A simple Kiss...

"Lana... Lana, I need those files if we both wanna see home before 6am.."

Judge Harry Stone glanced wearily down at his watch..

' Already five thirty.. well hell ..so much for a goodnight's sleep.."

"Sorry Judge Stone.. took me forever to find these in Lana's desk.. she left over an hour ago."

Rachel Miller, the court page-in-training answered cheerily as she slid the paperwork and a steaming cup of coffee onto his desk, grinning playfully Harry tilted his head and exhaled deeply...

"Well aren't you sweet.. just what I needed for a stack of paper that makes the Empire State building look like a pile of leggos.. and call me Harry, hon."

"Anytime, Harry.. do you mind if I go ahead and sign out..I have some plans later in the afternoon for my birthday.."

She smiled softly in return, her warm green eyes glancing up expectantly as she reached back to loosen her long brunette locks..

'Such beautiful eyes.. strange I've never noticed before..'

"Birthday plans huh? Well I was sure it was next week..or is that Bull's that's next week..and here I am without a present for such a pretty birthday girl.."

Resting his chin against his knuckles he sighed softly, letting his blue eyes wander down to the petite brunette as an even bigger smile spread over her face..

"Well.. if you didn't think I was too bold in asking.. you could give me my first birthday kiss?"

Biting into her full lower lip she timidly raised her eyes to watch for any sign of rejection, instead she was greeted with a slight nod and a warm smile as he reached a slender hand towards her..

"C'mere Miss birthday girl.."

Swallowing slightly, she walked behind Harry's desk feeling incredibly petite at only five feet high when he stood up at well over six feet, leaning down his lips gently pressed to the edge of her full lips, whispering softly..

"Happy birthday."

Resisting the urge to whimper as a pair of warm, smooth lips met her own, Rachel rested her delicate hands on his slender waist, opening her eyes slightly she looked steadily into Harry's blue gaze, feeling a sudden, unexplainable spark as he deepened this kiss just for a moment before breaking it..

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