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Pairing: Jasper/Bella-All Vamp

Summary: Bella went to give Jasper a piece of her mind. What she didn't expect was to find the other half of herself.

Rating: M for language and some violence. There is no lemon

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"Do you really have to go?"

I glanced over my shoulder to find my best friend and sister, Charlotte, standing in the doorway of my room. She wasn't looking at me, but I could see a frown already on her beautiful face.

I hated knowing that I had put it there, but it was time.

I'd been with Charlotte and her husband, Peter, for twenty years. They were both my friends and my family, and in Peter's case, also my sire. He had found me one night while he was hunting. I'd been robbed, stabbed, and left for dead in an alley.

He could have killed me, it would have been easy and I wouldn't have been missed. However, something stopped him and instead he saved me, turning me into the same thing he was. A vampire.

Ever since the moment I woke up they had been by my side. They taught me everything they knew. I learned how to fight, how to hunt the lowest forms of the human race, about the rules of our kind, and when we learned I could both prevent a physical and mental attack; they helped me figured out how to do it without a second thought.

I enjoyed my years with them immensely. The banter was easy and fun and was something that I would never want to replace. However, in the last couple of years I'd started to grow restless and I wanted the one thing I couldn't get here. A mate.

My human life had been made up of one disappointment after another in the way of love. My parents had fought every day with each other and me. Words that cut to the bone had been a constant until I turned 18 and left, never looking back once. The two years between then and my death had been one boyfriend after another, spouting false words until they got what they wanted.

By the time Peter had found me I was over it all. I figured if that was what love was I wanted no part of it.

But then seeing Peter and Charlotte together showed me that I just hadn't found the right person. That I was missing out. Their love was a pleasure to witness, even if, at times, it wasn't a pleasure to hear. I wanted that. I wanted someone to fight and then make up with. I wanted someone that looked at me the way they looked at each other.

If I was being honest I was jealous now and it was what led me to finally make the decision to leave, even though it broke our three undead hearts.

Hell, Peter hadn't spoken one word to me in the week since the decision had been made and was currently downstairs sulking.

I smiled sadly and said, "I'll be back Char. You know that."

"Do I?" She asked looking up for the first time.

"Of course, why wouldn't I? You two are my family. How could I stay away?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "We've just heard it before."

Venom blurred my vision as I dropped down onto the bed.

They had heard it before, but I would not be like him. For twenty years I had heard everything there was to hear about the Major, or Jasper Whitlock. How he was death and destruction rolled into one package. How he had saved both Peter and Charlotte and how they'd saved him. How he'd been with them for a few years before leaving, saying he'd return one day.

He'd never come back though. Oh they got the occasional phone call once or twice a year, but he'd never visited. Peter was very vocal about it and blamed the Major's bitch of a mate along with the coven they were a part of. After every phone call he'd spend hours ranting and raving about what they'd turned him into. How he was nothing but a lapdog now and had probably lost his balls a while ago.

Over the years I'd grown to dislike the Major. I hadn't told Peter and Charlotte, but I have every intention of making Forks, Washington, where he currently lived, the first stop on my trip. In my opinion, he needed a little reminder on what family meant and I was looking forward to enlightening him.

I moved off the bed and went over to where Charlotte was still standing.

Wrapping my arms around her shoulders I gave her a big hug and said, "I will always come back, no matter what. This is my home; there is no way I could ever stay away for long."

"Promise?" She whispered hugging me tightly.

"Yes and I'll call every day."

"You better."

We pulled back and Char smiled, for the first time. I returned it before stepping completely away and turning back toward my bag.

"Are you almost finished?" She asked coming up beside me.

"I'm done actually." I replied zipping up my bag and picking it up.

"And you have everything you need? Phone? Money? Credit Cards? Music?"

"Yes to all," I answered, glancing around my room just to make sure.

"Okay," She sighed. "I guess I can't hold you back anymore."

I shook my head and put my arm over her shoulder. Together we walked out to the hall and down the stairs.

I saw Peter immediately. He was standing in the doorway leading into the living room. His head was down and his arms were folded across his chest.

He had already told Charlotte he wouldn't tell me goodbye, but I figured he'd at least hug me.

Charlotte bit her lip to hide her smile and moved over to stand behind him. While she was upset with me leaving, seeing Peter, who was the 'man' as he'd put it many times, like this was amusing to her.

I dropped my bag down onto the floor and stepped right in front of him. He turned his head away, so I just waited. He wouldn't be able to ignore me for long.

Just like I expected it only took about five minutes before his eyes came back to me. I gave him a big smile and lifted one of my eyebrows.

"I'm mad at you," He said.

"You still love me though," I stated.

He huffed out an unneeded breath before reaching out and jerking me into a hug.

"You better be careful, you hear me?'

I nodded into his shoulder as I squeezed him tight.

"You call every day."

"I will."

"You do what you need to do, find what you need to find, and then you get your beautiful ass back here. Do you understand me?"
"Yes dad." I snarked.

He chuckled and let me go. As I stepped back he asked, "Do you know where you're heading first?"

Yes. "No, just thought I'd drive until something looked interesting."

His eyes narrowed and I knew he could tell I was lying, but my ass wasn't stupid enough to tell him the truth. He'd be pissed and would probably try to talk me out of my trip. I couldn't have that though, so I just gave him my most innocent smile and hoped he wouldn't question me further.

After what seemed like forever he finally shook his head and said, "Just be fucking careful."

"I promise."

He gave me another hug as did Charlotte and then I was quickly out of the door and in my car, heading for the airport.

As I drove I went over what I was going to do. I'd been planning this since I decided to leave and had everything already worked out. Granted I'd had to work around Charlotte and Peter's hunting or fun time so they wouldn't find out.

I was going to be flying from here in Austin to Seattle. I'd arrive around 1 in the morning and then run from there. Running would allow me to pick up their scents, taking me straight to his doorstep.

Once I got to the airport I pulled into the long term parking garage and quickly grabbed the contacts I kept in the glove box, slipping a few more into my bag. I'd need them until I got off the plane.

Making sure they were covering the red of my eyes completely I got out of my car and made my way to check in.

I spent the wait until my flight playing a rousing game of, what would that person taste like. It was fun, but left me thirsty.

My thirst became even more pronounced on the plane and by the time I landed in Seattle I needed to make a quick detour. I found a cab and had it take me to a little hotel on the edge of the city.

Once he'd pulled away I bypassed the front door and walked around to the back, taking off into the trees when I knew no one was watching.

I made my way back into the city and quickly found a homeless man. He wasn't very appetizing; his blood laced with too much alcohol, drugs, and death. It accomplished the goal though and I was quickly disposing of him. I felt lighter as I headed back out of Seattle and took off in the direction I needed.

I'd checked a map before coming and knew which way Forks was. I also knew it would only take me an hour or just over to run the normal four hour car ride. I would end up getting there while it was still dark, but that was alright by me since I'd be able to catch them a little off guard.

As I got closer to my destination I started picking up light scents here or there. I had no clue which one belonged to whom in that family, but I didn't really care; they still led me forward. One did stand out more than the others. It was like the finest, top-shelf whiskey and rain; it was a weird combination, but so damn perfect. I wondered who it belonged to as it became the only one I followed.

Before long I came to a small creek and without a thought launched myself over it to the other side. Seconds later the trees thinned and I could see a large house loom up before me, causing me to slow to a walk.

As I stepped out of the tree line the back door opened and out walked three males in front with two females following behind.

I knew who they were immediately. The Major had been forthcoming on what each of his 'family' looked like and what they could do.

The blond male was Carlisle, father for all intents and purposes and doctor. He'd changed four of the seven and was mated to the brown haired, June Cleaver wannabe behind him. Esme was the mother of the group and looked at me with curiosity and a touch of fear.

The big guy was Emmett. I could tell right away that everything the Major had said about him was true. While he looked like an overgrown bear at the moment, what with him standing at his full height and arms crossed over his wide chest, you could see the playfulness playing behind his eyes. He would be cool as hell. The same could not be said about the blond behind him who I knew to be his mate, Rosalie. She was looking at me with nothing but open hostility. Not that I cared.

Then there was the last one standing there. Edward the fucked up hair color, mind-reading, emo virgin. If some of the shit the Major had told Peter hadn't made me dislike him, the look on his face would have. It was a mixture of disgust and frustration. Yeah, pretty sure I knew why too. My eyes were a clear sign that I didn't hunt like they did and Emo boy was all about preserving life or some shit like that. The frustration was probably because he couldn't hear anything from my head.

After a few silent minutes I turned my eyes on him and said, "I'm a shield Sparky so you can stop trying."

He growled lowly and hissed out in question, "Sparky?"

I just pointed to his hair and turned my attention back to the doc as he spoke, "Can we help you?"

"Yes, actually," I answered. "That is if you can tell me where the Major is."

"Oh," The doc said looking both surprised and confused by what I said. "He's...um...he's not here."

I held back the eye roll as I said, "I figured that. Could you tell me when he'll be back?"

"Why do you want to see Jasper?" Bitchzilla sneered emphasizing Jasper, like I didn't know his real name. I knew his real fucking name, but I wasn't going to be using it. Jasper was who they'd turned him into. The Major was who Peter knew him as and in turn, who I knew him as.

I ignored her and asked again, "When will the Major be back?"

The doc didn't appear to know what to say so I lifted an eyebrow to get him moving. "In about-" He was cut off by the front door opening.

I smiled and answered for him. "I guess that it would be now."

All eyes turned toward the back door as the Major and that clairvoyant little pixie stepped out. My eyes widened as I took him in. Oh holy mother of...fuck me seven ways to Sunday and twice on Saturday. That mother fucker was hot. He was tall and lean and you could just see the power he possessed. His blond hair hung down to his shoulders in waves. His face was just umph. The only problem were the eyes. The gold didn't fit him at all especially with the scars that littered his hard skin. I could only imagine what he would look like with bright red, but I had a feeling it would be a spectacular sight to behold.

"What are y'all doing out here...?" His voice trailed off as his eyes roamed over everyone else before finally settling on me.

As soon as we locked on each other everything changed and there was no mistaking the fact that I'd just found what I'd left home to find. A pull in my chest had started immediately and all I wanted to do was go wrap myself around him. My dislike for him died immediately and in its place a warm, tingly feeling had appeared. I wanted to hear him say my name in a moment of passion and hear me say his.

I watched as he rocked toward me on the balls of his feet and I would give everything I owned for him to come to me. I actually needed him to come to me so I could touch him. So I knew that he was real.

A hiss and a growl broke the silence, stopping all movement; breathing included, and it was only seconds before I realized they both had come from me and why. The first because the little pixie had taken a step in his direction and the second because she had the nerve to touch him; to touch my mate.


My little protective instinct was in high gear and I crouched low. I was completely ready to spring at the pint-sized pipsqueak if she didn't back the fuck up.

In my peripheral I could see the doc and everyone else glancing back and forth between myself, the Major, and her. Thankfully the doc had enough sense to figure out what the hell was wrong.

In an urgent hiss he said, "Alice back up."

"No," She said giving me a glare. Bitch was just asking for it. It didn't help that the Major was just standing there staring.

I flicked my eyes to him briefly before going back to the oompa loompa; only to jerk my gaze back to him, having caught the expression in his eyes.


The Major

Who the hell was she? It's my only thought as my eyes locked with the unknown vampire at the bottom of the steps. Everything around me was forgotten as I stare at her. A current starts in my chest and beings making its way through each limb, almost sending me down the steps. I barely hold myself back not wanting to scare her, but my eyes will not leave her face and I come to one very easy conclusion.

She is the most beautifully made creature I've ever seen. Her long dark hair hangs down her back in a tight braid, showing off her gorgeous heart-shaped face. Her big crimson eyes stand out against the paleness of her skin. I know, can feel it way down deep, that if I look directly into them I will find my soul. Her body has curves in all the right places and I want to put my hands every where all at once. I notice and am extremely thankful that the only scars she seems to have are the ones from when she was changed.

I know I should say something; ask her her name or how she came to be here. But I'm afraid if I open my mouth she'll disappear.

Something touches my arm, but I can't be bothered with looking at what it is, since, at the exact same moment, she lets out a growl that shakes me to the core. It is the sexiest fucking sound I've ever heard and I really want her to do it again; while she was under me preferably. Or on top. I wouldn't be picky.

I get a sudden need to tell her my name. That way she knows what to scream when I make her cu-

My thoughts are cut off and I'm brought back to what's going on by a loud no. A no that is spoken by my wife and mate. Guilt immediately takes over and I don't know what the fuck is going on or what I'm going to do.

I love Alice, but I've never felt this all-consuming need. Never known this feeling of being absolutely complete. Never felt this pull in my chest that makes me want to turn my back on everything I know.

I can't do that though. Alice, Carlisle, and the others are my family. My home is here with them. That thought makes me want to scream because I feel like my home should be with this beautiful unknown vampire.

I shake my head to clear it just as Carlisle says, "Maybe we should go inside and discuss things further."

"No," Alice says again as she tightens her grip on my arm. "She needs to leave. She's going to ruin everything."

"Oh Shorty I plan to decimate it now."

You could hear the underlying tone that spoke of danger as she purred those words to Alice. I should have been angry that she was pretty much threatening my wife and mate, but I couldn't seem to find the will to do so.

Alice scoffed, only causing the unknown vampire to smirk. Seeing it I knew she held no fear whatsoever and I had to know where she came from.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"My name is Bella Whitlock."

My eyes widened hearing her with my human last name. It was a shock, but I found I liked it and I liked it a lot.

Alice apparently didn't though because she let out a screech. "You can't have that last name."

It didn't seem to faze Bella as she asked, "And why not? It's the last name of my sire."

"Who?" Alice asked fear clear in her voice.


Alice shook her head back and forth as she whispered, "No," over and over again.

"What's the matter Shorty? Not what you expected or is there another reason why you don't want me to be who I say I am? Did you have a vision you didn't like?"

The entire family stood there in shock as Alice shot down the stairs toward Bella, but didn't make it anywhere close to her.

"Oh my mental shield is also physical." Bella said with a little chuckle. "Forgot to mention that earlier."

I was in awe of her talent. Peter had done well and I needed to remember to tell him that when I called next time.

I turned my attention back to Alice as she started to beat against the shield. I almost laughed at her theatrics, wondering if she'd always been this way, but I caught myself in time to hear her words.

"You can't stay here. You need to leave now. No one wants you here. You have to go. Carlisle make her leave."

"Alice-" Carlisle started, but was cut off by Bella.

"I'm not going anywhere. Not until the Major figures out what's happening. I already have and I pretty sure it's not going to take the others long, if they haven't already worked it out."

"You know nothing." Alice hissed at her.

"Oh I've come to a few conclusions and if he takes the time to think about things, he'll come to the same ones."

"Then why not just tell him if you believe what you say."

An evil smile spread across Bella's face and I shuddered with how hot I found it.

She leaned forward just a little and said, "Because it will be more fun this way. Telling would make things easier and let me get the hell out of here sooner, but I've watched my family hurt because of what you've done. My presence will drive you crazy. You will always be wondering if I'm going to get tired of my fun and say something, bringing this whole house of cards you've built down."

Alice turned away from Bella with a huff and said, "Jasper and I will be leaving until she's gone."

"Oh I'd like to see you try."

"You think you can stop us." Alice screeched and spun back around. "There are seven of us to your one. Your shield can't stay up forever."

"Actually it can as long as I want it too. I've had twenty years to perfect it, but that's beside the point. I wouldn't need my shield to take all of you down. I've learned how to fight from the second and third best and they were taught by the first." Bella's eyes flickered to me as she said those words and I felt myself swell with pride at her compliment. "While he could beat me he won't because hurting me would kill him."

It would too. Just the thought of me or anyone else harming her set my venom on fire and I couldn't stop the low growl from rumbling through my chest.

Bella's chuckle sounded out above it and she looked at Alice. "See."

"I hate you," Alice hissed.

"The feeling is entirely mutual." Bella spat back and for the first time I saw the anger in her eyes.

They glared at each other for a few minutes before Alice looked away earning another chuckle from Bella. She then turned toward Carlisle and Esme, who both looked like they didn't know what the fuck to do. Granted I don't think any of us did, but Bella. I was so fucking confused right now it wasn't even funny and I had a feeling that it was only going to escalate the longer she stayed.

Bella seemed to understand that none of us were going to offer up anything at the moment so she said, "Now that it is established that I will be staying is there somewhere I can clean up?"

Carlisle and Esme both opened their mouths but no sound came out, instead a different unexpected voice answered.

"You can use our bathroom."

"What?" Alice cried turning to Rose as everyone else did.

"Thank you Blondie." Bella said ignoring the way we were all gaping at her. "You aren't as bad as I thought you were going to be."

Rose just nodded her head and raised her eyebrow at Alice.

"How could offer her that? You're supposed to be my sister."

"Yeah, but I've worked it out and it's no secret that, other than Emmett, I'm closest to Jasper."

"But she's trying to hurt our family."

"Actually I believe she's only out to hurt you. And from what I've realized I'm thinking its warranted. So she can use our room for as long as she wants."

Alice looked like she was going to cry if she could and tried one last attempt at stopping Bella from staying. "Her diet? You can't let her continue to feed the way she does. We'll have to move."

Carlisle sighed and I could feel his reluctance to condone the taking of a human life, but he still said, "Just please don't feed from town."

"I think I can handle that. Thanks doc."

His smile was forced as he nodded his head toward her. Alice huffed and stomped back up the stairs, sweeping by all of us without saying another word.

As I watched her walk by my eyes landed on Edward, who I hadn't even realized was standing there.

I knew he could hear what we were all thinking and silently I asked, 'What the hell is going on? What am I missing?'

His eyes met mine and I knew I would get nothing from him. Where I was closest to Rose, he was closest to Alice and he would guard whatever secret she didn't want known, especially if it was going to hurt her. A secret that apparently concerned me and Bella, but one I couldn't, for the undead life of me, figure out why. I really needed to just sit down and let my mind go over all I was feeling just to see if I could come up with something.

"JASPER!" I cringed at the way too loud yell that came from inside the house. Fucking hell there would be no way I could think with Alice doing shit like that. Rolling my eyes, knowing I wouldn't be able to do anything tonight I shot Bella one last look.

She smiled at me, making my breath catch and leaving me even more confused. What the fuck was going on?

Before I could say or do anything else Alice yelled again. Growling lowly I turned and went into the house since I knew Bella would still be here tomorrow.



I'd been at the Cullen home for two weeks and all I wanted to do was go back to Peter and Charlotte. I really thought myself and the Major would be gone by now, but he still hadn't figured out shit. It probably had to do with the fact he was never left alone for a minute to just think. The pixie bitch was constantly in his ear, badmouthing me at every turn and I was starting to lose what little patience I had for her.

It didn't help either that my irritation was palpable to Peter and Charlotte when I called. I'd managed to keep where I was from them, but I knew they were getting suspicious since I couldn't go into great detail about the places I was supposed to be. If shit didn't hit the fan soon they would no doubt ask outright and I wouldn't be able to lie anymore.

Of course my time here hadn't been a complete waste. I'd learned a quite a few very important things:

One-this 'family' was nothing more than a glorified cult and Carlisle and Esme were the leaders. There wasn't a day that hadn't gone by that they didn't try to shove their vegetarian lifestyle down my throat. I'd tried it just once, just to get them to back the fuck off, but that nasty shit was spit out quicker than day old cum. I refused after that and settled for my tasty humans. Now every time they came near me I growled and sent them scampering the other way. I probably should have felt bad since I was staying in their house and all, but really they should just be glad I hadn't set it on fire yet.

Two-Emmett and Rose were pretty fucking cool and the only two, other than the Major, that I would even want to talk to afterwards. They were also my two biggest supporters, especially after Rose let Emmett in on what was going on. He was surprised to say the least and a whole lot pissed off. He hadn't talked to Alice since the night I arrived and it made me all kinds of happy. They were the ones that kept me semi-sane and someone could usually either find me in the living room, blowing shit up with Emmett, or in the garage with Rose, learning how to cut brake lines. They also were the ones that gave me more information. Like how the Major met Alice and why he hadn't been back to visit Peter and Charlotte. Apparently Alice hadn't allowed it, saying she was afraid he'd slip if he was around them. While that might have been true I was almost positive that hadn't been the only reason.

Three-Emo boy was a pain in my ass and not in good way. He no longer went by Sparky just because of his hair. Oh no, now it was for the simple fact that I wanted to set him on fire. Every time I turned around he was there, brooding in a doorway. I had a feeling Alice had put him up to it too. I guess she didn't trust that I wouldn't seek out the Major. Not that I blamed her because I so would, but that is beside the point. The only time I got any peace were the two times I'd gone hunting. Granted Emmett, Rose, and I had quite a bit of fun saying shit that made his little virgin self cringe in disgust.

Four-Alice really, really hated to be called Miss Cleo, so I did it every chance I could. Every time she slipped into a vision I'd ask if the charge was still 3.99 a minute. I also had, on my last hunting trip, purchased a crystal ball, some tarot cards, tea leaves, and a book about psychics and then left them around the house. She was slowly coming apart at the seams and I was so looking forward to when she broke. That was going to be the most fun ever.

And five-My mate was a fucking moron. He should be glad he was so hot because really his vampire mind was a little slow on the uptake. I mean how many more hints did he need before he figured shit out without having to think about it. Rose and Emmett constantly dropped the word mate in conversations that it made no sense to be in. I was cock-blocking the hell out of him and Alice, using my shield. Every time she went near him I put it around him until she back off. I guess I should be glad he didn't initiate things with her and constantly stared at me when we were in the same room, but hell that to me was just another hint. I kind of wanted to slap him and then shake the hell out of him so he'd wake up, but I didn't because I wanted him to get there on his own. Most days anyway.

Today was not one of those days. I was bored out of my mind since Rose and Emmett decided they wanted to go off and fuck.

I was also irritated since I was being stared at by more than just my normal lurker. Of course, the Major was probably looking because my skirt was a little too short and my top was a little too low cut. As I thought that I made a show of uncrossing and recrossing my legs, a la Kim Basinger style, in his direction. I watched with a smirk and complete satisfaction when he swallowed hard and made a slight adjustment in his seat. It was...oh ewww Doc and Doucheward did it too. Now that was just fucking gross and told me I needed to leave the house for a while.

I pushed myself up off the couch and started for the door.

"I'm going out for some dinner. Be back later."

"And probably a good time."

I smiled and turned back around.

"Oh Miss Cleo I don't need to go out for that. With just a few words I could get that here unlike some people lately."

Her pathetic growl followed me as I walked out the front door laughing.

I decided to run toward Olympia and soon found myself in the heart of the city, thankful that night had fallen while I was running. Making my way down side streets I kept an ear and nose out for my meal. After a few more minutes I saw a woman walking alone and coming my way. She was dressed like me and looked like she'd been rode hard and put up wet, so I assumed she wouldn't be missed.

I quickly ducked into an alley and waited. It didn't take long and I dragged her into my hiding spot as I bit down into her neck, causing her to let out a gurgled sob.

I took a deep pull and that's when I felt him. I don't know how he got past his warden, but I honestly didn't give a damn. Lifting my eyes as I took another pull I found him standing at the other end of the alley, watching me.

Pulling my mouth away I said, "I'll share if you want a taste."

He shook his head quickly. "I...I can't."

"Why? Because she'll be mad? Big fucking deal."

"The emotions-" He started.

I cut him off by snapping the woman's neck. "Problem solved." He took a couple steps forward and I continued, "You know you miss it and it might even give you some clarity. Come on Jasper, just a taste."

He sucked in a sharp breath as I used his given name for the first time and then was in front of me seconds later.

His dark eyes darted between me and the woman a few times and I finally nodded my head toward her. "Go on."

He took a deep breath and then latched on, making me swallow hard this time. It was the hottest fucking thing I'd ever seen and I so could not wait until we shared all of our meals together.

He took the last pull and let the woman fall from his hands. His eyes found mine immediately and I was pleased to see they were a bright red. Perfect.

"Good wasn't it?" I asked smiling.

"I...I shouldn't have done that."

My smile fell and I huffed, finally reaching my breaking point.

"You know what? You need to man the fuck up and go back to being what you used to be."

"A monster?" He asked, clearly not knowing how to take my sudden anger.

"No, a vampire and a leader. According to Peter and Charlotte you used to be both. The last two weeks I haven't seen either and I'm starting to think I won't ever."

"Why does it even matter? You show up here out of the blue and don't make any fucking sense. You keep secrets that I'm apparently supposed to figure out on my own, but yet you give me nothing to work with."

"Oh my God are you sure you're an empath? Because you really suck at it. Think about everything. About the differences when you met that short bitch and me. About what you feel from the other couples in that fucking house when they're with each other and how it relates to you and her."

"Why can't you just fucking tell me instead of dancing around the issue?"

"Because I refuse to be her."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I means that she said jump and all you did was ask how high. You followed blindly without question when everything in your past should have made you at least stop and think. She's been worried ever since hoping it doesn't all fall apart. I won't make that same mistake. I won't tell you what I know until you get there first because then I'll know that I didn't influence you in any way like she did."

"This was fucking pointless. Why did you even come here?"

"Actually it was to make you see how much you've hurt Peter and Charlotte. Things changed though and now I'm here for an entirely different reason."

"Which is?"

I growled in frustration. How could he not fucking see? Seriously it wasn't that hard to figure out. I crouched down, ignoring his question and started to pick up the woman, but he stopped me with a growl of his own.

"Just fucking tell me."

"NO," I yelled. "If you really want to fucking know go ask that bitch you married. See if she tells you the truth about your future this time. Ask her for the real reason why she doesn't want you visiting Peter and Charlotte. Why she was so adamant about me not staying."

"You've pretty much been hostile to her since you got here."

With those words I was done. I was tired of waiting for him see what was right in front of him. I crouched down to clean up after ourselves, causing him to huff in annoyance.

I didn't bother saying anything else as I took off out of the alley and into the woods. Finding a good place I quickly dug a small grave and put the woman inside before taking off back toward the Cullen house.

As I ran I realized Jasper was no where around me. He must have gone back as soon as I left him behind in the alley. Oh well maybe his red eyes would finally send Shorty over the edge and she'd be waiting for me. I was in the mood to fuck her up.

Thankfully the stars seemed to be in line.

As I came through the last of the trees she flew out the backdoor and headed right for me. I didn't worry about popping my shield out, instead I crouched and waited. When she was within my reach I stepped to the left and shot out my hand, catching her throat in my grip. I slammed her to the ground and dropped a knee down to her chest to hold her still.

She squirmed and tried to pry my fingers away from her neck, but there was no way that was going to happen.

Leaning forward I ignored the others coming out of the house and said, "I'm going to let you up in a minute and you are going to tell him everything. If you don't I will start removing limbs. Understand?"

She only glared in response and I smirked, really hoping that meant she was going to be defiant.

I stood and dragged her up with me turning us both so we were facing the others.

I could see where everyone stood on the situation at hand. Emo boy and the parentals were looking on with scared expressions. Rose and Emmett looked liked they wanted a piece of her too. The Major though was standing just a few feet away and seemed to be indifferent. It was just another sign that Alice wasn't his mate and he still didn't see it.

"Tell him Alice." I said giving her a little shake.

"No," She spat.

I smiled and asked, "Right or left?"


"Right or left?" I asked again.

She clamped her jaws shut so I made the decision for her. Keeping my one hand around her neck I reached up with the other and leaned my head down, taking off her left arm.

She screamed in pain and while Jasper flinched he made no move to stop me. Another hint.

Tossing her arm to the side I looked up at Jasper and keeping my eyes on him I said, "Tell him."

"Go to hell." She hissed so I took off her right arm. Jasper didn't move at all with her scream this time.

"I should warn you the next thing coming off is your head." I said tossing that arm away. "Now tell him."

She never opened her mouth and so I did what I said I was going too. As her head came off in my hands her body dropped like a sack of potatoes. Sadly, I didn't even have time to really enjoy it; without warning I was hit from the side and sent flying across the yard.

Landing on my feet I quickly tried to find the culprit, but he'd already been taken care of and lay in pieces at Jasper's feet.

Huh what do you know Emo boy finally found his balls. To bad he didn't take into account that while Jasper hadn't helped his supposed mate; he would help his real one.

I watched as he stood crouched over Emoward, growling and snarling in anger. He was ready to burn him and I was really hoping he would, but then he just stopped and stood up slowly to his full height.

His body turned and he caught my eyes with his. I knew, in that moment, he'd figured it the fuck out.

He looked toward Alice's pieces and then back to me. I lifted an eyebrow as if to say yes what you're thinking is correct. He blew out a deep breath and then ghosted across the distance between us, coming to stand in front of me.

"You...you're my mate. Not her."

"Nice of you to finally realize that."

"I'm sorry. I..."

"It's fine," I said when he trailed off. "I''m just glad you've gotten there. I want to go home now."

"To Peter and Charlotte?"

"Yes. I can't be here anymore."

"Yeah I think I'd like to go home too, especially now. There is just a few things I need to do first though. Okay?"


"Well the first is something I may not have understood, but wanted to do from the moment I saw you." With that his hands shot to my hips and he pulled me close before his lips crushed mine in a heated kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, exploring and tasting before he allowed me to do the same.

It was the best kiss ever and I really couldn't wait to do more with him. Right now though we had other things to do, like get the hell out of this place.

We broke apart minutes later and I asked, "What else?"

Like a switch his face went from contentment to angry. "Finding out why I was lied to for so long."

I nodded because I really wanted to know that too. He turned and drew me to stand next to him as we surveyed what was now going on.

Doc was busy trying to fuse Emo boy back together while Esme was working on Alice.

She had her arms reattached and was about to take care of the head when the Major said, "Stop."

Esme's head came up and he continued. "She can stay that way until I get what I need."

"But she's in pain."

"And if she doesn't give me what I want she'll be in even more." He growled and a shiver raced down my spine. Yeah my man was fucking dangerous and sexy as hell.

"Esme, sweetheart, back away."

She did what Carlisle said and Jasper walked over, keeping me right with him. When we were by Alice's head he crouched down.

"Tell me." He hissed.

Her eyes were pain-filled as they darted between me and him and I seriously thought she was going to be stupid again. However, the look on both of our faces must have registered that we were no longer in the mood for bullshit. She opened her mouth and finally told us everything.

We learned that when she'd woken up into this life she'd had a vision of her true mate being killed. She'd tried to make it, but had not succeeded. After finding nothing but his ashes she'd roamed for a few years before walking into that diner, which is when she'd had the vision of Jasper and the Cullen family. She'd known she wasn't Jasper's mate, but had led him to believe it thinking that it would never matter. She'd realized soon after, before they'd even made it to the family, that that wasn't the case. On their trek he'd told her about Peter and Charlotte and she'd had another vision. This one was of him visiting and finding his true mate there. The only thing was she couldn't see who or when and it led her to make excuses why he shouldn't go see them.

She never excepted me to show up and screw everything up because thanks to my shield she couldn't see me. She apologized, but I knew it was only because she'd gotten caught and there was no way I would be accepting it. If I hadn't shown up then nothing would have ever change. I would have spent my eternity without my mate because hers couldn't keep his ass from getting killed. Bitch was lucky I didn't rip her apart again and burn the pieces this time.

Apparently the Major felt the same and her head ended up going through one of the back windows of the house. While I looked on in silent amusement a few of the family member were standing opened mouth.

The Major wasn't done either. He looked toward Emo boy who kind of cowered a little. "Did you know?"

He was smart enough to not lie, but his answer left him headless and it went through another window.

"What about you two?" The Major asked of Carlisle and Esme.

They both shook their heads quickly and since they stayed intact I figured it wasn't a lie.

He didn't bother asking Rose and Emmett and I knew he remembered what Rose had said when I first got here.

Now that things were out in the open he turned to me. "I'm going to go pack some of my shit and we can go. I'll grab you're bag while I'm inside."

I nodded and he started for the house, disappearing inside moments later.

As the door shut behind him Emmett and Rose asked at the same time, "Can we come with the two of you?"

I looked over at them in shock, but nodded anyway and said, "We don't do vegetarian there."

"That's okay. I'm sure we'll adjust to the new diet just fine." Rose said grinning evilly.

Of course that is when the 'parentals' just had to open their mouths. "But the two of you have done so well." Esme said.

Rose and Emmett both laughed and he said, "Actually we haven't. Why do you think we go on honeymoons so much and stay gone a while?"

"You mean...?" Carlisle asked, trailing off when he couldn't complete the thought.

"Yep, have to give our eyes time to go back to normal or else we'll be considered beneath you and your precious wonder twins." Emmett answered. "Now we won't have to worry about it."

With that he and Rose turned and ran into the house to, I assume, pack themselves.

"This is all your fault." Carlisle hissed at me. "You've torn my family apart."

"Actually I would look behind you, to that thing laying on the ground, for the real culprit. She started the process when she came here with my mate. I just finished the job."

They had nothing else to say and I left them standing in the yard. Going into the house I did help a little, by finding Edward's and Alice's heads and kicking them back outside. Before my foot connected with Alice I made sure she knew that if I ever saw her again she would die.

After she was out of my sight I went in search of Jasper, finding him just coming out of his study. He planted another hot as hell kiss on me before we both went to find Rose and Emmett.

When we did they were ready to go as well and we made our way to the garage. Jasper threw his bags and mine into the very back of Emmett's Jeep as did Emmett with his and Rose's bags. All four of us climbed inside and without a glance back we drove out of the driveway.

The first part of the drive to Houston was spent with me telling them my story and them telling me theirs, in Jasper's case just more details than I already knew.

When we were going through Utah Jasper asked, "I still don't know why it took me so long to figure shit out?"

"I have a theory." I said and with a glance from him I asked, "Have you ever been around a mated couple when they first meet?"

"Just Peter and Charlotte."

"That's what I thought. You didn't know what was going on with me because you've never felt it before. With Peter and Char there was so many other emotions swirling around it would have been easy to miss that one brief moment. Sure you felt their love as well as Rose and Emmett and even Carlisle and Esme, but that was after the fact.

"With Alice she told you what she wanted you to know and spun a nice little tale. At the time she believed it was possible to keep the lie from coming out so to her it was the truth. And according to Peter you were in such a bad place, when you left, that anything she said would have sounded like the best sound in the world."

When I finished he thought about it for a few minutes before nodding his head in agreement. I thought the conversation was done, but a few minutes later he said, "Not the best sound in the world just a nice clang." I looked at him in confusion and he continued. "Best sound is you growling and I want to hear more of it."

I gave him what he wanted and we spent the last part of the drive kissing. We did break apart long enough, after crossing into Texas, for me to call Peter. I only told him I was coming home and would be there soon. He was excited and I could hear Charlotte squealing in the background. I was laughing when I hung up, but it was quickly cut off by Jasper's lips. Not that I minded.

A few hours later we were pulling into the driveway of my home. Peter and Charlotte were both standing on the front porch, slack jawed.

Emmett pulled to a stop a few feet away from the steps and as I hopped down out of the back I said, "I bought presents."

Rose and Emmett got out next, but Peter and Charlotte never gave them a glance. Their eyes were glued right behind me and I wondered out this would go.

Jasper slowly removed himself from the jeep and I stood back as he walked up to his brother and sister. Charlotte was the first to move and her fist connected with Jasper's cheek, causing his head to whip to the side. Peter's fist to the chin sent him flying out into the yard though.

We all watched as he picked himself up, dusting the dirt off. "I guess I deserve that."

"Damn right you do. Granted a quick visit isn't going to make things better."

"Actually..." I said. "...he's my mate so he'll be staying. As will the other two."

Peter and Charlotte's wide eyes came to me and I just grinned and shrugged.

After a minute Charlotte laughed and said, "Well hell that changes everything."

I nodded in agreement and looked to Peter. "You've got a lot of explaining to do little girl."

I smiled wider and said, "Yes dad."

He huffed and shook his head, trying to hide his smile as he turned to go inside. He made it to the door before turning back around, "Well come on. We need to figure out where the fuck we're going to add on the extra rooms."

"So we're good?" Jasper asked moving forward.

"Yeah brother we're good. After all, you coming home is better late than never."

I laughed along with the others as the six of us trooped into the house. As I passed through the door I was extremely thankful I'd made the decision to walk through it those two short weeks ago.


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