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Chapter VI: The Other Side of Akikaze

"KEEEFKAAA!" Garland's massive voice boomed throughout the ruins of an old castle. As soon as he called out the name of the Chaos Warrior,

"You called?"

"I got half the mind to kill you!" Garland yelled in rage as his seven foot sword changed into an axe. He slammed the axe into the ground like a hammer slams on a nail, except for the large column of rocks erupting form the ground, nearly hitting the Clown on impact hadn't he moved.

"EEESH! What got your panties in a twitch?!" Kefka asked, not amused with the fallen knights attack.

"What possessed you to think you would get away with what you did?!" Garland was furious, obviously. His voice was loud and held a desire to amputate the clown in front of him, but suppressed himself in order to wait for when Kefka's guard was down.

"What? You mean my new spell?" Kefka grinned as the fallen knight of Cornelia fumed with rage. "Oh it was just a teency weency little magic spell! At least it wasn't the mask we're forcing that priestess to wear!"

"Once again, why did you place that spell on me?"

"To see if it would work, DUH!"

"That spell was made for-"

"Calm yourself Garland." The false hero and magick knight turned to the Emperor as he walked towards them. "We needed to see if the magic would work. And the results were more than perfect."

"You can plan your ridiculous ideas all you want, but the next time you decide to use me as a guinea pig, it won't be just your life that you will lose." Garland's voice was threatening and cold, determined to live up to his promise should the Emperor have any more ideas in store for him. With a huff, Garland left the two alone to ponder the effects of the spell. It was then the Emperor turned to Kefka.

"So? Can we move onto the second stage of our plans?"

"Anytime you're ready your Highness," Kefka then broke off into a maddening laugh, one which foreshadowed the events that were yet to come.

It was morning once again, the sun beating down on the sleepy village. Though different from yesterday morning, Hikari was up with the sun this time. She was wearing her temple's priestess uniform, her eyes looking solemnly at the village. It was due to last night that drastic measures and decisions had to be made.

"We're leaving the village?!" Hikari's face portrayed confusion. Light was sitting across from her, a bandage covering his right hand. Once the group returned with the sleeping Makoto in one of the guest rooms, Hikari took the liberty to bandage and cast Cure on the wounded warriors, specifically Light and Firion. After the group settled down, Light decided they couldn't stay.

"If we stay here we will only make ourselves an easy target to attack. They have discovered where Firion and Rei reside and they already know where you live." He was right. Rei claimed to have put up a barrier to hide Firion's presence and her status as a Cosmos Summoner, and yet the Chaos' Warriors, more of the Manikins than an actual warrior, still found her. Hikari wasn't comfortable with the idea due to the constant threat of monsters that lay outside the barrier. While she knew the village was more than capable of defending itself, Hikari was still worried. Shirou saw the worried look on her face, and sighed.

"Hikari," Said girl turned to his attention. "The villagers will be fine. They don't call this place the 'Village of Martial Arts' for no reason. We got a reputation as being the best fighters in the whole world, minus the Valkyries in Septentrio." Shirou explained, hoping that his words would put the young girl's heart at ease. "So if anything does happen, we have over a hundred martial artists standing guard protecting this place." Hikari was still not convinced.

"But what if the barrier were to collapse?" Hikari asked. Shirou didn't have an answer for her. Sighing heavily, he patted the blonde's head.

"Hikari, you need to stop worrying. If the barrier collapses, then someone can fix it. You are NOT the only one who can fix it." Shirou stressed the words that came from his mouth. Something that Hikari didn't like. In the underlying sense, it meant 'stop being paranoid, what happened before will not happen again.'

"But we can't leave first thing tomorrow! This isn't a video game where you can just walk out and return back in just a few seconds. I have to get permission from master and travel permits-"

"Already taken care of. And were leaving the next day, not tomorrow." Shirou replied.

"But when-"

"Yukihito has gotten everything prepared for me and Rei. All we gotta do is get you finalized by Kurusugawa-sensei and we are set!"

"Even so, we can't just up and leave without a plan." Rei reached into a nearby bag she brought with her. Earlier, Rei was at the library and borrowed a few books concerning the fundamentals of magic and a few Atlases. She took out a large, blue paperback one with the words 'Mundeus' on it, and sat it on the table everyone was surrounding. "Cecil? Didn't you say you hear from several of the Warriors?" Rei asked as she flipped to the contents page, with Cecil nodding in confirmation.

"Yes. Terra and Squall are together I believe and said they were heading to Akikaze."

"How long ago was that?"

"Let's see…I think it was about two weeks ago when Cecil got the call. They said they were in ,' Shirou explained as Rei scanned her finger on the contents, seemingly looking for a page number. Rei must have found what she was looking for as the next thing Hikari saw was Rei grabbing the right side of the book and letting the pages drop. She soon stopped and found herself on page 45, a map of East Oriens coming into view with its surroundings.

"Okay. No matter where they come from, in order to get to Akikaze, they would have to go through Miako. Then they would take the Bullet Train to reach the station outside of the Natsuki District. Since Terra and Squall are heading this way and we need to leave the village, let's just meet them there." Rei explained as her fingers trailed the path towards the village, her finger tapping the picture of Akikaze once her finger stopped it's tracing of the path. The rest of the group agreed to the plan, except Hikari, who was still possessing lingering doubts.

"Uhm…What if they get here tomorrow?" Rei looked up towards the blond priestess-in-training, eyes.

"If they do they do. We'll see them."

"But we don't even know what they look like…" Hikari whined.

"Then the marks will activate."

"Wait what?" This caused about ten pairs of eyes to fall onto Rei. She blinked a few times before she realized something. They didn't know. Rei sighed.

"I can understand Hikari and Shirou not knowing but you guys? All right. Basically, our marks will glow whenever a Summoner is nearby. I found this tidbit out this night. So neither Firion nor you two know?" Rei glanced over at the other two warriors who sat across form her on the loveseat.

(A/N: All right Yaoi fans do not make any remarks on Cecil and Light sitting on a loveseat. XD )

"Cosmos explained to us that there would be several other abilities we would have to find out for ourselves, although I should have expected something like that." Cecil's eyes gazed into Rei's aquamarine orbs as he explained.

"That would make sense. That way it would be easier to see who is friend or foe instead of thinking the whole world is your enemy." Hikari gazed upwards, her finger on her chin before clasping her hands together as if happy she doesn't have to see the world as her enemy.

"But then it puts us in a pinch…cuz that means the Chaos Summoners or whatever will know who we are. It's a freakin double edged sword," Shirou slumped as Hikari's head dropped down as well.

"Well then, if you don't mind Himemiya, I'll be picking out my own room," Rei stood from her seat and grabbed her bag, gracing Hikari with a smile that was both mischievous and demanding. She then walked off.

"Huh!?" Hikari reacted immediately. She ran over to Rei as the woman walked down the hallway and up the stairs.

"I can't go back home, the manikins trashed-"

"YOU trashed the place!" Firion retorted. Indeed, he remembered the event quite clearly. It was Rei, with a large Firaga spell that destroyed half of her home.

"Details details. The point is I need a place to sleep tonight and what better place than here with a Priestess, who is not supposed to turn away a homeless person?" Rei smirked as Hikari flinched. After a few seconds, Hikari slumped, admitting defeat at the hands of the Jewel Witch.

"If that's the case then hell I'll stay over to," Shirou spoke as Cecil agreed. After today's events, they were dead set on staying with the group. The loud whining of the priestess in training rang through the walls of the house. Hikari had no choice. She had to allow the group to stay over, much to her displeasure.

Maybe this was a good idea. Staying in the village would mean danger for the place. And who knows? She has wanted to travel for a time and this was a perfect opportunity. The young priestess in training breathed in and slowly released the air she kept inside herself.

"Well, I got time before they wake up. Once I make them some breakfast I'll head on out to that place and get in some training with master!" And with that the young girl ran back into the house.

"I'm telling you she's fine!" Shirou exclaimed at the three warriors, who were desperately looking for the owner of the house. Shortly after Hikari's departure, Cecil woke up to realize she wasn't in the house, and left her cell phone on the counter. This prompted him to awaken Shirou, and in turn Firion, who then went to wake up The Warrior of Light and Rei. She was not pleased, and now the group was dealing with a very pissed off late riser.

"Then why the hell couldn't she leave us a note to where she was?!" And Shirou was facing the most of the girl's brutality. Shirou grimaced at the loudness of Rei's voice.

"She probably thought that since I was here there wouldn't be a reason to leave a note." Shirou knew the girl the best out of the group and knew she would do something like this. With another groan from the Student Council President, Rei sat back down onto the loveseat in the living room. She was rather irritable about Hikari leaving and not telling anyone. Realizing that they had no clue where exactly the girl went, Light sighed and turned to Shirou, the only person who may have a hint of where she went.

"Do you know where she is?" He asked. A swift nod came as a response.

"Just follow me and I can take you to-"

"Excuse me." Shirou pounded his chest in pride until his face sank from a smile to a taunt frown. He was not happy with being interrupted and turned his eyes to the perpetrator. Light was holding a piece of paper in his hands. "It's a note from Hikari."

"Don't just stand there, read it!" Rei demanded with arms crossed. Light mentally rolled his eyes as he proceeded to do what he already had planned on.

"Dear everyone, if I am not home before any of you wake up, there is no need to worry. I am currently on the other side of Akikaze where the barrier does not reach. I am training with master and will probably not be home till around noon. Breakfast has already been made, some of it is in the fridge but the rest is out on the stove. I will see everyone as soon as I am done. If you want to see me before then, take the red train in Fuyuki District and head to the other side. Annette will tell you where I am. Sincerely, Hikari."

A long silence accompanied the room.

"The other side? Akikaze's other side?" Shirou muttered, deadpanned.

"Sounds like it…" Rei rolled her eyes once the warrior finished reading the note, leaving her with a questionable look on her face.

"The other side?" Light asked.

"Yeah. I don't know why anyone would go there. It's infested with monsters and what-not ever since the accident…" Shirou began to explain the place where the female priestess has gone, but his tone shifted from normal to somewhat sad mid sentence. "I knew Hikari was doing secret training but there…."

"Does she keep to her word?"

"Oh yeah, unless something catches her interest," Shirou answered the new warrior. Truth be told, the warrior didn't trust his Summoner completely, and was not pleased that she up and left with only the note. Then again, Light could think of several other warriors that were just like that, but weren't polite enough to leave a note behind saying where they were going.

(Could we even call that politeness? I mean she just up and left.)

"I say we go and meet her." The men turned to the only female in the house (That was awake). Her arms crossed and stoic face betrayed the curiosity and confusion on why someone would want to go to the other side of Akikaze. "I want to see what exactly Hikari does for training. And what possesses her to do it outside the barrier. Annette I can understand, but a Priestess-in-training? She's just painting a big red bulls-eye on herself for both monsters and the Chaos Losers."

A big red bull's eye didn't even cover it. But she was right. Hikari was being a bit too reckless. That the warriors could agree on. But Shirou couldn't. He had known the girl since childhood. And while they did have their ups and downs, even several break ups, mostly because of him, she was the one to think through a situation. Why would she go to the other side of Akikaze, where the Crystal's barrier could not reach? There must be more to it than just training. With a quick nod, Shirou agreed with her, with the other warriors following suite.

"Aright, but I am not leaving without eating!" Shirou declared as he ran to his seat and started downing the food, barely even chewing it. After the first few bites, tears ran down Shirou's eyes. Though they weren't tears of sadness, they were tears of happiness.

"Hikari's cooking…This is a man's dream come true…" The food in general being curry with white rice with small ice crystals on the side.

"How?" Shirou stared dumbfounded at the Warrior of Light, who was the person who said such a thing.

"How? EATING A MEAL PREPARED BY THE GIRL YOU LOVE IS EVERY MAN'S DREAM! The texture of this rice is like clouds, the curry is filled with a spicy resonance that crushes you, but the tender ice crystals mixed at the side contrasts the sauce, having it melt instantly into your mouth, cooling the spice and making you feel as though your flying on air…ITS DELICIOUS! I MEAN SERIOUSLY, ARE YOU NOT A MAN?!" Shirou accused the taken aback silver-haired male.

"Not the type that eats like that and has stalker like tendencies," The warrior mumbled. Both Rei and Firion turned back from the rice cooker in the kitchen and back to Shirou. Shirou froze on the spot, his eyes slanted in worry.

"Stalker…tendencies….CECIL!" Said male turned to his Summoner, a smile gracing his face. "I DO NOT ACT LIKE A STALKER!"

"Do you watch Hikari from a distance?"


"Does the woman of your dreams know you are doing this?"

"…I don't think so…"

"Do you send her various letters and presents and never give them to her yourself because of shyness?"


"And has these acts of love caught the attention of the school, spreading around the rumor of someone stalking Hikari?"


A long silence filled the room. But this time, unlike the first, the silence was broken by the stiff reply of the Warrior of Light.

"I rest my case."

As it was rather early in the morning most of the shops were still closed, but there were a few that were beginning to open. One of those said shops being the Accessory and Weapons shop down Market Street in the Natsuki district. As the group of five traveled down the street due to the hill, Shirou turned and faced the Warrior of Light.

"Are you sure you're okay to be up and walking? You took a beating last night," Shirou asked, walking backwards so he could talk with the knight.

"I am fine. Though, I'm afraid that there is something wrong." Light continued to walk with Cecil and Firion beside him and Rei behind him. At his mentioning of their being a problem the summoners and warriors listened. "When we are summoned, we are supposed to be given the same information about this world that our summoners have, including the basics like language, writing and the geography of the planet. However, there seemed to be holes in the information I received."

"Example being?" Rei asked.

"Akikaze for instance. I know how to get in and out and around but, I can't seem to remember the shops and the names of the districts and roads. I cannot seem to recall any of that. And with the world as well. I know the continents, but not what they look like." Light explained to them.

"Okay, so your saying you haven't been given all the information we have," Firion deduced while listening to the warrior's problem.

"Perhaps this has something to do with Hikari?" Cecil commented, though he wasn't entirely sure.

"Probably." Rei responded. "When a Summoner calls forth a warrior, they need to set up a connection of sorts. Did you try to set up a Spirit Lay Line with her?" Rei crossed her arms in thought before asking the warrior her question.

"Pardon?" That answered Rei's question. Smacking herself in the face, Rei groaned as she realized what the problem was. Firion decided it was best for him to take over.

"Well a Spirit Lay Line is similar to the Lay Lines that travel throughout the world and lie in various locations. The lay line we have connects us to our Summoners. It's how we receive mana and information so staying here would be easier and so we could remain corporal and ready to fight if we are needed." Firion explained as best he could. It looks like he explained it well enough as Light nodded his head, showing that he did understand the rebel warrior.

"And because of the missing lay line your power and information is being cut by half…" Cecil whispered.

"We'll figure this out later! Let's just hurry up and get Himemiya already!" Rei argued as she walked past the group of men she was sorely stuck with. Shirou glanced at her with a raised eyebrow.

"You're awfully concerned about her."

"Name one instance where she HASN'T been in trouble or caused trouble this week." Rei turned back around to glare at her student council member comrade. Said boy flinched when he realized she was right. At her words the group decided to stop the conversation for now and continue to wherever Shirou was leading them. As the group moved forward, Light thought back on their conversation.

"So my powers, are half the norm? That would explain why Garland was so powerful. And yet, this poses a problem. I need to find out how to fix this, or else it will be like Garland said. My time here will be short. Hmmm…No use worrying about it now. I better focus on finding that girl." Light thought as he followed behind.

"And here we are in Market Street, better known as Fuyuki District!" Due to circumstances with Light's connection, Shirou decided to take a tour around Akikaze, despite Light wanting to find his summoner right away. They took a small detour on their way to the place Hikari was. During this time, Shirou was explaining to Light the various districts as they went through them.

Akikaze was made of four districts altogether, plus an underground railway. The third district, Natsuki, was known as Market Street, as nearly all known produce and building supplies was sold and carried there. This district was the closest to the beach.

The district is connected to another district called Fuyuki, the first district. Most of the entertainment and other accessories, such as jewelry, clothes, and bookstores, were found there. Fuyuki was also the place associated with the train station, as Fuyuki was the closest to the forest that lead to the other villages outside of the barrier.

Next to the first district called Fuyuki was then Haruki the second district, containing the tradition of Akikaze. One of the places being the hill the Shrine and house the Himemiya Priestess family resides, as well as the dojo, library, and school grounds.

The fourth, and last district, was called Koyoki. While there were normally houses and other lodgings in the other districts, this was known for the basic apartments and housing, but it was also connected to the train station. The station didn't just lead to outside the barrier that protected the people from monsters and such, but also lead to another section of the town.

A/N: If anything it's an expy of Twilight Town since I am fond of the town's design and I just love that world. If you don't know what it is, look it up. Because I know I just gave a crap-sake, half-assed description. Sue me I'm no good at describing towns…can't wait for future chapters…ugh….

While Firion and Cecil were used to the busy streets, Light was having a hard time navigating through the crowds of people, some tourists, others villagers. In truth, he had never seen so many people in one place, except for his own world, and he still wasn't used to it due to the days of war he spent on the near lifeless world where Cosmos and Chaos ruled. Cecil and Firion must have seen this as the warrior was looking left and right. Even though he didn't look nervous, his body language said otherwise. His head constantly looking at the people around him, his hands clenched at his sides, even his body twitched every few seconds. He was trying so hard to hide the fact that he was anxious but his allies have caught on.

"I don't think I've ever seen him like this…" Firion moved closer to Cecil, whispering to the young man as both observed their normally stoic and composed leader.

"Nor have I, but it is justified. He claimed to have only spent a few days in his homeworld before he was summoned again. And with his memories refusing to return, then the amount of people is bound to be both a curious but scary fact." Cecil explained to the young adult warrior next to him. Both returned their glances to their leader.

While the anxiety was still there it seemed that he was becoming accustomed to it. His hands were no longer twitching as they were earlier and the small amounts of sweating disappeared. He seemed to have become accustomed to the people quickly. Or maybe, it wasn't anxiety he was feeling, but rather, excitement he felt at seeing the people. Cecil and Firion were beginning to have second doubts about their first impression, seeing that the knight was now accustomed to the people. Leaving the conversation to its end, the trio of warriors followed the young man as they lead them to the missing priestess.

It wasn't long before the group arrived at the ends of the Koyoki district where Fuyuki and Koyuki met and where the train station resided. Shirou and Rei went up to the Train Com and paid the tickets necessary to get to the other side of Akikaze. Shirou explained earlier that they needed to get to the other side of the town in order to find Hikari since she was training, leading to this exchange.

"Why does she need to practice twenty miles away from the shrine where she is supposed to be training?" Rei inquired as she was getting rather annoyed with the sudden long trip.

"You honestly expect ME to answer that?" Shirou replied to the impatient woman.

"You're her friend correct? Doesn't she tell you everything?"

"Not since her mother passed away. All she told me recently was that she got a new teacher and she was training on the other side of Akikzae. And what in hell makes you think I know everything?" Shirou explained in a matter of fact tone.

"The fact that you have a crush on her and have been stalking her for the past year." Rei answered, causing a few eyebrows to be raised at the boy's choice of activities. The whistling of the train brought the attention back from the conversation to the large vehicle itself, alerting the group of the voyage.

As the two summoners stopped their bickering and boarded the train, the Cosmos Warriors followed suit. Though Light himself had the same question in mind as Rei. Why did she need to be so far away for training purposes? Was she in danger, or is this teacher Shirou spoke of the reason? Either way he was going to find out. Once he stepped into the train, the transport began the journey to the other side of Akikaze.

Truth be told, it was rather shocking. The other side of Akikaze was nothing like the village itself. Instead, it was wilderness. Once the train stopped, the group departed and looked around. There were broken buildings and ruined telephone poles. It almost looked like a war brewed there.

"Is this…" Cecil started. Both Firion and The Warrior of Light turned to the paladin. Firion had a vague feeling of what may have transpired but Light was oblivious.

"Yeah." Shirou whispered. Light was confused (For Cosmos knows how many times), but decided to keep his mouth shut. While he did want to know why this place was barren he decided not to pursue the issue. If anything, his Summoner would tell him since she did say she would tell him anything. Shortly after their departure form the train station, Shirou turned to the right, a flower shop across the street was opened, and various flowers perched outside of it. A woman appeared from outside the shop, looking to be in her forties. A green apron covered most of her white blouse and yellow pants, easily going along with the short blond hair and lightly tanned skin. Brown shows clapped on the ground as she carried out a large, gray vase filled with various flowers, some of them being sunflowers, tulips and daisies. Once the large vase was set down outside, she rubbed her hands together.

"Yo, Annette!" Shirou called out as he walked towards her with the three warriors and Rei behind him. The blue eyed woman turned to him.

"If it isn't the wild dog..." She spoke softly as she sighed heavily, as if Shirou's presence was an annoyance to her rather than a pleasant welcome. Said male's eyes twitched wildly as both Light and Firion turned to Cecil for answers.

"I'm afraid I am not eligible to explain his past. Shirou will have to be the one to explain," Cecil answered, knowing that he was going to be asked. He refused of course, believing that if a person is going to talk about their past, it should be that person themselves. The other two warriors knew better. They too believed in the same principle. Once the conversation was dropped, the warriors felt a pair or eyes fall onto them. Turning around they saw that the eyes were Annette.

"Never seen you three before, where you from?" She asked, looking at the various men that were with Shirou. Rei didn't have to answer as she too knows Annette, since she herself was also a regular visitor to the other side of Akikaze. Though she wouldn't tell the others that, which was for her to know and for them to find out.

The warriors, having rehearsed the same answer since they knew other people would ask them that, gave out the answer that Hikari, Rei and Shirou had given to Haruka two nights before.

However there was one little problem.

"Do I have a neon sign on me saying 'I'm an Idiot'?!"

She didn't believe them.

"Sorry to say it's the truth." Rei retorted to the older woman. "I know Firion and I don't look alike but face the facts. There's information not even your able to get."

"I know that you brat, but I find it hard to believe you AFTER I tried finding these guys!" She pointed at the three men. Firion was beginning to sweat, Cecil remained purely polite smiling, but deep down worrying, and Light, was still the same. Shirou and Rei flinched. "Haruka had the nerve to call me two days ago, AT MIDNIGHT, complaining bout three gorgeous but suspicious looking men at Himemiya's house, going on about how they have a secret plot to rob Hikari because their secret society desired the divine treasure of the shrines, and that they were gonna use them to defeat one of the Gods and go back to their own worlds in order to rebel against an army," Firion began to sweat even more, even tremble.

"Wage war against fellow countries for their crystals and causing mass genocide," Cecil was now beginning to sweat.

"And destroy time and space altogether just to save their world," Light flinched. Truth be told, those statements, besides a few tweaks, couldn't be far off from the truth entirely!

"The next time you hear form her, tell her to keep her delusions in check!" Rei exclaimed.

"That's got to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard!" Shirou attempted at lying.

"That's what I said. But, I can't help but agree with the suspicious part. Try to find info on three guys and can't find a dime. Explain that." Annette rubbed the back of her head at the statement before her eyes began to glare lightly at the group. Naturally, none of them knew what to say, not even Light.

"What do we do?" Shirou whispered to the female Summoner next to him.

"Well, we got two options. A or B?"

"B, defiantly B."

"Okay guys, were going with plan B," Rei whispered over to the three warriors behind her.

"That's not a good idea. It will make the situation worse," Cecil hissed.

"Got a better option blue blood?" Cecil could not remark back to the female, because he had no other plan.

"We should come up with something else, something close to the truth but not exactly," Firion suggested.

"Can we even do that?" Shirou asked.

"Hello? I'm standing right here." Annette was now pushing the group to make a quick decision.

"Ah dammit lets just do plan B!" Shirou exclaimed. This, in turn, caused Light to blink.

"What is plan b?"

"The infamous one of all," Shirou reached his right hand into his pocket, pulling out a white small ball. With a quick throw, the ball collided with the ground, creating a large smokescreen. "RUN!" At that, all five members of the group ran from the scene as Annette coughed. Once the smoke had cleared, they were no where to be found. Even so, this did not seem to bother the flower shop owner. Nope, she just smirked.

"He was right; they were fun to mess with. Well, better let Cid know they're still here."

"I do not want to believe this…" Firion mumbled. The group was now deep into the other side. Around them there was nothing but trees, some dead, but others well vigorous. The sky above them was still in sight, various kinds of birds flying overhead, patches of clouds here and there, obscuring the blue sky. However the area itself gave of a vicious vibe, severely different from the peaceful aura of the town. This didn't bother the Warrior of Light though. He was too busy thinking about what happened in the past five minutes. He turned his head around from the trees to the boy and girl behind him, panting wildly. Shirou was bent, his hands grasping his kneecaps while Rei leaned against a nearby tree. Firion and Cecil were breathing heavily themselves, but not like the two summoners.

"Why did we run away?" Firion asked looking to Rei for answers, fully believing they made the situation worse. Light, on the other hand, had a feeling that the woman was merely toying with them.

"Because Annette would have drilled us for answers."

"We don't know that. We could have told her part of the truth-"

"FYI, The Sleeping Corpse already did! That woman's delusions verge on fuckin psychic!"

"LANGUAGE!" Cecil snapped at the black haired male, only receiving a glare form his summoner. Sighing heavily, the Warrior of Light turned back towards the wilderness. He stared straight into the evergreen forest surrounding them. Despite the somewhat peaceful setting, it unnerved him. He felt as if he was prey and the predator was getting ready to pounce. The rustling of leaves alerted him. As the two warriors and two summoners were beginning to argue, Light continued to focus his attention to the area around him.

"Everyone be quiet!" The warriors demand ceased the arguing. Once they were silenced, the rustling grew louder. Eyes trailed everywhere. The rustling grew louder. The wind whistled around them, the rustling of the leaves, this was not a good sign. The warriors began to scan the area frantically while the summoners looked to the sky. The actions around them increased. The bushes behind Shirou caught the young man's attention. He turned to them, everyone readying themselves in case it was violent. The mysterious sound revealed itself.

Three birds, flying towards the sky. The sight of the black birds relaxed the five heroes. With a deep breath, Shirou smiled.

"Well, that could have been worse. Haha!"

Be careful what you wish for…


Shirou turned around to see a large dog like creature pouncing towards him. Bending back towards the ground, he barely managed to dodge the razor sharp claws aimed at him. His head collided with the rough, dirt ground. Cecil and Firion managed to drag Shirou out before the wolf like creature had the chance to attack again.

"A Lupine?" Rei questioned, sounding disappointed in the recent monster appearance. Her arms crossed, and her head resting on her fist next to her left cheek. Cecil and Firion helped the young man as he turned to her in anger.

"HELLO! That thing nearly killed me!"

"So? You managed to dodge it, Mr. Master-of-all-fighting-styles," Rei retorted to the steaming young man.

"I was caught off guard!"

"Instead of arguing we should deal with its pack," Light spoke up.

"Pack?" The others question. They were answered quickly as seven to eight other Lupine's appeared behind the various trees in the area.

"Wait, they only hunt at night? Why in plain day now?" Shirou commented at the wolves began to surround the fresh meat in front of them.

"Let's worry about that later." Cecil replied as he summoned his sword into his hand, not going into his battle form, but remaining in his normal form. Firion followed the same example, summoning the blood-colored decorated sword into his right hand. Light did the same, but didn't summon his shield.

"Your not going to don your guys' armor?" This perked Shirou's interest as he watched the three silver-haired men. For as long as he had known them, they never went into battle without changing forms.

"There is no need to waste your mana on something as unnecessary as that." Light answered. But in truth, he couldn't go into his battle form. For some reason, he found it difficult and hard to do. Perhaps it was because his summoner was away, he wasn't sure. So he used his own mana to summon his sword only, not to waste anymore of his back up energy for his shield. Cecil and Firion must have noticed this and decided to follow his example. And they agreed with the warrior. The more mana they spend on themselves, the weaker there summoners become.

Growls form the Lupins increased, each black and gray monster surrounding the group. With a sudden leap, the monsters began their assault on the humans in front of them. With a quick reply, the Warrior of Light cut though the incoming wolf, breaking the monster into two halves. But oddly, no blood spewed from it.

"Leave some for us!" Shirou slammed his fist into his right hand, ready to attack until Rei shoved an arm in front of him.


Rei turned her attention to the two halves of the monster. The moment the monster's remains landed on the ground, it dispersed slowly into tiny black and purple particles. This surprised the warrior as he had never seen anything like it. Rei and Shirou, who once hold confident expressions, immediately switched to pure horror.

"Uh….did that-"

"SHIT YES IT DID! DON'T LET THEM BIT YOU!" Shirou screamed at the top of his lungs, Firion barely dodging one of the incoming monsters before stabbing the wolf in the stomach. The monster whimpered before disappearing in the same manor.

"What in the…" Firion was speechless as Cecil dispatched two wolves coming their way.

"I have never seen anything like this." Cecil muttered at the packs circled them. Then the pack did something none of them expected. Small, feathered darkness developed on the paws of the Lupines, covering them in the same shadows. The shadows split the forms of the monsters, creating duplicates.


They multiplied.

"Switch, now."

"Okay." Firion replied to his summoner. Cecil and Firion immediately switched to their armor forms, though Light still could not. Even so, he continued to fight. Three wolves charged in his direction. The warrior gathered what little strength he had and managed to perform Radiant Sword, impaling each of the monsters three times. Cecil smiled; glad to know his comrade wasn't fully defenseless. This left him open for attack as a wolf lunged for the silver haired male. Turning around, the fangs of the monster were inches away form his face, but a quick arrow form Firion pinned the monster to the ground, where Cecil beheaded the thing. In truth, despite the large numbers, the wolves were easily dispatched with a few sword strikes. This caused confusion with Shirou and Rei, who never once raised a hand to help the warriors.

"So…got any ideas how they can kill them?" Shirou asked the student council president.

"I have a theory; it's possibly because they have the powers of their goddess. That could unintentionally give them Reiki, and that's what they are using to kill the demons…What I wanna know is how those THINGS are in the barrier. Sure it's weak over here and monsters could get in, but the barrier was made especially to keep these things out," Rei explained as the warriors dispatched more of the wolves.

The black and gray monsters fell to the ground one after another, each disintegrating into the air, never to return. Despite earlier reactions, the monsters were easily dispatched. The warriors panted. Most of the problems being to dodge the monsters and making sure they wouldn't hurt them. While that was easy for Cecil and Firion, who were both battle ready, the same couldn't be said for Light, who was panting just as hard at the other two, but suffered a few scratches from the claws of the beasts. It wasn't just his strength that was suffering due to the lack of the summoner, but his stamina as well. He was panting heavily. He could feel his strength leaving him. Why did this happen to him? Was it really because of the summoning ceremony being incomplete? Shaking his head, the warrior gathered with the others.

"Do you have any ideas of what those creatures were?" He asked the black-haired female summoner. Her eyes downcast from his, but returned to gaze at him in a few seconds.

"Yes. Do you know the three levels of monsters?"

"I'm afraid not. That is part of the information I am missing…"

"It goes like this; Monster, Fiend, and then…demon."

"Wait are you talking about the same demons that can't be killed through magic?!" Firion's eyes widen in shock and fear.

"Yep. Those were the same. Except you guys managed to kill them. Wanna know why? Its because you carry Cosmos' power."

"I am confused." Light replied slowly. He understood the concept of the demons, but couldn't understand how they were able to kill them.

"Your turn Shirou." Shirou rolled his eyes at the female.

"Alright. Hey Light, do you know of the two sources of power in our world?"

"Yes. Mana, which stands for magic, and Reiki, which is spiritual power, correct?"

"This makes this conversation easier then. See, demons are made out of something called Thelesma, and for some reason, only those with Reiki can harm them." While the explanation was straight forward, that didn't explain why he, Cecil and Firion were able to destroy the demons. Seeing their confused expressions Shirou waved his arms roughly in a quitting manor. "Dammit, have Hikari explain it once we find her!"

"IF we find her…" Rei muttered. "This place is pretty huge."

"Even so we must. I have questions for her." The warrior replied as he began walking through the heavily dense forest.

"Why did we come here to begin with?" Firion crossed his arms.

"I'm going to break the barrier and say that SOMEONE decided that we should go instead of waiting for her." The female summoner duly replied.

"Who?" Firion raised an eyebrow.

"You don't want to know." Rei muttered as the group began to walk through the dense forest, hoping to find the female priestess.


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