Okay so this is kind of what to expect in the one shots that will be posted here. I figured this would be the easiest way to do things so I don't have to put this in an A/N of each one.

The o/s that will be posted are ones that reviews of my stories have requested. If you've read The Box and Senior Year you know that I have decided that when I finish a story I will give a o/s to a certain numbered reviewer when the story is over.

The winners get to chose everything. While some pairing will not be Bella/Jasper as you will see from the first one-shot I've decided to put those two as the main characters just to make it easier.

At the top of each one shot will be a small heading that will tell you the pairing, a brief summary, rating, the reviewer that requested it, and links if there are any.

I hope you will enjoy what I come up with based on what the reviewers give me. The first o/s will be posted in a few minutes and another will follow in a week or so.