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She lightly closed the car door behind her, turning around gracefully with a suitcase in each hand. Her curious eyes circled the perimeter in amazement as she took in her surroundings. She silently studied the colorful gardens, watching the butterflies and bees hover near it, going about a normal day. She watched the sprinkler systems circle around and around, quenching the thirst of the plentiful grass. She looked around at the perfectly carved hedges and the very well kept lawn, and smiled sweetly to herself. Her eyes cast themselves around the yard, trailing themselves back and fourth along the wrought iron skeleton of the fence enclosing the wondrous property until they ran into the side of the house. She looked straight at it and her eyes widened, eyebrows raised, and her surprise grew,

"This is where he lives?" she asked herself, greatly impressed with what she was seeing.

The house was massive. Made of dark red brick and old stone, but must've taken up two acres all in itself. There were countless windows, numerous balconies, and the friendliest aura she'd ever felt. The large oak door (that must've stood twice as tall as she did) seemed both intimidating and inviting all in the same. It called her near gently, just dripping with hospitality. She stood in place, studying every detail of the lovely estate, before a warm laugh sounded from behind her. She quickly turned around to look at the source of the sound, only to meet a pair of piercing, but kind grey eyes staring back at her maybe three feet off.

"Yes it is. Do you like it?" he asked through his deep vocal cords, grinning at her expectantly. The gentle girl's lips curved upward lightly, into a sweet and extremely happy smile. She met his eyes evenly with hers and nodded,

"Very much. It's beautiful. I especially love the garden. It's amazing!" she said happily. Saying that she liked it was an understatement. She was almost immediately in love with it. In love with the yard. In love with the garden. In love with the house itself. She thought of it as perfect, like one of those homes you see on television that all the stars have. The only difference was that this one was real. The man just grinned at her,

"Then we'll have to give you a front room. You must be Ms. Anderson. It's great to have you here." he told her warmly. She just looked down slightly, swallowing gently, and looking back up to the tall man. So far, she was taking a liking to him. And assuming that he was who she thought he was, he wasn't anything like he'd expected. Carefully setting down the luggage from her right hand, she reached forward to shake his,

"Yes sir. And you're Mr. Wayne, correct?" she asked him sweetly. He just gave her a good natured chuckle and shook his head, taking her hand in his, happily surprised by the strength of her grip. He shook her hand lightly and let go, looking back at the beautiful girl,

"No, no. Call me Bruce, please. I'm only 'Mr. Wayne' in the office." he said warmly. She accepted his comment and nodded cutely, picking her bag back up and looking back at him,

"And you may call me Kori." she said. He grinned and reached forward, wrapping his large hand around the handle of her larger suitcase and giving it a suggestive tug as if to signal for her to let go of it.

"Very well. Here, let me help you with this. I'll have Alfred show you to your room." he told her. She smiled again and released her grip on the large bag, thankfully nodding and following the kind man up to the front door of the grand manor, excitement tickling from beneath her nose as she couldn't wait to see the inside of the house.

Their footsteps sounded as they stepped up onto the front porch and Bruce reached forward and slowly opened the door. The redhead smirked to herself as she heard the loud creaking sound that came with it. It seemed to fit the massive door, especially as it echoed through the large hallway that greeted them past the hard wood surface of the fancy door.

They walked past it as if it were nothing and walked through another pair of doors, entering the grand hall...and she definitely thought it was grand. The master staircase spiraled upward, inviting her up. She looked up before the sound of another pair of footsteps erupted from the right and a frail-looking old man walked in, dressed in a formal tuxedo and a warm grin. Bruce set down her bag and signaled to the man,

"Ah Alfred. This is Korina. She'll be staying for the year. From Egypt." he said. The old man's face lit up at Bruce's comment. And he looked the girl over. She felt slightly nervous under the heat of his stare, but soon forgot it as a warm smile painted his face.

"Yes! Yes! It's great to have you here Ms. Korina. Let me get your bags I'll show you to your room." he said happily, scooping her bags into his grasp and starting up the stairs. Kori smiled in surprise at the anxiousness he had in having her with them. She smiled and turned to Bruce to tell him that she'd be back down momentarily, before,

"Alfred, make sure the young lady has a good view of the gardens, please." he said. The sweet girl smiled widely at him, thankfully before Alfred cleared his throat to gain the girl's attention again and grinned at her, nodding to the upstairs. They walked silently down the hallway and made only two turns (which the girl carefully noted so she wouldn't get lost) until Alfred stopped in front of a white painted door.

"Your room, Ms. Korina." he told her, signaling for her to open the door. She anxiously wrapped her slender fingers around the brass knob and turned it gently, slowly pushing the door open to reveal the most beautiful bedroom she could've imagined. The walls were a light blue, like the color of the sky of the most glorious of days. There was a spring green canopy cascading down the solid whit bed that seemed to glow as the sun beat straight into it. The floors were a light wood and there were two matching dressers on either side of the bed. A small desk sat in the corner and a small laptop computer sat on it as if it were just waiting to be used.

But other than the beautiful room, there were three more doors connecting. Two were on an empty wall and one was on the wall facing her bed. One of the doors was a clear glass door, textured so that it wasn't completely see-through (which she assumed led to a bathroom) and the other was just a simple, white painted door. She walked curiously to it and opened it, only to reveal a large walk-in closet. It must've been the size of a normal bedroom nowadays! She smiled, trying to hide her satisfaction as she stepped out of it and closed it carefully, opening and walking through the clear door. She was right.

It was a magnificent bathroom. Everything was made out of crystal, even the bathtub! She walked over to the tub and furrowed her brows in looked as if it had been made for ten people at once. She swallowed and curiously, opened the shower door which stood on the opposite wall of the tub. It was at least half the size of her closet. Like a small room. The floor was made of stone, and the back and side wall were also made of stone. She smile, almost laughing at how amazing it was. Stepping out of the shower, and then out of the bathroom, she looked at Alfred and Bruce, who'd just made it up to see her reaction and satisfaction with her room. She opened her mouth to speak before his strong voice shattered the stilled silence,

"Will it do?" he asked. She just smiled and shook her head,

"Oh my gosh, it's AMAZING!" she said happily. A wide grin spread across his face as he nodded to her. She wanted to hug him, but decided against it. Alfred cleared his throat and looked from Bruce, than to Kori,

"I'm glad you find it acceptable. Now if you're ready to ear; I have dinner prepared. Unless of course you wish to unpack first." he said to her with a gentle tone. The sweet girl only smiled at her and shook her head,

"Thank you, but I'm rather hungry." she said. Bruce chuckled and signaled for her to follow him. The two of them slowly began down the hallway with Alfred not far behind them. They made it down the stairs and down a long corridor into the kitchen. Once they got there, everything was already on the table and the smell had filled the room. The three of them sat down, but before anyone got the chance to eat anything, Bruce turned to the redhead and looked her straight in the eye,

"Oh, I almost forgot. My son'll be here soon. Remind me to introduce you two."


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