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"Here you go, Father Santana." Esperanza handed the priest a bible. The older man smiled at the girl and bent down to her height.

"Thank you, Esperanza." The priest started pulling up the bottom of Esperanza's pretty yellow dress, "Ah, you are such a nice little girl. You'll make a good wife one day."

"F-Father Santana..?" Esperanza's voice was filled with fright. She took a step back and started to cry as the priest pulled her dress off of her.

Antonio glared at the pedophiliac through the crack in the door. Father Santana. He took their mother away from them. Antonio knew the priest was a bad man. First, he took their mother away. Then, he decided to keep Antonio and his siblings at the church to 'raise them in God's light.' It wasn't long after that that the Father started to make passes at Felipa and Esperanza. Alejandro never noticed. It was always Antonio.

He also told them that their mother was 'sick' and was away getting cured. Antonio knew this wasn't true either. Antonio was there. He saw his beloved, kind mother get burned at the stake in front of their little house.

Antonio's eyes started to sting and he pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind. He shook his head and pushed the door open. Father Santana quickly slid Esperanza's dress back on her and zipped around to face Antonio.

Father Santana knew Antonio didn't like him, and the priest couldn't say that he liked the brat either. He could get rid of the child just as easily as he got rid of the children's bewitched mother, Carmen. Just spread a rumor. A rumor that Antonio was possessed by evil spirits. He'd happily burn the damn child where the remnants of the Fernandez house lay!

"Antonio, I have something for you to do," The Father grinded his teeth together and dug his hand into his pocket, pulling out a few coins, "Go buy some loaves of bread at the market." Father Santana threw the coins in front of Antonio, giving the boy a disgusted look.

Antonio gladly returned Father Santana's look. He picked up the scattered coins and turned to the door, "Esperanza, go in the kitchen with the nuns. Keep away from this disgusting pig."

Esperanza nodded and hurried out the door. She ran down the stairs to join the nuns.

Father Santana yanked on Antonio's arm and pulled him back into the room. He slammed the door shut and kicked the boy down onto the ground, "You despicable ungodly child! How dare you do that to your priest!"

Antonio felt his cheek hit the ground when Father Santana kicked him. The coins scattered across the floor and he looked up at the man with a bloody, bruising cheek. His eyes brimmed with tears as he spoke, "You're not my priest. Nor my father. You're just a disgusting fat pig who has no right to be in God's light."

"Quiet!" Father Santana kicked Antonio against the floor once more. Antonio bit his tongue. His lip was split. And he was crying. He wanted his mother! He needed her! They all needed her! Why? Why wasn't she alive? Why did the church murder her?

Slowly, the weeping boy stood up and ran out of the room, abandoning the forgotten coins. He limped down the steps and out the grand doors of the Catholic church.

Antonio ran. He kept on running and running until his legs couldn't carry him anymore. He just wanted to get away. He wanted to get away from the evil. Antonio ended up on the other side of the port town, by the docks. He sat down in between some barrels and hugged his knees. Antonio hurt all over. He didn't want to go back. But he had to. For his brother and sisters. He wanted things to be the way they were before! Before his mother died!

"Mama!" Antonio shrieked as he witnessed the flames reaching the form of his mother on the stake. He snuck up to the house on the hill. He heard the Father muttering something about his mother. Curious, he followed Father Santana out here. There was a crowd. And they all surrounded Antonio's small house. A stake poked out of the top. At the end of the stake was Carmen.

Carmen shook and screamed through her restraints. She kept her eyes on her oldest son. Carmen wanted Antonio to look away. She didn't want his innocence to be taken away. But she was helpless. Carmen could only watch and listen as her son mourned her burning body.

"What's eating you, boy?"

Antonio looked up through his watery eyes. There was a man dressed in an expensive looking scarlet coat. His curly dark brown hair framed his face and his dark green eyes seemed welcoming to the young Antonio. He had a friendly smile on his face as he took a bite out of an apple

"Did someone beat you? You can't tell me you fell and busted up your face."

Antonio sniffled and nodded, "Th-The priest..."

"This sounds like an interesting tale. I'd like to hear it, aye?"

Antonio's tears flowed harder. No one. No one had asked him anything about Father Santana, nor have they wondered about his past. But this man in the scarlet coat, he wanted to know. So of course, Antonio told him everything. He told him about his mother, Carmen. And his lost father, Consuelo. He told the man about Felipe and Esperanza and Alejandro, and how the church killed his mother. Antonio told the man all. And in the end, the man just smiled gently and tousled Antonio's hair.

"You've been though alot, huh Antonio?"

Antonio nodded, scooting closer. This man made him feel safe.

"I'm not sure how much I can help you. But once you figure out what to do," The Spaniard pulled something wrapped in a green cloth out and slid it to Antonio, "I'll be down here, ready to set sail and take you away from all these bad things."

"Captain!" A young boy called, running down the dock. The man who Antonio was talking to stood up and looked at the boy.

"Esteban, look at this boy!" He chuckled and lifted Antonio up like a small child, "What do you notice about him?"

Esteban studied Antonio for a moment and looked back to his captain, "Consuelo, he looks exactly like you. That's what I notice."

Consuelo nodded and set Antonio back down, "We may leave tonight. It all depends on little Spain here."

"S-Spain?" Antonio asked, cocking his head to the side.

Consuelo nodded, "That's your nickname from now on."

Esteban sighed and pointed towards the town, "Captain Consuelo, we've got things to take care of."

"Yes, yes." Consuelo nodded, not taking his eyes off of Antonio, "If you're ready tonight, come down here and look for me." With that, Consuelo and Esteban left in a flash.

"Consuelo... Consuelo.." Antonio whispered over and over. He gasped in realization. He remembered his mother taking about Consuelo, his father. Antonio grabbed onto the wrapped object that Consuelo gifted him with and raced towards the town. He didn't have to be alone anymore. He had his Papa!

"Consuelo? Papa?" Antonio called over and over, holding the item close to his heart. But his father was nowhere in sight. Antonio frowned and unwrapped the object.

Inside was a extravagant, sharpened dagger.

"No! No! Fa-Father Santana, STOP!"

Antonio listened to the screams and pleads of Felipe from the other side of the door, "Don't worry, little sister," He whispered, "I'm gonna save us."

Antonio held the weapon graced upon him by his father behind his back. Slowly, he opened the door, completely unnoticed. On the bed, Father Santana struggled with the youngest of the four children, Felipa. The little girl fought with all of her might to keep the pig away from her.

"SANTANA!" Antonio roared, and he was finally noticed. The priest glared at the boy with a look that could only be described as murderous.

"You demon!" The priest growled and slithered away from Felipe. He advanced towards Antonio. Antonio gulped nervously and kept a firm grip on his dagger.

"You're the demon!" Antonio stepped towards him as well, "You're not a priest! You're a monster!" Antonio pulled his dagger out from behind his back, "I'm gonna gouge your eyes out so you can't see my little sisters as tools for your own pleasure anymore! And then I'm gonna kill you!"

Father Santana smirked and welcomed Antonio with open arms, "Let's see you try, Antonio!"

Antonio let out an animalistic cry and lunged at the priest. The priest grabbed onto Antonio and held him in the air. Big mistake. Antonio kicked Father Santana's Adam's apple and sunk the dagger into one of his eyes.

Felipa screamed in terror. Father Santana screamed in hurt. Antonio screamed in pleasure. Oh, the sickening pleasure. He pulled out his dagger and sunk it into the opposite eye. Father Santana fell to the ground and Antonio fell off of him.

"You brat! You're possessed by satan! You're an evil being! Just like your whore mother!" The man blindly stood up and pulled the knife out of his eye. Antonio scuttled back towards the door.

"'Tonio, run! 'Tonio, run!" Felipa shouted. Her brother jumped up and ran out the door.

Antonio was alone. He felt free from Father Santana as he ran out of the church forever. He could almost feel his mother next to him as he scurried down to the docks in the cool midnight breeze. Father Santana would never hurt his sisters again. But Antonio knew he could never look back. He couldn't be the oldest brother anymore. Now, he was gonna be with his father, wherever he was taking his son.

"Spain!" Consuelo greeted his son with open arms when he came running down the docks.

Antonio held onto his father and buried his face in his stomach. He let his tears flow freely. Antonio was free. Finally free.

"P-Papa..." Antonio sniffled, "You're my papa, Consuelo..."

Consuelo nodded and picked Antonio up like a child once more, "My, look at you, Spain. You're covered in a beast's blood. You're like a matador."

Antonio laughed and nodded, wrapping his arms around his fathers' neck, feeling more safe than he had for the past few months.

"Little Spain, look," Consuelo pointed to a ship coming towards the docks, "That grand ship will be yours one day, I promise you. You'll be a captain of pirates."

Esteban perked his ears up when he heard Consuelo say that. How could he... Esteban was considered Consuelo's son! And now that this cheeky brat came along, he was to move aside and let him take control?

"A pirate!" Antonio chanted, "Papa, you're a pirate!"

Consuelo nodded once again, "I'll teach you, Spain. I'll teach you how to drive a ship, to lead a crew, to seduce a woman. I'll teach you how to fight with a sword and an axe until you're the strongest captain in all of the seven seas. How does that sound?"

Antonio grinned and nodded. Consuelo took his trihat off and placed it on Antonio's head. He kneeled down in front of him.

"Then I dub thee Captain Antonio 'Spain' Fernandez-Carriedo, the most feared pirate in the whole world!"

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