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Lored raced towards Bonta, being chased by multiple Brakmarians. Lored turned quickly and mumbled words in his sacred language. A lone gobball appeared and charged the Brakmarians. A large Iop Brak swung his sword at the gobball and mortally wounded it. The gobball bit the Iop just before a Sadida summoned a plant out of the earth and squashed the gobball. Lored stopped and let the Braks surround him. Lored mumbled more words and a large rock fist came down and injured everyone around him. Lored turned back around to run. A Brakmarian Ecaflip on a Dragoturkey started to gain behind Lored. "I thought we were friends Cat!" Lored screamed at the Ecaflip. Cat just shook his head and threw flaming cards at Lored. They scored a hit and Lored fell onto his knees. Curse ran up to Lored and pulled him up while still on his Drago. "Glad you came man!" Lored yelled at his closest friend. The idiotic Braks circled the Bontarians once more. "3…2…1!" Curse and Lored both screamed in unison. Then, they both mumbled in their language and 2 stone fists appeared out of thin air, then disintegrated after they hit their targets. The Iop and a Cra died. Cat's Drago reared back and fell. Cat jumped off of it and started to sprint at Lored and Curse. Lored mumbled some more words and a gobball appeared. Cat ran in front of Curse, before Cat could react, Curse swung his Fire Kwakblade and cut a gaping hole in Cat's side. Cat winced and ran off.

"Don't celebrate yet friend!" Lored screamed at Curse has Lored chased Curse into Bonta. "Now! I must go get my Drago!" Lored hollered after his friend. Curse nodded and yelled back," Meet me at the Baker's market." Lored nodded and ran off towards the paddocks. Lored took his Indigo Drago out of the paddock and brought it over to the Baker's market.