And well done you guys for spotting the Weeping Angels! You smart readers, you. :P

Well, here is Raph's nightmare. And if you would like to see LEONARDO'S nightmare, well... you know what to do! ;D


Mmmmmm... so fluffy... Wait-what?

Why ... what the shell? WHY AM I SURROUNDED BY PINK? Ahhh... oh god, it burns. There, I'll just shield my eyes. HOLY CRAP! My – my – my hand!

Ok, Raph ... deep breaths. Deeeep breaths. I feel like, like I'm floating ... Oh man. That's why. I'm on a fluffy.



Oh boy. There's a rainbow - and ... a unicorn? What is this? Some kind of –


Oh no ... there is a bunny rabbit bouncing toward me. Oh, how I wish I was bashing in someone's skull right now!

No, Mr (or Mrs...) Bunny. I do not want to follow you to meet the fairies. They're dumb!


Bad Bunny! No! NO! Awwwwwwwrrggghhhh... not ... the crotch ... that hurt...

Okay ... how did I end up on the back of a pretty pink pony? And now I'm surrounded by butterflies ... HOLY SHIT A CHICK WITH WINGS. Wha-?

What kind of a subconscious do I have?

Now I am in deep water ... and there's – THERE'S SOMETHING UNDER THERE!

Excuse me, but I'd prefer NOT to have water in my eyes. You know fish have sex in it, right? Okay. Creepy fish-tailed lady is this close to my face. HAHA! TAKE THAT FISH GIRL!

... Maybe punching her face in wasn't the greatest idea of all time.

Oh man. I wish I would wake up. What if I get stuck in here ... my own subconscious ... for the rest of my breathing life? ... WHAT IF I GET STUCK HERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?

Oh, would you look at that. There's a pretty lady singing a song to me. How nice. Now get lost, stupid, I'm waking up whether you and your crazy friends like it or not.

M-Mikey? Oh god Mikey. Turn the light off. The crazy red flashy creepy girls from my dream were scary enough.