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Everyone came through the receiving line, and hugged and congratulated us.

After that we posed for many pictures, some with Anthony and some with my family. Others with just me and Bella, then pictures of Bella with her bridesmaids and her with the groomsmen.

Then just pictures of her, she wasn't happy about that at all.

She didn't like having all the attention. Today was our day.

After all the pictures Bella, Anthony and I headed to the reception.

I could still tell that something was wrong with Bella but she just won't tell me.

I hope that if it's something really wrong she would let me know.

We pulled up to my parents house. Alice had really out did herself yet again.

Anthony got out first and took his mom's hand helping her out of the car.

I just couldn't believe how much he was like me. He would make a woman happy one day.

As she stood up, I saw her grab onto the door.

"Are you okay, Mom?" Anthony asked.

"Yeah," she said as her eyes met mine.

I knew something was going on with her and as soon as I found my dad I was going to get to the bottom of it.

I have a feeling that Bella and I won't be staying long here. I just needed to find my dad.

Anthony placed one of his hands in Bella's while I wrapped my arm around her waist supporting her while walking to my parents backyard.

"Everybody may I please get your attention," I heard Emmett's booming voice.

"I would like to present Mr and Mrs. Edward Anthony Cullen."

I could hear everybody saying their congrats but I was so focused on Bella that I didn't pay much attention.

I watched as her hand move to her belly and suddenly it all clicked.

"Bella, what is going on? Is something hurting?" I asked looking over at her.

She just looked at me, and started to shake her head, but I felt her grip onto my hand.

"Anthony, go get Grandpa Carlisle," I said to him.

He ran off to get him as I turned back to Bella.

"Tell me, baby," I said.

"I .. I think the baby is coming," she said with a quiet sob.

"How long?"

"I've been having pains for a while, but my water hasn't..." her voice trailed off and her eyes went wide.

I looked down her body and saw the puddle of water at her feet.

With no thought I swooped her up in my arms going towards the stairs to my old room.

I just hope that Anthony finds my dad and fast.

Her grip on me tightened and I could tell that she was having a contraction.

I heard the commotion going on downstairs as I laid Bella down on my bed.

I could make out some of it. It was Carlisle trying to get people to move out of his way.

"Oh god...it...it hurts Edward," Bella screamed out.

"Bella, baby just breathe for me. Anthony's got my dad and he trying to get up here."

"Edward it just hurts so bad. I don't want to have this baby here. I want to have the baby at the hospital but the contraction are coming..."

She was cut off when another one hit her.

She grabbed my hand squeezed it and screamed out about the time that my dad came crashing through the door.

"Dad, please," was all I got out before he was beside us on the bed.

I was laying right next to Bella holding her hand and with the other one I was rubbing her stomach.

"Bella honey I need you to roll on your back. Edward you need to get her undressed from at the waist down. I need to examine her."

I got up and did as he asked. I pushed her dress up to right under her breast and pulled down all her undergarments.

"Edward get behind her and let her lay on you. Bella you need to lean back into him and just relax. This might be a bit uncomfortable."

"Edward, I love you. I never meant to have the baby..."

She couldn't finish it.

"Okay kids it looks like we are going to have a baby in the next hour or so. You are almost there Bella. It's either have the baby here or in the car on the way to the hospital."

"I think I choose here. I'm not sure I want to have our baby in a car."

Carlisle and I started laughing, she was so cute sitting having her say as usual.

She yelled out again in pain.

I watched as Carlisle left the room, hopefully to get the stuff that he will need.

"Edward, I'm so sorry that I didn't say anything to anyone about my pain earlier. Jasper noticed it but I told him nothing was wrong. I should have just told him and maybe we would not being having our baby here."

"Sweetheart, it's okay, I promise you. It's kind of a sign I think. Our little one wants to share our special day with us. Maybe it will hold off until after midnight but after what dad said, I don't think that will happen."

She just smiled at me. I placed my hands on top of her's on our baby and rubbed over our baby together.

My mom, Alice and dad came back in with some stuff I'm sure he would need to delivery our little bundle.

God please let my wife and baby be okay.

"I love you Bella."

"I love you too."


When we arrived at his parents house I knew the pain was getting a lot worse.

I knew this baby was coming tonight.

We would get to meet our little one.

The baby, Edward, Anthony and I would be a family all having the same last name.

I had to ask questions while Carlisle was not there.

"Babe I'm scared. What if something goes wrong while I deliver I mean, what if the baby isn't breathing or not moving when its born?"

"Baby calm down everything is going to be alright. Grandpa Carlisle and Nana are not going to let anything bad happen."

I felt another contraction coming so I held his hand and tried to breathe through it the best I could.

"Ok Bella, I need you to get comfortable with Edward behind you. I'm going to need Esme on one side and Alice on the other. When it's time to push since you don't have in pain meds you are going to get tired fast with a good amount of pain. Alice and Esme will help hold your legs while you push, Edward I want you to help support from behind."

We all just looked at him but did as he said.

I watched as everyone took their places like Carlisle had said.

"Um...Al...iccee Annn...th..onyy?"

"Bella, breathe okay, he is with Uncle Emmett and Aunt Rose. He is being taken care of."

I just nodded my head.

I looked behind into my husband's face.

"Edward, we are going to be meet our child soon."

"Yes, we are Bella, that we are. I love you."

"I love you toooo..."

After that one Carlisle checked me again. He announced that it was time.

"Bella push on the next contraction. I want you to push hard."

Edward and I leaned forward while Alice and Esme did their job.

I pushed with everything I could.

"Ed...ward you a...rrreee not touching meee ag..ain. OUCH!"

"Hold it right there Bella. We need to wait for the next one so you can get the shoulders out."

I nodded and waited until I felt the next one hit.

"Edward YOU WILL NOT TOUCH me after this EVER AGAIN!."

"Sweetheart I love you."

"If you ever try I will RIP your DICK OFF UNDERSTOOD?"

He just swallowed hard before turning his head away.

Felling another coming a bared down and pushed harder this time than the first time.

"OOO...UUU..CH. It hurts, it hurts Carlisle."

I felt like I was being ripped apart from my hoohah to my bunghole. It hurts so bad.

The next sound was the most beautiful sound that I could ever hear.

My baby crying.

"We have a girl. You guys have a daughter."

I felt Edward kiss my cheek and then forehead. He leaned his mouth to my ear and said, "I love you Bella."

"I love you too Edward. Carlisle can we see her please?"

All he could do was nod and hand her to me. I watched as Alice, Esme and Carlisle tears fell down their faces.

"Can someone get the rest of the crew especially Anthony. We will tell everyone her name once everybody is here," Edward said.

I watched as Alice left the room. Carlisle said that he needed to stitch me up real fast.

"Bella, Edward once we let everyone see her, we really need to get you to the hospital to get you both checked out."

I looked down into my daughter's face and I saw nothing but Edward in her. She had his hair and it was as unruly as his.

Even with all the pain I went thought to have her I wouldn't trade it for the world.


Once I heard that cry I felt the tears run down my face. When my dad said we had a girl I was a very proud Papa.

I had once of each. I would be happy if that's all we had.

After telling Bella I loved her I looked down to my child in my wife's arms.

She was a spitting image of me. Right down to my unruly hair.

She even had the some color from what I could see.

"Edward I love you so much. I'm sorry I said those things to you but it hurt like a mother humper."

Smiling down at her I said, "Sweetheart I promise you that its alright. No need to be sorry."

She leaned up and kissed me on the lips.

"Um...Bella, Edward you do know that there is no intercourse or any kind of penetration for at least six weeks right."

"Yea dad we do. It will be hard but looking at her in her mother's arms is well worth that six weeks."

"Edward I need help getting covered before the rest of the family get here."

Taking the cover from the side of the bed I pulled them over her and the baby.

The door opened and the rest of our family came into site.

Anthony came and crawled up the bed and sat by me.

I watched as Anthony leaned over looking at his sister and then to his mom.

"Dad, can I kiss my sister and mom?"

"Of course you can just be careful while doing so."

Watching him lean over and kiss his mother and sister made me cry some more.

I saw flashes go off several times but I could careless at the moment.

"Hey dad, can I tell them what her name is now?" Anthony asked.

"You may."

"Everybody I would like to introduce you to Danielle Elizabeth Cullen."

We went to the hospital and everything with Danielle and Bella was just fine. They kept them for a day before we could go home and start our life as a family.