyo only smiled in response. The Emperor, however, was curious and walked up in front of Aias.

"And who might you be?"

"Ah, you must be the Emperor. Greetings from the Priest of the Wind Crystal." Immediately the Emperor's eyes widened. Even he began to grow on edge.

"A saint…" His voice became a low growl. The Warrior could not believe it. Just by mentioning his position, this one man was making the two who practically dominated them the entire fight tense up.

"Thank you for taking such good care of my apprentice and her friends. Truly you gave them a beating. I will have to thank you for that…" Cheveyo narrowed his green eyes. A large thunderclap echoed through the area, the wind dying around them. This man, his presence seemed to make time stop.

"That...won't be necessary…." The Emperor hissed. He felt this man's power, and he knew this would be a tough fight.

"Emperor, retreat. As it stands, you cannot hope to defeat him."

"Why should I? We have an extra power-"

"If you are talking about abusing the world's leylines...I disconnected and destroyed the magic system you used."

Mateus stiffened at the words his ally spoke, "You what?" The ruler froze, the leylines were not only granting them extra power but was also a stabilizer for the more destructive members, if it was disconnected then there was a serious problem that had been created. "Aias, destroy this man. Do not let him live." With that, The Emperor began to plan a retreat knowing that would be the best course of action to still keep the advantage.

"Hurricane Cheveyo... The man who is said to be as gentle as a spring breeze but more powerful than a force five storm." Aias spun his duel claymores as he circled around the man, each blade missing the other by pure skill. With one final spin, the blades were tossed towards the saint. With a simple raise of his palm, Cheveyo halted the blades flight as they then shattered into pieces. Walking forward, the man began to create a small barrier of wind around him preventing Aias' next blades from piercing his body.

"Amazing…" The warrior was baffled. With just simple hand gestures, this one man was easily dispatching the Warrior of Chaos. The Emperor Grit his teeth, readying a gylph to shoot out from under the saint's feet. Cheveyo smiled kindly, almost looking like he pitied the Emperor.

"What are you smiling at?"



Dust and ground kicked up everywhere, blinding everyone's sights for a good moment before a sigh came from the cloud.

"Dammit I missed."

Silver blue eyes widened. No, it couldn't be. Cheveyo chuckled as he dusted off his shoulder.

"Came just in time."

A few coughs came from the direction as the figure came out, a young woman with a bob haircut, one part of her hair on the left being longer than the rest. Besides light tan skin and the red and black hair, the woman looked to be in her teens, possibly the same age as Shirou and Rei. A white shirt with black sleeves underneath a checkered pattern thin, unbuttoned jacket covered her top half, a pair of red, fingerless gloves, a cross similar to Hikari's hanging around her neck. Blue jeans torn and worn at the legs and white tennis shoes showed that the female liked to wear casual clothing.

However, what shocked him wasn't the girl's attire, or the fact she was behind a crater, a crater where the Emperor once was, and it didn't matter that Aias halted his attack.

What surprised the Warrior of Light was the deep green eyes and face of the woman. Makoto Kurusugawa. The redhead began rotating her neck, her right hand behind it to massage the muscle around it.

"So rescue mission failed?"

"Yeeeeep…." Kanna answered with a staccato like response. "We got caught...and tortured, and basically getting our asses kicked."

"See, this why you should have sent me along. Another advantage in the long run." Makoto joked playfully before she bent backwards to avoid The Emperor's projectiles. "Come on, I can't bend that far back!"

"Impudent girl." Mateus snarled at the other end of the field, his mind beginning to bend at the amount of anger and loathing for the fools ruining his plan. "You will not last long here, I will make sure of that." Creating a flare spell, the leader threw the ball of flames towards the newcomer who just knocked it away with her bare hands. "What?"

"That all you got? Hey Cheveyo, take care of the red guy, I'll take care of Bowie here." Without waiting for a response, the girl ran forward, the intent to knock this guy out for hurting her friend prevalent in her eyes. Her opponent created another glyph on the ground as he began to focus his magic.

'One spell, just one Starfall and this will all end.' The cost was going to be massive to his reserves but well worth it to take out this brat and the rest of them. His body began to float as his staff hummed in unison with his power. More globs formed on the ground to prevent Makoto from getting close who merely smirked in response.

"That's all? Really? That's just dumb." Slamming her hand down in one of the glyphs, the girl supported herself before launching, feet first at the Emperor. Mateus watched in shock as his spell did nothing to his foe, she even mocked him by touching it and yet it did nothing!? The man froze as her feet closed in on him before he was knocked clean across the battlefield and into the depths of the forest. "Too easy! Well maybe a little too easy."

The blonde Chaos warrior could only gawk in surprise. This woman, who was she?! She was disabling all his attacks. Not even the warriors themselves could do such a feat!

Wait, the warriors?!

"Where are the others? Aias!"

"Do you honestly expect me to babysit them all at the same time!?" The man argued, focusing his attention to try and pierce through the wind veil, but he should have known better. The swords would shatter and Aias would have to materialize more to have a weapon in hand. Cheveyo smirked, steadying himself in a martial arts position. Within seconds, he was in front of Aias. The tanned man snarled, barely able to dodge a palm thrust. That palm thrust, even from a distance, was able to leave a marking in several trees.

Jumping backwards, Aias called upon another blade, a basic sabre this time. Keeping his distance, small pluses of mana began to flow through the sword. Figuring out what his opponent was doing, Cheveyo dashed forward twin palms slamming against Aias' chest, throwing the man backwards. As the warrior flew, a claymore formed before being stabbed in the ground. The blade snapped into fragments due to the pressure yet it stopped the tanned man's flight. As the man ran towards the saint, more mana was sent into the blade causing it to mutate. Instead of a simple sword, the blade took a corkscrew form allowing the wind to fly by the blade harmlessly. With not even a second thought, the blade struck the gut of Cheveyo causing the man cough up blood.

"Cheveyo!" Makoto yelled before the Emperor's staff tripped her over. A dark look appeared in his eyes as a ball of flame grew in size in his hands.

"It is time to end this for good." As the man prepared to throw the flames, a gust of wind blew past extinguishing the fire. Cheveyo simply smiled regardless of the blade in his gut as he held out his hand.

"Something a simple breeze can kill? Your powers are weakening your Majesty!" At his voice he sent a tornado of wind at the blades surrounding the Cosmos Heroes and summoners, the blades shattering on impact due to the force.

"Aias…" The Emperor hissed.

"I don't…" Aias stopped his thought process. If Cheveyo of the Wind was around, why didn't he come earlier? Then it clicked. "So it was you…." The steel gray eyes glared at the Indian in front of him.

"Perhaps. But your downfall came to the face you had too many magic users as Warriors." Cheveyo smirked as Makoto charged at the Emperor, the man barely able to dodge her ferocity of attacks.

The Emperor unable to dodge all of Makoto's punches began hiss in pain as the combo took its toll. With a final uppercut, the man was launched into the air before falling straight down into the land of dreams. Seeing that her work was done, Makoto rushed over to help her allies including stealing Hikari from Light.

As Aias looked away from the fight to look upon Mateus, a palm struck his stomach knocking the man away. As he stood back up, Cheveyo removed the blade from his gut, no hiss or grunt of pain being heard. "I feel this battle is over." The saint spoke as wind surrounded his fallen comrades and himself. As it picked up, the breeze turned into a small storm allowing nothing to be seen. Aias stared straight ahead, the gale force winds not even bothering the warrior. Within seconds the storm vanished leaving only scars in the grass to show that the storm had existed.

"... And as the storm sliced through the world, it eventually dies out, its legend great and leaving winds of change in its path." The swordsman turned away from the destroyed field, unable to look deeply at the damage. "I'll let Sakataki take his highness later. For now..." The man walked away heading back into the forest, his eyes looking down at growing grass below. "We wait and plan till the next we meet."

"Especially for the young Himemiya."


It was dark.

Nothing but a pitch black void.

Hikari Himemiya was hovering in this void. It was not cold, nor warm. There was no sound. Only her and the darkness.

Her eyes were closed, her face at peace.


Not yet. But almost…


Soon...this horrible, wretched feeling will be gone. I won't be a burden any longer….





Hikari Himemiya opened her red violet eyes. The first sight since her awakening was the sky blue book she called when in need of a weapon. Her precious grimoire, her only true friend.



Blonde hair trailed all over her body as she raised herself from her bed.

"Thank you," she spoke to the grimoire before hugging the book for helping her. No longer would she be bound by hesitation, no she could be a bigger help in the secret war. "Thank you so much."

The book simply opened slightly as it flipped through its pages before landing on a near blank page containing two words. 'You're welcome' was written in a fancy print before the book closed and fell back silent as it dropped into Hikari's lap.

Placing her friend on one of her elephants that took up the majority of the room at the moment, Hikari moved to her closet before closing it. After a couple of seconds she reopened it, dressed in her usual clothes as an elephant fell on her head. Hugging the frayed and battered elephant, she began to leave the room after placing the doll on her bed.

Turning the knob to her door she opened it. At the same time a door across from her opened as well. The girl's eyes widened, it was the warrior she summoned almost a month ago. Silver blue eyes blinked several times before nodding his head.

"Good morning."

"Ah…uhm yes…Good morning…" The girl repeated, bowing as he did so. Raising herself the girl smiled. "It's rather early, do you want to sleep a bit more?"

"No, I need some time to think. Do you mind as I watch you train? That's why you are up correct?"

"Ah yes…"

"Very well, after you." As the two left to head into the garden, they didn't notice another door open behind them.

-Shrine Garden-

Star Ocean's string snapped forward as several arrows of wind collided with old cans tossed into the air by the Warrior. As they fell, Hikari ran forward, her weapon changing to its blade form as a gust of wind began to gather. With a strong slash, a blade of air struck the cans as Hikari was thrown backwards. One by one, the cans split open as they fell, no imperfections in the cut. The priestess smiled as her experiment was coming together before the last can fell on her head.

"Ow..." She complained as she reached for the can.


The can was shot forward, smacking into a tree before rolling onto the ground, a bullet hole right through the center. "Not bad. Needs more work though." Turning around, Hikari spotted the rose haired soldier returning her gunblade to its sheath slowly approaching the duo.

"Miss Lightning…" Oh boy, this wasn't good. Immediately there was tension in the air. Both of the Warrior's blue eyes stared at each other. Hikari shivered as she looked from man or woman. Neither one avoided their gazes. "Uhm...why are you up so early...Miss Lightning…"

"I went on patrol."

"W-well there really isn't a reason too….Sonaruo's barrier is covering the village…"

"I don't trust gods…" Was her response as she walked away. However that was something Hikari wished for. Dropping to her knees tears welled up at the corner of her eyes. "Not again…"

It was like when Light got here...and now I have ANOTHER Light who is anti-social….how can I keep a conversation with her and make her stay here more pleasant…

Hikari felt like crying, until she saw a hand. Looking up, it was the warrior. A pink blush tinted her face as she took it. The man used the strength of his right arm to easily lift the girl from the ground.

"Uhm...thank you…." Her eyes averted the warrior's gaze, looking around herself instead of the man standing before her.

"Hikari." The girl flinched and looked up. All feeling of anxiety vanished. The warrior's face, she never knew it could look so serene, so peaceful. There was tension, but he seemed to have made up his mind on something. "I...am truly sorry…"

"Why are you apologizing?" The girl asked as her wet eyes slowly dried.

"For what I have done to you earlier this month. I believe I acted similar to that..." He said as he pointed to the distant Lightning. "I apologize for having an attitude similar to hers...But I suppose I may have been worse."

"Don't apologize. You two have every reason to be annoyed at us. We summoned you without permission, especially with Miss Lightning. She told us a little about what happened or... Miss Yuna and Miss Tifa did actually. It... Sounded terrifying... To be lost in the darkness for so long, with no one to talk to... I understand why they would be upset with us..."

Light frowned as he took in his summoner's words. He agreed with what she was saying, knowing what it was like to be trapped in darkness. He could understand the anger but to do what he did and hold it against someone not responsible... He would be having words with that soldier later. Hikari gazed into the Warrior's eyes. There was something to them, they seemed...distant. Was he thinking about something?

"Uhm...Light.." His attention returned to her. The girl shook her head. "No I mean Warrior...I should also apologize...for my hesitance and my weakness…" Her voice deepened at the words.


Rei was sipping a cup of tea as she sat at a rather large dinner table. Her eyes soften, narrowing at the glass. There was a slight crack in it. Through her eyes there was a reflection in the dark liquid, but it wasn't hers, it was the visage of an older man, a small gray beard on his face, gray hair swept back and a gentle, kind face.

"Joseph…" She whispered the name in silence. Her vision grew hazy, causing a small gasp from the black haired woman. Taking a finger to her eyes she rubbed them. Was there something in them? No...but then she felt liquid on her cheeks. She was crying.

"Morning Rei." Firion spoke as he walked towards the girl, a cup of tea in his hands. "Is something wrong?" He asked as he noticed the tears.

"It... It's nothing."

"It doesn't look like nothing. What's wrong? You can tell me you know." The silver haired man knew something was wrong. His summoner was a proud young woman so why would she cry? Maybe in private she might, but not with others staying in the house.

"For the last time it's nothing."

"If you don't tell me, I will ask Shirou to find out." Firion stated. Rei blushed slightly as she frowned. Knowing he had found a way to get her to open up, the man began to walk towards the door a frown on his face. It was wrong and he knew that to play around like this but he wanted to help her anyway he could.

"Alright... Just don't tell that moron." As Firion took a seat in front of her, she sighed. "I was remembering an... Old friend of mine. Joseph... He was a good man... I knew him before this whole mess started, when I was just a child... And then he died."

"Rei..." Firion stood from the table before placing a hand on her shoulder. There was more, he realized but at the moment he was not going to push. She would tell him in her own time. And when she did, he would be there for her as a friend to support her.



"Can...you...stay here...for a bit…" Firion's eyes widened.

"Don't get the wrong idea...I'm worried...about what would happen to the others if they found me like this...I might end up killing them and denying responsibility…." The blush on her face was enough to make the silverette snicker in response. Rei glared but the effect was all lost to him, someone who had been with her for a while.

"Understood…" Finally calming down from his giggle fest, the male smiled at the blue eyed beauty. "I'll sit with you…"


"Bored!" Chantez sighed as she laid in a field of flowers. The sun woke her up to her annoyance and so she tried to find someplace to hide from it. The only places she could find was a flower field. Even though she loved flowers she was still bored. Gil was still asleep so she couldn't bug her older friend and Haruka wouldn't allow pranks any more.

'Stupid Haruka... Not my fault she walked into the water bombs.' She sighed once again before rolling onto her side. As she continued rolling thought the petals, her hand touched a boot. As she looked up, she smiled as Onion Knight looked amused by her antics. "Morning Onion!"

"Morning," the little knight responded as he sat next to her. "How are you this morning?"

"Bored!" The little nun responded. "Why can't we go home? The flowers are nicer there..."

"Lady Theodora wants you here for now. I know you want to go back to the church but maybe you could get along with the others while we wait for another message from her."

"..." Chantez didn't reply. Her attention drifted to the sky above her. She wanted to go home, she missed the church, but she wasn't allowed to. Why wasn't she allowed to go home? "I want to go home…."

Those words struck a chord in Onion's heart. He could understand how the child felt. He knew the feeling so well he could easily draw it.

"Chantez...don't worry...we'll go back soon. I know we will…" He spoke empty words. He didn't believe she would get to go home. Even if she lived so close, compared to him who lived worlds away. Even so, he couldn't believe the words that came out of his mouth. How could he?

A knight who has been denied the one thing promised.


Punch. Kick. Kick, Punch. Punch. Punch. Punch. Kick.

A roundhouse kick shattered a training pole that was covered in thick rope and a tree trunk. Wood splinters and dust flew through the air, some carried on the oncoming wind, wiping some sweat the boy had on his face. Despite it being rather cold and him not wearing a shirt, his body felt like it was burning up. His mind wasn't focused though. The silver haired lycan kept reappearing his mind. His right hand traveled through his hair, gripping at the strands.

Shirou Ogami didn't understand. That thing was a lycan? Then, did that make him and Nero-

"You did it again…" Midnight blue eyes gazed as the man gasped. Cecil was behind him, a white, fluffy towel in his hands. The paladin/dark knight smiled as he held out the object for Shirou to take.


"You know, at the way you are going you may need some more training posts." Cecil said as he inspected the damage down to it. It was brutal yet was still controlled. Unlike the blows that he had made on that hill, these could incapacitate and not slaughter any that got struck by it.

"That I know." Shirou spoke, his voice slightly muffled as he cleaned himself with the towel. "But I doubt you came here just to talk about training equipment."

"You would be right on that." Cecil spoke as he moved the broken post away, parts of it falling onto the ground. "I wanted to talk to you about that battle."

"What's there to talk about? I lost badly. Yeah I might of been able to beat your brother if it kept going but..."

"Nero happened. I know what it feels like to fight someone and have it interrupted. Right when it was a win or a loss moment." Cecil looked down as he tried to find the right words to say. "I have to say though; I was impressed when you broke through Golbez's armor. It really shows you have grown."

"Heh, I guess I have." The punk smiled sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

"In physical strength definitely, magic needs some more training perhaps I should get Rei to help with that." The older man teased causing a growl from the younger. "I know you will hate me to say this but, Nero did destroy you not to mention my brother did dominate most of the fight."

"Yeah... I understand." The youth looked down before looking back up, his eyes becoming startled. "Wait, I haven't hit a wall or something like that right?"

"No, no nothing like that. But against Nero you didn't use magic."

"I want a fair fight against that bastard... I felt that magic, I dunno it felt a bit cheap. I know it's useful but I want a fair battle with fists."

"And if you don't get that? Nero won't hesitate using his Gunblade or his shadow magic." Cecil pointed out. Shirou frowned slightly before a smirk appeared on his face. Stone and dirt rose from the ground and covered his fist. When the form was complete, Shirou slammed his fist into the ground causing a small tremor to occur, cracks ripping through the earth before stopping before they reached Cecil. "That was Quake wasn't it?"

"Heh, how's that for not much in magic training?" Shirou grinned as the stones broke from his fist. "Needs a bit of work huh?" He asked before falling against a tree, magic exhaustion kicking in. A proud Cecil watching on in silence, knowing even though the boy had a long way to go, he was getting there little by little.


"So not fair," Hunter mumbled to Bartz. The two along with Yukihito, Shirou's brother were sitting in the living room of the Ogami Dojo. The TV was on as they prepared to watch a movie. Tohma had gone out earlier for snacks leaving the other males to set the place up. "How did Strengir survive? I thought I beat him..."

"I don't know." Bartz whispered back. "I guess it's similar to back in my world. Exdeath and ol' what's his name wouldn't stay down. I guess your opponent is similar."

"Still not fair."

"Hey settle down you two." Yukihito called out from behind the televison trying to make sure it didn't screw up again. "There we go, I think I got it. Hunter turn it on." The boy nodded as hit the remote turning it onto a random channel.

"This just in!" The reporter on the channel shouted as images of Orien's capital Eden appeared on screen. "Our king has declared an emergency. The crown prince has been declared missing. According to reports, he has been gone for some time. The crown kept this a secret to prevent worry amongst our people. If you have any information please call our number or contact a member of the crown. In other news, rumors of insect overlords have struck up again."

"Huh, poor kid," Yukihito commented. "Gotta be another ransom plan. Haven't seen one of those in a long time... Still awful. Hey Hunter, you ok? You're looking a little pale."

"Uh what no it's nothing! I'm uh.." He was lying that was obvious. "I'm gonna go outside…" The boy picked himself up and began walking towards the entrance of the house, until he was stopped by Bartz.

/Hey, you gonna tell the others yet?/ Hunter nearly questioned his sanity until he recalled about the telepathic connection the marks granted the summoners. Sighing heavily the redhead turned back to the male sitting on the floor. His eyes were pretending to be focused on the tv, but his mind was off somewhere else.

/Bartz….you know I can't...they will just send me home.../

/You know better than that!/

/But they just might. If they find out.../

/They won't. I've seen this problem before.../

/Your harem story?/ Turning around Hunter hid a grin as Bartz stiffened as his eyes went wide.

/Not a harem! But they won't. You're a part of a team. They won't betray you or tell people about where you are. They trust you, well... Most of them. But they wouldn't hurt you like this. Believe me on this./

/Alright, I'll them. Very soon I promise./

/Good. Now what are we watching?/

/Dunno, something about a magic school or something./ With that Bartz sat back down next to his older friend. A small amount of doubt in his mind but he was ready, regardless of what comes next.


Gunshots wracked the tree trunk as Ace kept firing from 50 meters. Kai, Cloud and Terra, all wore earmuffs as the gunslinger shot the tree again and again and again. The barrel of the gun clicked opon, signaling everyone he was done for now...until he reloaded.

"Uh...Ace…." Kai's eyebrow twitched. "Somethin' on your mind?"

"No." Right back to shooting he went.

"Right….yo Vaan did you set his ass on fire!?"

"No." Vaan was sitting on a tree branch, and not the one Ace was shooting at. "I launched him."

"So that's why I saw him flying huh?"

"I'm gonna kill that MOTHER FLUBBER CLOWN!" In five mere seconds, all twelve rounds were emptied. Kai whistled as Terra looked on, her body trembling.

"I'm really sorry Ace."

"Not mad at you Terra, but that MONSTER CLOWN! Gah, whoever made him had better been rolling in his grave." As Terra trembled more, Ace lowered his gun. "I'm really sorry Terra. I uh... Didn't mean to shout... I don't... Really like guys like that or those make things like that."

"Terra, you once said Kefka was made by someone right?" Cloud asked. "How bad was he?"

"I don't really know to be honest." The girl admitted. "I wasn't old enough to understand, the man who made him. He was a monster I think."

"Reminds me of Hojo." Cloud stated. "He was one of the worst."

"I had Cid." Everyone gave Vaan an odd look at what he said. "Not your Cid, I had one who was insane and took advice from a member of The Undying." At the continued odd looks, Vaan just smiled. "Long story."

"Gotcha" Kai responded with an odd smile. "So... Uh, why are we talking about scientists?"

"Because there seems to be a damn lot messin' with people's lives…" Ace's voice deepened by several octaves, enough to have everyone minus Kai instantly move away.

"Oi…" Kai's eyes narrowed in worry. Did Ace recall something? He knew the man would get like this when a memory would resurface, but never this bad. "Are you…"

"...No...I just hate lab coats...I don't know why…." A vice grip took hold of the gun, the grip being so strong the gun visibly shook.

"Ace…" Terra spoke in worry for her summoner. Immediately she ran up to the taller male and hugged him. "I know you don't remember, but if it's something you don't want to remember then don't. Not just now. Remember when you are ready to face it...okay?"

"Gotcha. So know we are done talking about me..." He gave a dark look to Kai causing the man to frown. "Your turn!"

"Yeah, no. Not getting into this argument."

"Come on! It's good for the soul!"

"My soul is already good enough."

"Are those two getting along?" Terra asked slightly confused by their interaction.

"Yeah they're good." Cloud commented. "I've seen this sort of thing before."

"Ace, I swear shut up!"

"Just talk to me buddy!"

"No thanks. I don't need to talk and if I did it would be about good looking girls!"

"What about good looking girls?" All eyes fell onto Tifa, who was now wearing a black outfit instead of her white shirt. Tifa wore a white shirt under a black zip-up vest with black shorts that fold at the waist, forming an additional utility pocket at the front and a short duster at the back extending to her heels. She wore a pink ribbon around her left arm and aFenrir ring on her right hand with a pair of black shoes with white laces.

"Nothing, nothing." Ace and Kai remarked as both shook their right hand.

"You know, you guys make a good pair…" Both men froze. Did she mean it that way?

"Tifa…" Cloud whispered, but before she could answer him the blond walked away. That is, until he was stopped by Vaan, who jumped from the tree, grabbed Cloud by the scruff of his neck and dragged him back.

"One runaway chocobo!~" Vaan declared as Cloud glared at the sandy blond man.

"Cloud, have I done something wrong?" Tifa asked as she tilted her head. 'Cloud... I remember that name... I remember him!'

"Tifa... You remember me this time?" Cloud asked. His heart started to pound as he hoped the woman before him remembered him once more.

"I... I think I do, Cloud." Terra smiled in response at her friend being reunited with his friend. A thought occurred to her causing a smaller smile to appear on her face.

"Come on Vaan, help me get the others. We should leave them alone." Vaan smiled and nodded, grabbing the two summoners and pulling them away from the reunited duo. "You two should stay here and bond. We will be back later." The girl grinned and waved to the two as she left, ignoring Cloud's quiet demands to help him out. The two would be fine, she decided. Besides they had a fair bit of catching up to do.


"So Laguna is you dad from the future? But he don't know?" Cid asked as he and Squall cleaned the deck of the airship. Laguna was downstairs doing an inventory of their supplies and looking at things they may need.

"For the fourth time yes."

"Sorry, still doesn't make much sense to me. Time is a rather bothersome thing to get my head around."

"Speaking of which..." Squall said as he looked at the pilot's eyepatch. "I know you explained the eye but... Where did you get it?"

"You're unusually chatty today." The older man received a glare from his words. "About that... Where to begin?" His right hand covered his eye instinctively; the visage of that woman holding him coming to mind. "Basically...for now…" What could he say? How could he say it? The words didn't want to form in his mind. "Let's just say...someone saved my life, and this was her parting gift…"

Squall knew now. That subject was touchy. Losing someone, never to see them again, he could probably understand, after all he nearly lost the woman he loved. But now he was so far away, not being able to reach her, he could understand in a way what the man was going through.


"Can I take a guess and say it was your wife?" Cid just chuckled sadly allowing Squall to know he was right. "Sorry."

"You apologizing? Heh, something is wrong now."

"That's just Squall being caring." The two men jumped as Laguna walked behind them. "Heh, hard to lose someone. It's a... Bad feeling."

"You too huh? Heh maybe I should get us some drinks next time." Cid joked causing chuckles from the unusual father and son. "So who did you lose?"

"Not one but two. One I never saw again due to me being bed ridden and missing my chance and the other to child birth. It's hard but you know. So long as you have happy memories of them where it belongs, you will never be burdened by it."

"Laguna," the two men looked at the ex-soldier with bittersweet smiles understanding what he meant. For a rather oddball man, his advice was sound and made sense. "Heh, really makes me think we should have a drink of these days." Cid stated. "Thanks Laguna."

"Hey no problems, oh by the way here is your inventory list." As he handed the list over, Squall face palmed as he looked it over.

'How he was a journalist with his writing I still don't get. Say something good and then screw up. Hasn't changed at all.' Squall shook his head slightly amused as Cid tried to decode what on Mundeus Laguna had written.


Kanna and Zidane were running around the town, getting in as much running as they could without hitting the barrier. It had been about an hour since they started circling the village, barely making a dent in the process. The village was large, despite its name, and at certain times they could see the many buildings of the village.

"They call this place a village but man it's a lot bigger than the ones I've been too."

"I heard it used to be a town till an incident regarding the barrier crystal occurred. A lot of people died that day…" Kanna's eyes saddened as she recalled the details of the event. "It happened seven years ago."

"Then Shirou, Hikari and Rei were-"

"Yep...they saw it…"

"That...would kinda explain why they act the way they do… a bit…" Zidane sighed.

"I guess it would..." Kanna sighed as she looked to the early morning sky, daylight breaking through several clouds as the sun shone down on the village. "Come on, I want to see what fabric they have here. Some new ideas are ready for me."

"I'm not sure if you mean new outfits or Gil..." Zidane shook his head as he ignored the poisoned look his summoner sent him. "Oh hey, cutie at ten o'clock!" The monkey tailed warrior stated as he spotted a cute girl coming their way.

"Really? I'm starting to feel really sorry for your future wife." Kanna easily ignored Zidane's mumbling on how he would be a good husband as she took a closer look at the girl. "Hey isn't that..."

"Hey, you two. Kanna and Zidane right?" The girl called out revealing herself to be the girl who helped them out the other day. "Makoto Kurusugawa, if you didn't catch my name." She spoke as she held out her hand for a handshake. "Pleased to meet ya." Zidane grinned as he took the hand and placed a kiss on it.

"I see heaven sent a blazing angel to save me, and I couldn't have been more happier if it was anyone else.~" He tried to complement, but it only served to cause a deadpan gaze from the fighter.

"You know how we deal with womanizers here in Akikaze?" To emphasize her point, the woman took her hand back. Rolling her fingers into a fist she slammed it into an open palm, causing a mini shockwave to erupt from it. "We tear off their jewels."

Zidane, eyes widened and mouth agape, ran behind Kanna, hands shielding the one area he viewed should NEVER be assaulted. Sadly he was only met with shame as his partner snickered.

"Please teach me how to do that!" Kanna bowed towards the girl, a grin plastered on her face.


"Of course! Happy to teach a fellow young lady how to defend herself!" Makoto played along, a matching grin on her face.

"Ok, we get the picture. No flirting with Miss Kurusugawa." Zidane rolled his eyes. "So, what did you need?"

"Actually, I've been wanting to ask something. I want in on whatever it is Hikari is up to." The duo's eyes widened as they took in what the girl had said. This girl knew or at least knew most of what was going on.

"Umm..." Kanna muttered before an idea popped into her head. "Ok, first off to join we will write you a contract." Zidane's widened eyes turned to Kanna shocked about what she was doing, while Makoto just smiled. "Then you have to form a contract with someone... Zidane, what's the new guy's name?"

"Vaan but..." Zidane's words were interrupted by the cheers of the brawler.

"Yes! Finally I can back Hikari up. Now to find this Vaan guy. See you guys soon!" With that the red and black haired girl took off, dust kicking up as she ran off to find her soon to be partner. When she was out of sight, the Genome turned on his partner.

"What are you up to? You can't just write up a contract and have her join." Kanna just grinned in response.

"She doesn't know that. I'll get her to sign the contract and I get a free model out of this." The girl began to rub her hands as she chuckled. Zidane backed away slowly at the dark aura surrounding his partner.

'Why did I get stuck with the slightly evil one?' He asked himself as people began to stare at the cackling ninja.


Tidus and Yuna were by the ocean listening to the waves. To them, the beach reminded them of their home on Spira, Besaid Island. They sat there, side by side, watching the sea before them.

"This place, reminds me a bit of home…" Yuna sighed, a smile on her face. Tidus nodded. But to him his mind was focused on one thing. Yuna was here. Yuna was with him.

"Yuna," The name left his lips as he embraced his lover, holding her close. Her lips curled, bright blue and green eyes closing as she placed her head on his chest. To her all was right. It didn't matter that she was in a war, it didn't matter she was so far away from home. Tidus was here, so everything was right.

"Oi…." Yuna and Tidus flinched, both looking over to the right. Sitting at the sea bend, fishing pole in hand, bored expression on his tan face, was Valon. "Stop being all... What's the word? Lovey Dovey. You're scaring the fish."

"Why are you here anyway, Valon and isn't your face scaring the fish?" Tidus shot back.

"Nothing better to do and everyone else is with their partner so," the lad shrugged as he looked back at the sea. "So quick question to Yuna. How did you end up with the idiot?"

Yuna giggled as Tidus frowned at his friend. "Well, he cared for me and was willing to do so much for someone whose fate was I suppose tangled. And I did the same for him when he needed it."

"Gotcha, love at first sight then the two of you saved each other... Almost kind of jealous." He admitted as he reeled in an old Blitzball. "Who would throw this out?"

"Wait, hold it." Tidus called out. "You want love? Thought you were too busy for that kind of stuff with your friends and Blitzball oh and this." He thought on it for a couple of seconds before grinning. "Oh I see, you're jealous of me and Yuna!"

"No, I'm not! And Yuna stop giggling."

"I'm sorry…" She tried to stop but found it difficult to do so. Seeing the look on Valon's face, the way his eyes narrowed and the slight pout on his face only continued to reinforce her need to laugh. Valon sighed as he figured out she would continue.

'I guess it's ok though, I mean eventually these moments are going to disappear from me huh?'


The Cosmos group wasn't the only team resting up for the time being, the opposing side was also preparing for the next part of the war. Since the failure to obtain the crystals or eliminate the Cosmos Warriors, The Emperor had declared several meetings over the past few days leaving the summoners to their own devices.

"Hey Stren, chip me!" Beriah yelled as she rested her head on the couch, her hands occupied as she hammed buttons on her controller. Without looking up from his book, Strengir tossed a chip into Beriah's mouth. "Thanks, so whatcha reading?"

"A story about a man with two souls, each fighting for control over his body as he enters into a tower filled with demons." A grunt of complaint from Beriah caused the puppeteer to look down at his partner.

"Can't stand demons. Monsters are ok but demons? Bastards should all be shot down." A small victory fanfare caused her to fist pump as her characters on screen sang along to the short tune. "Excellent my win!"

"Oi, keep it down, some of us are trying to concentrate!" Nero called out from his game of darts. He, the twins and Sylphel were gathered over there and tossing darts into an image of the Emperor. "And bingo!" His dart struck the pictures eye causing him to shout in victory. "How do you like that!?"

"Hah, move aside pup!" Beriah declared as she walked over to the area, grabbing the darts form Nero and moving farther away the redhead grinned. Not even bothering to concentrate the girl threw the darts left and right, all four hitting the area between the Emperor's eyes. "That's where a bullet needs to go!"

"You goddamn bitch…" The silver haired male growled. How dare she show him up!? Before he even had the chance to call upon his shadows, Strengir stepped in front of him. "Move it puppet!"

"Nero, I am to advise against this course of action. You will only entice Aias' rage." The lycan scoffed.

"Old man's busy ripping a new asshole into the scientist for us cheating. Well we didn't cheat, the warriors did. Not like Jecht and Golbez liked it anyway…"

"Those two are an oddity I suppose." Sylphiel commented as her darts struck the chest of the image. "In a good way of course. Better to have good people on our side then more monsters."

"No shit…" Beriah muttered as she took out a pocky box and began munching on the contents inside, not even bothering to take them out.

"I wonder though…." Sieglinde spoke up. "Why is it we were chosen to summon these people?"

"I had thought at one point, dearest sister it was due to similar personalities." Sigmund pondered. "But we would have gotten Golbez and Nero might have gotten Jecht. Maybe it's something else."

"Guess so. Beriah pass me a pocky stick!" Nero called out as he held out his hand in anticipation.

"Yeah no, all out." The gunner grinned as Nero's face fell.

"Alright that's it! You and me vs. Sylphiel, set up the usual game!" The slightly off kilter female nodded as she began to set up two dance pads. "Ready to lose?"

"Heh, did you forget my high scores are at the top. Just try your best you damn bastard!" Beriah shouted as the group grinned as the battle began. Strengir however just returned to his place on the couch picking up his book once again. He would get involved when Beriah dragged him over. For now, he would just wait.

"Come on Nero!" The twins shouted as Sylphiel cheered on her fellow female. The sounds of excitement, swear words and loud music echoing through the hallway of their hideout.


Aias stood in the middle of the throne room, his arms crossed as he glared at the Emperor sitting on his throne. The white haired male was obviously pissed at the reports, seeing as he held a particular one in hand.

"May I ask why we are even bothering with you lot when you can obviously steal energy from the people around you? What was the point of our assistance in this?"

"Is it not obvious? Stealing energy from them would take far too long, not to mention with the destroyers they would take far more than they need. But that is not why I asked you here. You betrayed us during that fight with the man you called a saint. You dare to shut off our power source?"

"I may be on your side but I do have my morals. You wish to be a ruler yet you will end up taking more lives leaving none left for you to rule over." With that Aias turned his back on the ruler leaving the room in silence. The ruler glared at the man's back. He dared to give him advice like that? Garland's summoner was becoming more trouble than he was worth, even if he was the strongest of the summoners by far.

As Aias left the room, he turned back to the door and glared at it. That man really was more of a monster then a human. His thoughts vanished as two arms wrapped around his neck while he felt two orbs pressed against his back. "Why so serious, my lord?" A sultry female voice asked as she whispered in his ear.

"Cassandra…" He whispered as the female in question hugged him.

"My lord, you are weary are you not? You must rest. That saint pushed you beyond your abilities."

"No." He tore himself from the woman and began walking down the hallway. Cassandra followed the man, a look of pure worry on her face.
"But my lord-"

"My investigation is not yet complete. I still need to figure how what Eitur has done…" He spoke. The black haired woman only nodded her head meekly.

"I understand...but my lord...should I not accompany you?"

"No. I need you to stay here, keep an eye out on those monsters in the throne room."

"I understand…" Her gaze shifted from the man's back to the floor. She wanted nothing more than to help her lord, but why keep her here?

The man turned his head, eyes turning kind as he looked at her face. "When I come back from the basement, I'll join you for whatever you wish. So please, just wait for now." Cassandra's face reddened as she held her heart. Her lord truly was a kind person.


"So this is the crystal of the second realm." A shadow spoke as a white lab coat rested on his shoulders being the only thing visible. He was huddled over a microscope as he looked at the pink object intensely. "I'm surprised you would give me this Sakataki."

"You're not. His Majesty wanted a detailed report on it. That and I want to know if it would grant me what I desire." The boy said as he landed on an operating table. "So anything?"

"I will tell you now it won't grant you magic. It's not compatible with your life. Maybe the others but not this one. However you could use it against The Emperor as soon as I learn everything from it."

"Heh, good enough. I'll leave you too it." Sakataki grinned darkly as he left the basement leaving the scientist to his work.

"Such an interesting child... I wonder what he can do if he can gain this power, though doubtful it is, wouldn't you say lord Aias?" Said man was leaning against the door, eyes glaring at the shadowed man. Once his presence was known the swordsman pushed himself from the door.

"What research are you conducting?"

"Currently trying to find ways to allow Chaos into this world. It would appear Cosmos and himself are trapped on their respective thrones. The summoners are needed to bring forth the warriors, but I have a new theory about the god's involvement in all of this."

"And that is?" Aias raised an eyebrow.

"I believe they are...how should I put this...imagining the warrior's existence…"

"...I knew it…"

"Yes. Their real bodies are suspended in another space of sorts. To the warriors this is all a dream...and yet it is the gods that are dreaming their forms. If that is the case, how is it then that their souls are drifting?"

Aias crossed his arms, pondering. "Once a soul has left the body, it is the same as death. They are no longer bounded to a mortal realm. Do we presume they are dead? No. It's possible for the souls to float off somewhere nearby, so long as the body is close."

"As is the basics of Soulology 101."

"But that doesn't explain it...unless their bodies are trapped in time itself...but that would require a third faction…." Aias' eyes widened. There was a third god involved?!

"Yes. And I believe if we tap into this third power, we can easily win the war."

"No. No more tapping into things we do not understand-"

"Ah but that is the reason why MY KIND exist, lord Aias. We are to learn about the things we do not know…." Grey eyes narrowed. Dammit the scientist had him on that one.

"I do not care Eitur. Whatever this third faction is do not attempt anything. You may research it but I will give the final call on whether we attempt it or not, understand.

"... Yes lord Aias." The man said with clenched teeth as he began to take notes on the crystal. Seeing the man had understood, Aias left leaving Eitur to his research. When the door had closed, the scientist moved away from the microscope as he pulled out several books. "Research is all well and good lord Aias but for this... I'm afraid your orders are pointless to me."


Away from where the Summomers and Warriors were located was a hospital. The place had been standing for several long years and was considered one of the best in the entire planet. It was here that a certain Warrior was visiting.

"Is miss Alpine in her room?" Kuja asked the receptionist. The woman smiled as she nodded at the usual visitor giving the well-dressed man the number he desired. "Thank you." He spoke calmly as he left the desk to his chosen room. As he approached the door numbered nineteen, he knocked three times before speaking. "Miss Alpine, are you in my dear?"

"The apple floated in the big broad sky.

The apple crashed down on the ground."

The woman's voice stopped.

"Kuja?" At his name being called, the male opened the door. Passing into the room and closing the white door, his lavender eyes gazed upon the woman. A beautiful black haired woman, pale, yet that only served to increase her beauty. One glance and you could say she was a living incarnation of snow white. Gray eyes soften, the female's lips curling into a smile.

"Welcome back, my angel. You're right on time."

"I never disappoint a loyal fan…"


Darkness was everywhere. There was nothing to pierce it. Further down and you would see nothing.

Flames shot up from the ground, the light revealing a bit of the true world ever so often. A tall pillar, a set of stairs. Travel up the stairs, there would be darkness.

The flames covered the ground, melting it, large sword like pillars surrounded the area at different points.

The tall, black shaft had an end. A throne of black stone sat at the top, overlooking the destroyed world.

Was this place hell? She didn't know.

A low growl emanated from the area.

On the throne, a statue covered in red and black. It was so lifelike in appearance. It looked like a demon, sleeping.

Several pillars of flames shot up once more. Revealing the appearance of the statue. A true demon indeed.

There was no life in those eyes. For it was a statue. A red and black statue of a horned demon king.

Let these golden eyes bore into your abandoned soul.


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