How 'bout some Pirate!AntonioXLovino action, hm?

Here's the full summary: The Spainish pirates land in the Italian port of Napoli one night. The son of the captain, Antonio, meets a beautiful boy named Lovino, and swears on his life that he will come back and make him his. When Lovino turns seventeen, Antonio is back. And he isn't letting anyone take Lovino from him, including the British pirates.

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I remember the day I had my first encounter with those scurvy-ridden seamen, pirates if I may, almost as clear as a first kiss, a first love making, meeting the 'one,' you get the idea.

It was the beginning of Summer in my eleventh year. It was 1709, I lived in a large, busy, Italian trade port with my little brother and my grandfather. People came from all over to taste our exquisite pasta, indulge themselves with our signature aged wine, try some of our pizza, made with only the freshest of tomatoes. Business was great for our little Italian family. Me and Feliciano, my brother, would often spend our days along the shores, reenacting battles we have heard of in the New World (He always made me be the British, of course.). Or chasing stray animals down the streets of Napoli, only to be scolded by the tramps in the alleys.

On a day where we were helping our grandfather soak cork for the wine was when the rumors were going around town; the Spaniard pirates were coming. People were either excited or terrified. I wasn't so sure what to think of it. I never knew that that day would change my fate.

"Fratello," My little brother tugged on my sleeve. He was eight. Most preferred him over me; he was much more calm and cute. It made me jealous sometimes, "Luciano says you can see the pirate ships from shore. Can we go see them?"

"Why would you want to see a filthy pirate ship," I scowled, "We've seen tons of ships. Why would a pirate ship be any different?"

"Luciano says they're cool."

I grimaced. Luciano, Luciano. Feliciano practically worshipped that kid as if he were God. If Luciano says it's cool, then Feli must think it's cool. If I told Feliciano no, I'd get an earful of whining from my brother, and a scolding from Grandpa. Feli WAS his favorite after all, "Fine, fine." I took my brother's hand and slipped my shoes on and grabbed my tattered newsboy hat.

"Ve~ thank you, Lovino!" He smiled brightly and hugged me.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's just get back before they actually get into port." I rolled my eyes and walked out of the back of the restaurant, Feliciano following close behind me, little curl bouncing in the wind.

"Fratello, look! You can see the ship!" Feliciano squealed in delight as we got closer to port. He broke into a little run and stopped short at the safety ropes.

Feli was right. The ship was pretty cool. The Spanish pirate flag waving proudly in the wind, the way it gracefully moved about the seven seas. What it must be like to be on a beautiful ship like that everyday... A new adventure beginning at early dawn each morning. Wait, what was I thinking? Being a pirate would suck more than hearing Feliciano whine. I put my feet on the thick rope and leaned over. And accidental movement would send me into the dark water.

"Ve, you could probably swim out to the ship!" Feliciano exclaimed, reaching out as if to grab it.

"Don't get any stupid ideas!" I scolded him, "They'd skin you alive as soon as you set foot on that stupid ship! Let's just go back. Grandpa probably needs help." I jumped off the safety rope, back onto the ground. A strong gust of wind came rushing from the ocean, taking my hat with it.

"Ah, Fratello!" Feli frowned, "Your hat!"

"Come back, bastard!" I jumped for it, but the wind was carrying it far above my reach. I liked that hat. It was one of the few things I had remaining from my parents before they left, "Damn.."

"L-Let's go home..." Feli said softly, eyeing the ship as it got closer, "Grandpa can buy you another."

"I guess so." I sighed and followed my brother. I watched my disappearing hat with sad eyes as we walked back. A plan soon formed in my brain. I'd sneak out after curfew tonight and go get it. Surely no one would be out. Not even the pirates, right?

Evidently I was wrong.

YAAY! Good? Bad? Please tell me! Next chapter shall be Antonio's and Lovino's first meeting. WOO. Sorry if this chapter was boring. I just need to tell about this because it wouldn't make sense if I didn't write about Lovi losing his hat. Just bear with me for a few more chapters before the yaoi and excitement!