Chapter 11

"The mayor sent this inviation over, sir."

A small hand produced a single orange envelope with an ornate purple and red seal on the back, yes, this was a much coveted invitation to the Mayor's Halloween Ball, a chance for the city's finest to take on a whole different identity for just one night, a pretty romantic idea, Harry mused thoughtfully for a moment...

Could this be the oppertunity to put things right with Rachel? Taking her as his escort to such a high profile event would surely put them back in the easy friendship they had before...

"Rachel, c'mere.. No, come in my office."

That little hand disappeared as quickly as it came as she peered around the door, narrowing her eyes as she closed the door soundly behind her, in one quick motion she set the envelope in front of him, not offering her usual warm smile as she turned to exit his offfice.

"Ah-ah, Miss Miller, why don't you take a seat, I think we have a bone to pick with each other."

"It's about time."

The brunette snapped, arms folding as she seated herself on the leather sofa farthest from his desk, eyes flashing heatedly as she settled back, raising a single brow at her curt reply the young judge offered a rather lopsided grin, hoping to coax a smile out of her as he lowered his voice to a more casual tone.

"Why don't you tell me what's the matter, why you barely speak to me.. this attitude is very unlike you.."

"You wouldn't understand, Harry."

"Try me."

She paused, arms loosening as she shrugged her shoulders, glancing away to avoid that blue gaze that almost took her breath away.. Would he understand the reason she couldn't bare to face him?