Author's note: It is with a heavy heart that we post the final Chapter of It's You.

It is hard to let a story go, but they say everything must come to an end. We trust that you have enjoyed our story and that you continue to read our other stories, as we hope to be updating more frequently.

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Sher and Stacie



It's been nearly six weeks since Danielle was born, and I was due to go to my six week check up soon.

Needless to say that I was more than ready for this check up, I so want to be able to have sex with my husband.

Six weeks is a hell of a lot of time not being able to have sex with my sexy ass husband.

He has been tempting me for over a week now.

Stepping out of the shower and placing a towel around his waist and then coming into our bedroom with water running down his stomach.

Of course he knew what he was doing. He would smirk at me before getting dressed.

Well two could play at this game.

When changing at night I would only put on one of his white button up dress shirts. Only buttoning the first few buttons on it with no panties on before crawling in bed.

"Bella you are driving me crazy with wearing my shirt and you know what it does to me."

"Well my sexy husband what about what you do when you get out of the shower at night. What do you think that does to me?"

I could see the light bulb go off in his head.

"I guess I deserve that since I'm playing with fire with you."

"Yep you sure do, but at least my check up is tomorrow so hopefully Papa C will give me the go ahead."

Carlisle gave me the go ahead for me to have sex with his son again. I made sure to get the depo shot before I left there.

Walking in the door to my home I saw Anthony on the floor playing his dad's gaming system and Edward was sitting next to him with Danielle sleeping on his bare chest.

"Hi guys, I'm home."

Neither one of the looked up.

I called them again and this time Edward looked up at me.

"Hey baby, what did Papa C say?" he asked watching me.

"He said that all is well and we are fine to go."

He got a sexy smirk on his face.

'Tonight' was all he mouthed to me.

I nodded as I walked into the kitchen to start dinner.

I couldn't wait.

It's been a long six weeks without sex.

I know that Alice said she would keep the kids for us, and she was coming to pick them up after dinner.


I was leaving the restaurant wanting to get home to my wife. It has been a long six weeks and I'm hoping that my dad gave her the go to have sex.

I didn't do anything for release while Bella was on 'the no sex' for 6 weeks.

Yes, I know some of you would think I was crazy but if Bella couldn't get release neither was I.

Alice was watching the kids for us and I couldn't wait to be alone with my wife.

I made it home before Bella and I had already picked up the kids.

Danielle was sleeping on my stomach, while Anthony was playing a game.

Bella walked in. I really didn't pay attention at first because I was into having my kids close.

Finally I asked what my dad had said. She said everything is fine and it's a go.

I knew that Bella had already made arrangements with Alice to pick up the kids when she got off work.

Once we ate dinner Alice was there to pick both the kids up. Bella and I got there stuff packed the night before. We didn't want to have to pack after we got off work.

"Baby I'm going to take a shower. I feel really dirty."

"Oh yeah, I think you need a shower but so do I," I told her with my sexy smirk.

I knew what that smirk did to her.

She took off running upstairs and I followed after.

I knew she like to play so I went along with it.

By the time I reached her, she already had the water on and was taking off her clothes. I stepped up behind her, saying "let me". I heard her breathing pick up.

That's just what I wanted to happen.

"Yes but only if I can take yours off."

I just pushed my arousal into her.

Her moaning and whimpering just turned me on more.

She escaped from my arms and jumped into the shower.

I got in and stood behind her. I started to help her wash her hair and body.

Once I was done she did the same for me or what I would let her do.

"Bella I need you baby. I need you and your touching me the way you are is driving me insane. I need you so much. I can't wait any longer."

"Take me Edward."

She didn't have to say that again thats for sure.

She pushed me down on the seat in the shower. She straddled my lap and she waited no time before she had me deep inside her.

"Oh God baby, you feel so good, your warmth around me and you are so tight."

"Edward, you feel so good to me to. It feels so good to have your nice long cock deep inside me. You are so deep inside me."

I kissed along her neck, up her ear and by that time she turned and crushed her lips to mine.

We met thrust for thrust I just hoped that I could hold off for a bit.

So much for that thought. I felt Bella clamp down around me. I knew that she was seconds away from cumming all around me.

"Edward I'm about to come baby, I need you to come with me," she panted out.

Bella's hand was on my balls squeezing them. She knew what that did to me.

She was getting more and more excited and I felt her walls close around me and that's all it took. I came so hard and I felt her come as well.

"FUCK Belllaaaa oh god ba...bbbb...yyy," I screamed. Bella was right behind me.

"Edward oh SHIT. I'm You feel so g..go..odd!"

We both came down from our high.

"Edward, I so don't want to have to wait to fuck you or have sex with you like we had to wait the six weeks."

"Well since we have decided that two children are enough I think we are good. I love you."

"I love you too, Edward."

We turned off the shower, got dried out and crawled into the bed.


Anthony is graduating today. It's really hard to believe that he is eighteen. Danielle is ten.

She is so much like her father as Anthony is more like me. Even though he is not my biological child, he has picked up on the stuff I do.

Danielle is definitely more active and loves to get into everything.

She has since the day she started crawling.

I'm still teaching, while Edward and Jasper have opened up two more restaurants.

We've had our ups and downs. We have had our fights but we always made sure to never go to bed mad.

We finally had made it to the stadium where Anthony would walk across the stage to receive his diploma.

I could not believe that he was already graduating. It seems like only yesterday I had him in my class. He has come along way since that day.

Edward and I could not be more proud of him than we are ready are.

Danielle looks up to her big brother and wants to do everything he is doing.

So far Anthony had never left her out of a thing. He is very proud to be a big brother and he takes it very serious.

I was brought out of my thinking when I felt Edward squeeze my leg. I looked at my loving husband and smiled at him.

Yes it was still the same as always. Edward and I could see what the other was thinking by just looking at one another. Nothing had to be said.

We were quite a happy family, and very close. Even though one of our children will be going off to college, we know that he will always be able to come home and talk to us.

We've always had an open and honest relationship with him and he was never scared to ask us about anything.

He came to us when all his friends wanted to get a limo and a hotel room for the night of Prom.

He told us straight out that there would be drinking and that some of the guys wanted to lose their virginity that night.

But he didn't want to be like them. He wanted to wait till he found the one.

Needless to say, he came home after the dance and watched a movie with his sister.

Yeah, it was lame but it was what he wanted to do.

"Anthony Cullen," I heard my sons name and I couldn't be prouder. I looked over to my husband and I could tell he had tears in his eye's but he never let them fall.

Danielle watched her brother walk across the stage. She stood up in the chair and screamed out his name. Of course my son could hear her and he turned to us and smiled while waving to his sister.

We are letting him have a party at the house following the ceremony. We promised him that we would stay out of sight.

Edward, Danielle and I are going watch a movie and have some popcorn. He knew that he is not suppose to be loud and that if it got out of hand that we would pull the plug on the party.

We knew he would do as asked, he was a good kid.

I laid there watching my daughter sleep in the middle of me and my husband. I was brushing her hair out of her face when I felt Edward's hand on mine.

"You know baby, who would have thought a cruise would bring us together. God knew that 'It's You' that would complete my life and gave me the family that I couldn't live without and most importantly the love of my life Bella. I love you so much."

"Edward, God did the same for me as well. He brought me a son that we both had no idea he was yours. We have had some troubles but we always got through it together. I love you and our family more now than I ever have. 'It's You' that I love more than anything in this world."

We both fell asleep holding each other with our daughter between us.