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If Sam had to pick between spending time with someone or being alone, she'd pick to be alone. She liked everything to be peaceful, and people, like her friends, are nothing like that. They're too loud and obnoxious, she'd rather spend the day in peace. And that's what she planned on doing today. All she wanted to do was listen to music, do her homework, read and maybe play some video games, as long as she could do it in peace. It was after she finished her homework that her plans were ruined when someone knocked on the door. She sighed and threw her books on the floor beside her bed.

"Come in." She called, lowering the music and pushing her head phones down so they were around her neck. The last people she accepted to be behind that door came in; her parents. She looked at them and blinked. What could they possibly want, and whatever it was better be worth interrupting her. "What?" She asked.

"We wanted to know if you were busy." Jeremey said.

"I'm busy." She said bluntly.

"...Doing what?"

"Nothing." Pam scoffed.

"Come on Sam, don't you want to go somewhere today? We could go mini golfing, or bowling..." Pam started. Sam stared at both of her parents like they had three heads. They seriously think they could get away with spending time with her after ignoring her for all this time? They really had some nerve. "Let's all go somewhere."

"Why?" Sam asked. Pam and Jeremey looked at each other.

"To have fun."

"Sure. 'To have fun,'" Sam started as she got up and went over to her couch. "I thought your version of 'fun' was ignoring your kid until something significant causes you to intrude in their life. Because that's the vibe I'm getting." She said, taking them both by surprise. She waited for them to answer, and when they didn't, she rolled her eyes and started to leave.

"Sam," Jeremey called, causing her to turn around. "Okay, listen-"

"I'm not going to listen. You're going to listen to me, something you haven't been doing very well lately. I don't know what your deal is, and frankly, I don't care anymore. Either pick to acknowledge me, or keep acting like I don't exist. At least I'll be used to whatever you pick." She didn't want to deal with them anymore. She left the house, slamming the door on her way out. Her parents had her on an emotional roller coaster, and she hated it. She hated emotions so much. They made everything worse. Why did her parents chose to ignore her anyway? She didn't get, maybe she never would.

"Hey Sam," She heard from down the street. She turned around to see Danny walking up to her. She turned around and continued walking.

"Not now Danny," She said. He caught up with her and walked beside her.

"But I need to tell you something really important,"

"I really don't care, just leave me alone." He grabbed her hand to stop her from walking.

"What's your problem?" She stopped and looked at him. Everything was so frustrating, but no matter what she went through, Danny was always there for her, and she shouldn't have been rude, even if she was in the worst mood she had ever been in. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so confused."

"Even more confused than when you saw that sign that said there were no signs allowed in the area?"

"Yeah, more than that." She pulled away and grabbed his hand as they continued down the street.

"What happened?"

"I totally blew up in my parents' face."

"Ooh, how'd they react?" She shrugged.

"I don't know. I left before they could say anything."

"Okay, my advice: actually talk to your parents instead of screaming at them, trust me, that doesn't work." She scoffed.

"Yeah, yeah. ...Anyway, you were going to tell me something?" She asked. He looked down the street before looking back at her.

"Yeah, follow me." He grabbed her hand and led her down the street. He turned when he got to his house and opened the door, looked around before going in and taking her up the stairs to his room. He closed the door and locked it, and Sam raised an eyebrow before looking at him. "You were right, okay? I have do have something I'm hiding, and I've been debating on telling you or not. But I made up my mind and decided to make a deal with you."

"And that would be?"

"That if I show you my secret, you talk to your parents and straighten out everything with them." She thought for a minute before looking at him.

"You're not a psycho killer, are you?"

"If you don't agree to my compromise then you'll never find out." She sighed.


"Okay. Just... try your best not to freak out, okay?" He didn't wait for answer and sighed. He closed his eyes before two blue rings appeared at his waist and traveled down his body in opposite directions. His plain T- shirt and jeans transformed into a black and white jumpsuit, his black hair turned to white, and if he'd open his eyes, they would've glowed green, not blue.

He was scared to open his eyes and see Sam's reaction. What if everything went wrong and she'd flip out, or tell someone what had happened. He was about to regret everything until he was tugged forward and suddenly felt lips on his.

"W-wha...? You're not freaked out?"

"What, you actually thought I didn't know?" Sam said. "Jeeze Danny, you practically gave it away." He had a confused look on his face.

"Well... I guess that's better than you freaking out about it."

"So, how many other of you past girlfriends know about this?" She asked.

"None. Just you, Jazz, and Tucker know."

"So, I'm special?"

"You're always will be in my eyes."

"You're corny."

"Admit it, that's what you love about me." She scoffed. "So, are you ready to fulfill you're part of the compromise." She thought about it. If she fixed everything with her parents, they'd be the loving, happy family they used to be three years ago, though it felt more than that. But that meant they'd be more involved in her life, approving and disapproving things, making her come home on a schedule, grounding her whenever she got detention, and the more she thought about it, the more she didn't like it. She liked it better when she could do whatever she wanted, she was basically running her own life now, and they chose not to be in it. And if they didn't want to be in it, so be it. She could do everything on her own. She didn't need them. She didn't need anyone. "...Sam?" Danny said, breaking her out of her thoughts. "Do you want me to go with you?"


"Then you can do it on your own."

"No, I mean I'm not going to do it." He looked shocked. Isn't that what she wanted? To be loved and accepted by her parents, to fix everything?


"I like it better without them. I can make my own decisions without their opinion getting in my way, I can do whatever I want without them."

"Sam, that's not the right choice. You need your parents, your fourteen."

"I didn't need them all through middle school, and I didn't need them for anything. I still don't need them for anything. I'm doing better on my own than with them."

"Sam, you're making a horrible decision..."

"Your supposed to support my decisions." She said back.

"Not when they're ridiculous." She got up and started for the door.

"Then maybe I don't need you, just like I don't need them." He walked over to her and put his hand on the door, preventing her from leaving.

"Sam, I'm just trying to help."

"You want to help? Then leave me alone and let me make my own decisions. Or else, stay out of my way." He stared at the door she exited out of, and couldn't believe what just happened. She just threw everything away, she forgot about everything else in the world, just so she could do everything her way, just to go back to living like a parent-less teenager.

Not only did he just lose his girlfriend, but he just lost the girl known as Sam Manson.

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