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I woke up the next morning and replayed last nights events in my head and a hugh grin washed over my face. Forgetting that Dimitri was laying next to me, I started a little wiggling dance and elbowed him in the back.
"Ugh god Rose!" He grunted I squealed and fell to the floor with a thud and started laughing. "Oh Im sorry, I forgot you stayed last night."
I was picking myself up off the floor and I felt his smile on me "Good Morning Beautiful."
I was about to say the same thing back when I got a good look at him and broke in to hysterics. His hair was every which way you could possibly think.
He looked at me with a confusion all over his face. "Whats so funny?"
"Go..Look..At..Your...Hair!" I said between fits of laughter.
He smiled and tried key word tried to smooth his hair out "This is 'my wake up with my beautiful girlfriend look."
I stopped laughing immediately and leaned over on to the bed and kissed him softly on his lips.
My stomach interrupted our amazing kiss and he smiled against my lips "Lets get you something to eat."
"Yes lets do!" I said clappingmy hands like a child looked down at my stomach.
We walked out into the living room to find Liss and the Flamer sitting on the couch watching some cooking show. I laughed as I watched him act like he was intrested. I hated when Liss made me watch those shows, the only thing they made me wanna do, was eat my face off.
"Good Morning." I said in a sing song voice.
Christian scoffed "It was until you blessed us with your present."
Liss smacked his arm not taking her eyes off the tv and said "Be nice now."
I laughed and stuck my tounge out at him "Dimitri is cooking breakfast."
He looked over at me with a eyebrow raised "Oh I am now."
I put my hand on my hip and tried to raise my eyebrow like him and of course failed like always and made Dimitri laugh.
So I just walked over to him reached up and kissed him slowly letting my tounge run along his bottom lip then stepped back.
He stood there for a moment "Yeah I'm making breakfast." He said turning around making his way to the kitchen I smiled in victory. I walked over and sat down next to Liss on the couch. "What do you have going on today?"
Finally dragging herself away from the tv she looked at me "Well I have yoga today." I perked up just a little "Im so coming with you." I stated.
She clapped her hands excitedly "We can make a girls day out of it."
I got up and head towards my room "Im gonna go and jump in the shower."


After that thing that the devil himself had thrown out of hell for fear she might take over, left the room I turned to Liss "Hey Hunnie what's the thing Rose loves the most besides her attitude?" I said adding a little light laughter so she wouldn't be to suspicious.
She turned towards me with her eyebrows furrowed. "Why do you ask?"
I took a moment to collect myself. "Well since were dating now and Rose is a constant in your life I wanna get some what on her good side." I smiled sweetly at her. I hated lying to her and would hear about it after everything went down but I needed to get Rose back for what she did to my room.
Her face went from suspisous to full on joy with in seconds" Oh Christian, that is just wonderful I know you to will get along just great!" I scoffed mentally. "But take her clothes shopping she loves her clothes just about as much as she loves me." Liss laughed to herself at her joke.
Just then Dimtiri came into the room with the what are you planning look on his face "Breakfast is done." He stated still looking at me funny. I shurgged and smiled at him.
That she devil had it coming to her and she was going to get it good, she should've never messed with me!
After what seemed like a eternity, everybody was done eating breakfast and leaving for the day. Dimitri had said something about going shopping for food which made my plan for revenge even easier to pull off. I told Liss that I didnt have anything to do today and was going to stay home. She offered to come with her to watch her and Rose do yoga. As much as I would love to, I had to turn down the offer. I had a busy day. I smirked to myself and kissed Liss goodbye telling her to call me later.


After watching TV for what seem like hours I got up off the couch to look for my keys. I am now loving the fact that Liss had made a key for me.
I walked to the door and opened it and peeked out the door to make sure no one was in the hall. Seeing that the coast was clear, I walked out and made my way to their door. I knocked just to make sure no one was there.

After waiting for a couple of seconds I stuck my key in the lock and turned the knob and the door swung open. I smiled so hard i thought my cheeks would split. Sliding the door closed behind me, I went in search for some scissors. Searching the kitchen for 15 minutes, I finally found them i made my way to IT's room and into her closet. Everything was sitting in hangers looking so beautiful well not when I'm done with them, I thought to myself. I turned the light on, shut the door and went to work. I did the shirts first cutting out the places where her tits would be. I did it there so that if for some reason she thought she didn't need to look in the mirror 'cause she was already sooo Fab-U-lous 'Ick' she wouldnt notice no breeze, no reason to look down. Proud of myself with my work. I moved to the jeans cutting off all the back pockets on all of them Those i think will go unnoticed even if she looks in the mirror..Well... I thought for a moment she is in love with herself, so we will just have to wait and see. I stood back to admire my work when I heard the door slam close and Liss's beautiful laugh from the living room.
"Shit Shit Shit!" I cursed.
I was about to walk out of the closet when I heard the spawn yell to Liss "Let me Change my clothes real quick. Then we can go."
"Thats going to take forever."I heard Liss whine back She laughed "Not today, I have my outfit for the mall already laying on my bed."
I sighed and cursed at the same time, how could I have missed that?
Ten Minutes went by...Twenty Minutes went by I was about to just jump out of the closet and just get it over with but she finally left saying "Now dont be amazed but I look awesome" She laughed at herself. Talk about someone being full of themselves, I don't understand how Liss can put up with that voice all the time. It sounds like a cat trying to give birth. Five minutes and they were gone. I picked up all the pieces of clothing that i had cut off pulled a bag out of my pocket and shoved them inside. As I was walking out of the closet a great idea came to mind.
"I going to make her a quilt. Im sure she will love my stitching." I said laughing to myself.
Bag in hand I walked back to my apartment and wait for liss to call.


"Shop 'til you drop," I found out that meaning today after our extenisve shopping spree today. She wanted to go here and there, oh then back here and there. I swear I lost fifty pounds just shopping. We were on our way back to the house when I looked over at Liss "Can we pick up Chinese for dinner?"
"Yeah thats fine. Im going to call Christian and invite him."
I groaned "Oh Liss do you have to?"
"Yes and besides he going to start being nice to you and you should do the same."
I had to turn completely in my seat just to make sure I heard her correctly. "Say that just one more time." I said disbelieving.
"He asked me what your favorite thing was and I-"
I broke her off. "And you told him? Wait.. What did you tell him?" I asked a
little scared to hear her answer.
"I told him to take you clothes shopping." She said
I gasped and told her to drive faster. If that vulture touched a single piece
of my clothing, I'm going to kill him.
I need food in my system before the maybe killing starts. I told Liss to stop
and get the Chinese then we could go
home but I told her I was driving.


Liss had texted me about ten minutes ago saying to meet her at her apartment
for some Chinese. I was on the balcony when
I saw a car driving down the street at a fast pace and squealed to a stop. I
watched Rose make a mad dash into the building.
Not even five seconds later she came busting in the door throwing me a dirty
look. I sat down on the couch with a shit
eating grin on my face waiting for the fun to begin.
That's when I heard the most horrible noise known to mankind.

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