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Summary: DM/HP Ever since the end of the war, Harry has been putting various friends up with house as they made their way to getting their lives on track. He watches them all pass him by until one guest shows him the way to his own future.

Last Chapter

Harry settled back down next to Draco, puling him into a hug again, this time placing his head on his shoulder, laying his own head on top of Draco's. Whatever they were, he wasn't sure, but he did know that in that moment it felt right. For once in Harry's life, he felt like he belonged and somehow he knew that he would only ever feel this way while in Draco's arms.

"Good night, Harry." Draco whispered, yawning and snuggling deeper into Harry's embrace.

"Good night, my love." Harry whispered back, not sure if the blond had heard him, the light snores coming from him lulled Harry into a peaceful sleep.

Chapter Five

The morning sun woke Harry from his pleasant dream. In it he and Draco had spent the whole day in bed, neither leaving save to continue their enjoyable activities in the shower before returning to the bed to repeat the cycle. Smiling to himself Harry watched his lover sleep, wondering if he asked nicely if Draco would allow them to reenact his dream. It had been a week since the shower incident and while they agreed they were dating and had even slept in the same bed together every night since, they hadn't done more than heavy petting and oral sex. While Harry wasn't one to complain, and he certainly wasn't going to push Draco into something he wasn't ready for, that didn't stop him from dreaming about it and wanting it.

A small noise of content alerted Harry that the man in question was beginning to wake. Smiling, Harry pulled Draco closer to him, loving the soft smile that formed on the blonds face as he opened is eyes.

"Good morning gorgeous." Harry chuckled running his fingers through the silky blond hair.

"Morning." Draco leaned up to capture Harry's lips in a short, loving kiss. "What's on the agenda today?"

"Well we can go back to your flat and claim your things if you want." Harry suggested, rubbing circles on his lovers bare back, his smile growing wider at the small moans falling from Draco's lips. "Or we could spend the whole day in bed." Harry thought back to his dream, wondering if he could just convince Draco that staying in their rooms all day was a good idea.

"No I want to go get my things." Draco sighed, pulling away from Harry to stretch. "Once I get fully moved in I'll let you try to convince me to stay in bed all day again." Draco winked, laughing as Harry gave him his best pout face. "You know that won't work. Now are you going to join me in the shower or are you going to let me go all by my lonesome?"

Not needing to be told twice, Harry jumped out of bed and raced a more than eager Draco to the master bathroom. Using magic to turn on the faucets, Harry made quick work of Draco's pajama bottoms and boxers the muggle way, loving that it allowed him to touch more of Draco. Starting from Draco's ankles, Harry kissed his way up his legs, alternating from one leg to the other, purposely ignoring Draco's hardening length and moving up further, stopping to pay extra attention his Draco's nipples before capturing Draco's open, moaning lips with his own. All the while, Harry made sure to keep his hands on Draco's hips, forcing him still, pushing Draco against the closed shower door to insure that he couldn't move.

Draco was more than lost to the amazing feeling of Harry's lips on his body. As much as he wanted to watch Harry worship his body, his eyes betrayed him, falling shut as his head dropped back and a low moan escaped his lips. He was surprised, but not unhappy when he felt Harry's lips collide with his own. Their hot and frenzied kiss only ended when the need for oxygen was overwhelming. Not missing a beat, Draco spelled the rest of Harry's clothes away, opening the glass door to the shower from behind, stepping back and pulling Harry under the warm water with him.

Harry let Draco drag him under the water. Normally he was the dominant one out of the two, but he didn't mind letting Draco take over, curious as to what he would do with the power. Harry wasn't disappointed when Draco nearly slammed him against the shower, kissing him fiercely, his hands roaming before they landed securely on Harry's hips. Harry liked things a little rough and Draco seemed more than willing to comply, pressing into Harry as if his life depended on it. One of Draco's hands left Harry's torso in search of the soap, knowing what was coming, Harry groaned and bucked is hips against Draco's.

"Patients, love." Draco chuckled, dropping to his knees. Harry watched through lidded eyes as Draco slowly took his cock into his mouth. The sight of the thin, pale lips parting to wrap around him drove Harry mad. It took all of his willpower not to grip Draco by the hair and force him to take him all and Draco knew that.

Slicking his figure up with soap, Draco gently circled Harry's entrance, slipping his finger in the tight ring. The surprised gasp that left Harry's lips spurred Draco on, his pace quickening on Harry's cock to distract him from this discomfort of stretching his muscles. This was the farthest they had gone together and while Draco had no intent of taking Harry in the shower, he wanted to at least prepare him a bit before bringing him back to bed to claim him completely. Harry ran his fingers through Draco's hair, relishing the different feelings the blond was assaulting me with. It wasn't his first time being the bottom, but it was is first with the gentle caresses of Draco and he found he could easily get used to allowing the man to take control in the bedroom. When Draco felt that Harry was prepared enough he pulled away and stood again to pull Harry into a strong embrace.

"Why'd you stop?" Harry whined pulling at Draco trying to get him close enough to fill him again.

"I don't want to do this in the shower, not this time." Draco took Harry's hand in his own and began to guide him out of the shower and back toward the bedroom.

"Merlin Draco, you could honestly have me anywhere." Harry followed, spelling them both dry before lying back on the bed watching Draco eagerly.

"That's good to know." Draco laughed, putting a pillow under Harry before crawling to lay right in between his open legs. Harry was about to respond when he felt Draco's wet tongue begin to circle around his puckered hole.

"Merlin Draco, stop teasing." Harry whined when he felt his tongue push through the ring of muscles. Draco continued to taste his entrance, ignoring Harry until the boy began to pull at his hair.

Smirking Draco slid back up Harry's body to quiet him with a kiss. Harry attacked Draco's lips with his own, biting and sucking on his bottom lip while his hands ran up and down his back, scratching him in an attempt to get him closer. Draco started to reach for the lube next to the bed, but Harry stopped him.

"No more, need you now." Harry panted, opening his legs wider, pulling Draco to line him up with his entrance. Draco was surprised at how eager Harry was and felt himself get even harder at the thought of entering Harry with no lube. Not needing to be told twice, Draco started to push the head of his member into Harry. Hissing at the sudden stretching, Harry relaxed enough to allow Draco to push in farther. It had been much too long since Harry had been filled and he had been dreaming of Draco being the one to fill him for too long. He thought he might pass out from sheer pleasure when Draco was finally filling him fully. "Move." Harry demanded and Draco began to pump, slowly at first to gain a rhythm before picking up the pace, moving Harry's legs over his shoulders to penetrate deeper. The string of words and sounds falling from Harry's lips was the only thing keeping Draco from releasing right away. He forced himself to focus on Harry, wanting him to find his completion first. It only took a few more thrusts for Harry to reach his orgasm, screaming Draco's names over and over, clamping down on Draco tight enough to send the blond over the edge only seconds after.

Draco fell forward onto Harry, too tired to hold himself up anymore. Open arms greeted him and they basked in each others tight embrace. When Draco moved to get more comfortable, he removed himself from Harry, much to the man's displeasure. "No more right now." Draco chuckled, knowing that his lover didn't have the energy to go again, even if he wanted it.

"No fun." Harry jokingly replied, his drooping eyelids telling another story entirely. Draco just rolled his eyes, vowing that he would only rest a few minutes before getting up, he was serious about wanting to get his things. He couldn't wait to move in properly, the idea that Harry was not only willing to give their growing relationship a chance, but also that he was willing to let the boy into his home to live with him permanently made Draco's heart swell and the selfish part of him wanted to move in right away to claim what he felt should have always been his. For once in his life, Draco was just happy and he didn't want to chance losing it. Closing his eyes, Draco felt sleep pulling at him and he couldn't find the energy to fight it. Beside him he could hear Harry's light snores. "I suppose a short nap wouldn't hurt"

When Draco awoke, the sun was beginning to set. Cursing, he realized that the day had already come and gone and he still hadn't gotten his things. He was about to reprimand Harry for making good on his suggestion of spending all day in bed, though he did have to admit that he thoroughly enjoyed it, but he found the other side of the bed empty. Curious as to where his lover managed to run off too, Draco dressed in a day robe, a plain set of pajama shorts beneath it, and went about the house looking for his elusive lover.

"What do you mean he ordered the raid?" Hearing Harry's raised voice, Draco followed it to the library. Peaking his head in he realized that he was having a fire chat with Hermione. He almost made his presence known, but stopped when he heard Hermione's next words.

"I don't know what to tell you Harry. I didn't know either until just now. Ginny told me this afternoon, I suppose. Ron and his team were done with the search, he was telling Ginny how upset he was that he hadn't found anything, he even said he might plant something just to put Draco away."

"He doesn't honestly think that he's going to get away with that, does he?" Harry remained calm, but the anger was clear in his eyes.

"Oh don't worry, he won't. Ginny went right to Shacklebolt, he's going to bring Ron in on a hearing as soon as the Wizengamot will allow it. Look I honestly didn't know Harry, I'm so sorry."

"I know that you didn't know, 'Mione. You would have never stood for it." Harry sighed, rubbing his face in a tired way that showed just how old the man was, despite being only twenty-three. "What are you going to do 'Mione?"

"I don't know, I want to talk to him, I want to believe that there is something that can be done, but really Harry I think we both know that Ron has been pushing me a lot recently. All we ever do is fight, and I can't raise a family with someone who is going to teach their children to blindly hate."Hermione's voice broke at this point and Draco could tell that she was crying. A big part of him just wanted to pull her through the fire and hold her close. Even though he had been the one physically hurt in this situation it was obvious that the emotional tole on Hermione was so much more.

"Come on over, 'Mione." Harry stepped back to let his best friend through. When a dust covered, sobbing Hermione came through the fireplace, Harry was there to wrap her in a huge hug. It was then that Draco cleared his throat to make himself known.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop." Draco joined Harry and wrapped his arms around Hermione. Harry smiled gently telling Draco that he wasn't mad at him for listening to their conversation.

"Thank you." Harry mouthed to Draco.

"Forget that idiot, love, Harry will help you pull through this. We will help you." Draco rubbed circles up and down her back in an attempt to calm her.

"Merlin, I don't deserve you two." Hermione began to cry harder in both their arms, leaning on them for support to keep her standing.

Had anyone told Draco just weeks ago that he would be in Harry Potter's library, holding a crying Hermione Granger while passing loving glances with the Boy-Who-Lived himself, he would have most likely personally sent them to St. Mungo's, but he couldn't think of any place he'd rather be. To him being with Harry and Hermione, building a lasting friendship to replace the broken trio that had seen war together, felt right. He knew that he was growing to love Harry and he could tell that a special part of is heart was making room for Hermione as well. He had never really had a family before, his father had always been either strict and harsh or absent from his life and his mother was always living and acting in fear and never had the time to create a loving family environment to grow in. He had a feeling that that these two as well as Ginny and Neville and the rest of Harry's friends were going to part of his new family.

"You can stay here until you sort things out." Harry finally broke the silence, pulling away to brush away Hermione's stray tears. "Draco's old room is open."

"Thank you." Hermione smiled slightly at the mention of Draco's empty room. Ever since the blond had moved in, Hermione hadn't had much time to talk to Harry and had only heard of his crush from Ginny. It was obvious that the two where happy, while they were holding her she noticed the glances they were giving each other and the small touches and smiles they shared. She was happy for Harry and only hopped that no matter what happened with Ron, that she would also be able to have the happiness that she knew Harry deserved.

"Why don't you help her get settled in, love. I'm going to go make a light supper." Harry smiled as he watched Draco wrap his arms around Hermione and lead her in the direction of the spare room. At first he had been nervous about how they would interact, Hermione had never been mean to Draco, not after the war at any rate, and he had hopped that they would eventually get along. It seemed that Ron's actions were doing more good for the blond than harm. The sarcastic part of Harry really wanted to track down the redhead and thank him, but he knew better. Ron might have never grown up, but he sure had.

Draco sat on the guest bed and brought Hermione to sit beside him. At first they were both silent. Without Harry there an almost awkward air fell behind them and they sat drinking in the comfort of having someone else beside them who felt the same sorrow, even if for different reasons. Hermione turned to face Draco a searching gaze on her face.

"You love him, don't you." It wasn't a question. The statement was so blunt, Draco didn't even think to argue.

"I think I'm beginning to." Draco admitted looking away, not wanting to see the look Hermione would surely be giving him. He was waiting for her to laugh, to shout, to scream, or even to cry more, but instead when he looked back she was simply smiling.

"And Ronald thought this would destroy you, but it's only made you stronger." Hermione shook her head, the laugh was bitter, but she wasn't cry, she seemed more at peace with the situation now that she had herself a good cry.

"You're not going to tell me to be careful, threaten me if I hurt him, or tell me not to get involved with him?" Draco was amazed when Hermione only continued to laugh, this time sounding light and genuine.

"Why would I? I'm not blind, you are obviously very happy together. If anyone deserves to be happy it's Harry and if there were to be a second person who deserves it just as much it would be you. I just wanted to ask you, Gin talked to Harry before you got together and I suppose I just wanted to see what you were thinking." Hermione sighed, staring at the wall before speaking again. "I loved Ron. I can't say I still do, or at least not in the same way that I used to. When we were children he was everything that was the opposite of what I thought I wanted. He was clumsy, horrible with words, certainly not the most brilliant man around." Draco snorted at that and she through him a playful look before continuing. "But maybe that's why I was interested at first. Then the war started to really kick up then and then I didn't have much time to think about relationships. When Ron and I got together during the last battle, it was in the heat of the moment. I was afraid one of us wouldn't make it, that Harry wouldn't make it, I suppose I just wanted to make sure that if I died, I died with no regrets.

"It didn't take long after the war for us to realize that something was wrong. The spark was gone, we didn't have anything to talk about when there wasn't evil to fight. We stayed together because we were to scared to face life without the other, we had been inseparable since the age of eleven, we weren't about to try to face a post-war world alone. The engagement was our way of shutting up Mrs. Weasley. Don't get me wrong, I love that woman to death, but she was starting to ask questions and at that point Ron and I had come to an unspoken agreement that it was just easier to pretend that we were together than to go through the public break-up we had hoped to avoid. We've been engaged for almost two years now, we were suppose to start wedding plans, but then the raid happened. Part of me wonders if Ron planned all this to get away from the planning." Hermione stopped and turned to Draco looking horrified. "I am so sorry, I tend to ramble when I'm upset, I'm sure you didn't want to hear all that. What do you care if my relationship is in shambles. Not that I'm saying that you're not caring-"

"Stop, Hermione." Draco smiled, taking her hands to calm her. "It's okay, I don't like to talk much about myself, so I don't mind listening, and anyone important to Harry is important to me."

"Thank you." Hermione blushed, deeply embarrassed, but grateful that he was so willing to listen. "Now where do I find myself a man like you?" It was Draco's turn to blush and the pair was rescued from having to make anymore small talk by Harry's call to supper.

Harry was just finishing ladling fresh homemade potato union soup in bread bowls when the duo joined him. Wordlessly they helped him get spoons and a pot of tea, though Harry noticed that they interacted with ease as if they had done this before. He would have to ask Draco later what they had talked about in his absence, but what ever it had been it seemed to bring the two closer together.

"She's asleep. I went to bring her extra blankets, but I guess she didn't need them." Draco walked into his and Harry's bedroom, closing the door behind him.

"I never did thank you for helping me with her today." Harry smiled, reaching out to pull Draco into the bed and laying him down so his head fell on his chest.

"You never needed to." Draco sighed happily as he felt Harry's hands massage through his hair. "Do you think that you can just have my things brought here? I'm not sure I want to risk running into any of the aurors who raided my apartment."

"Of course, love." Harry smiled and lay down completely, silently spelling out the candles. "Tomorrow we will sort everything out, sleep now."

"Good night, Harry." Draco smiled, snuggling closer to him.

"Night, love." Harry replied, falling asleep as soon as his eyes closed.

Harry woke up before the sun rose. Groaning, Harry rolled over, not sure what had woken him up, but then he felt it again. The wards prodded him again, alerting him that someone was in his house. Carefully making sure that he wouldn't wake Draco, Harry took up his wand and start down to the first floor. The person was in the sitting room, he could feel it. Making his way down he fell back into his ingrained instincts from the war. He knew that it wasn't a stranger, his wards wouldn't allow someone not authorized to enter directly into his home, but over the past five years many people had come and gone during parties and other meetings. He knew that the person was agitated, it was their raw, angry magic that had woken Harry in the first place. Slowly making his way down the stairs, Harry inched across the wall until he was leaning on the door, his hand on the knob. After taking one last calming breath, Harry threw open the door, flooding the room with light by silently spelling the drapes open to further surprise the person, making sure aim his wand at the figure.

"Harry, it's just me!" Ron cried surprised. Harry hesitated before dropping his wand.

"What do you want, Ron?" Harry's voice was even, but the air in the room started to get warmer and suddenly Ron looked extremely uncomfortable.

"I was just looking for Hermione, mate, she never came home last night."

"Why, did you have another row?" Harry watched the man closely, hoping that he would at least tell him to his face what he had done.

"Sort of, but you have to understand she wasn't listening to me, I know I was right, mate." Ron tried, avoiding the subject. He knew the look in Harry's eye, the feel of his magic in the wards, he knew that Harry was angry with him.

"Why don't you tell me, maybe I can help." Harry continued to stay calm externally, but the slight sparks in his eyes betrayed him.

"It's all that prat Malfoy's fault. I don't know why you spoke for him at the trial, but you have to know that he's still bad, bad blood will always be bad."

"Sounds a bit foolish to me." Harry glared at the man who had the sense to cower back slightly.

"Well it's not. He's evil, I tell you. Well I just wanted to expose him for what he was so-"

"So you set a raid on his apartment." Harry didn't need to draw his wand to force Ron back and into one of the chairs. Ropes sprung up from the ground and trapped him in his place. "You invaded a innocent man's home to try in destroy his life and why? Because a childish grudge? Didn't you learn anything from the war? Molly will be furious with you she finds out! And what did you accomplish in the end?"

Just then Hermione, Draco, and Neville walked into the room, they had been standing by the door long enough to see Harry trap Ron down without uttering a spell or using his wand. The powerful display of magic was enough to make the room vibrate. Draco had noticed not long after Harry woke that he was alone. At first he was going to go alone to find him, but when he felt the wards shake, he went for the others before they found Harry in the sitting room.

"Harry," Draco spoke softly, placing his hand on his arm to talk the man. Hermione stood behind Draco with Neville.

"Since when are you to so chummy." Ron spat glaring at the blond forgetting that he wasn't in the position to start a fight.

"Since you're foolish actions brought him to my doorstep and ultimately brought us together." Harry sneered, his calm exterior completely crumbling when Ron spoke rudely to Draco.

"What?" Ron yelled and Hermione stepped forward so Ron could see her.

"You also managed to end our relationship, Ronald." Hermione stood tall as her ex-fiance simply gaped at her.

"You can't be serious. After everything we've been through you're ending it over him?" Ron roared and Harry strengthened his magic in order to keep him restrained.

"No we're over because you can't let go of the past and move on!" Hermione shouted back and tears came back to her eyes. She fingered her engagement ring for a moment longer before slipping it off and letting it drop to the floor.

"Move on? You want me to pretend it never happened!" Ron spat back. "Or maybe you forgot that that scum over there used to call you a mudblood." Hermione gasped and began to cry openly and Draco instantly wrapped his arms around her, glaring at the redhead. Neville's and Harry's wands were drawn so fast that it looked like a mere blur of movement to Ron until both wands were pointed between his eyes.

"Draco take Hermione to the kitchen's, Neville and I will get someone to take this filth out of my home." Harry waited for them to leave before turning his full attention to his once best mate. "Now you listen to me very carefully. I don't want to make a scene of this, but I will be talking to Kingsley and you will be going on trial. Just know this, no matter what the Wizengamot decides you are no longer allowed in my home or near my family. You are furthermore banned from contacting all of those going by the name of the Noble House of Black, Potter, and Malfoy including those associated with these houses including, but not limited to Hermione Jean Granger. This is a magically binding decree that will be recognized by the Ministry and you will know the consequences if you break it." Harry watched Ron paled considerably as a pained look crossed his face. The wards in Grimmauld Place no longer recognized Ron's magic as friendly and were working against him, causing enough pain to paralyze him and keep him from moving within the home. "Neville can you please take Mr. Weasley from my home and bring him to the Ministry for me?" Harry asked casually acting as if the powerful magical decree he has just made was nothing more than words, but Neville knew better, he had felt the magic shift around him. The last time he had seen Harry use that much raw magic had been the war.

"You got it, boss." Neville joked to ease the tension in the room, but noticed that Harry didn't even crack as smile as he left the room, throwing one last loathsome look at Ron.

Harry did his best to calm himself before entering the kitchen. He knew that he had used more magic than most wizards possessed in their lifetimes, but he wasn't worried about over exerting himself, he was more worried about Hermione and Draco. He couldn't believe that Ron had used such a hate-filled word directed toward her and he was beyond mad, but he had also noticed the hurt look in Draco's eyes. In the five years that passed since the end of the war, he knew that Draco had worked very hard to rebuild himself in the Wizarding World and while he would never forget who he used to be he had gone through great lengths to change who he was today. Taking one more breath before opening the door to the kitchen, Harry's eyes fell on Draco holding a sobbing Hermione.

"How could he?" Hermione seemed to be asking over and over again and Draco could only do his best to calm her, though it was obvious that she was very upset.

"Hey, it's okay, he won't hurt you anymore." Harry walked in, spelling a pot on the stove to make tea before kneeling before her, taking her hands in his. "I promise you that he will leave you alone." He looked up to Draco to to make sure that his lover knew that he was talking to him too. "You okay?"

"Yeah." Draco smiled slightly, grateful that Harry had everything under control. "What did you do? We both felt something happen with our magic."

"I just made sure that he couldn't come anywhere near you, Hermione, or your families. We don't need him to cause even more problems."

"Harry, that takes a lot of magic." Draco's eyes widened. He knew that Harry was capable of great magical feats, but he didn't think he would be able to make a vow that strong and look as if he hadn't even expelled any magic.

"Anything to keep you guys safe." Harry shrugged off Draco's awe and set about making tea.

"Here, you'll feel better." Harry handed Hermione a cup. She had calmed down enough so that she was sniffling and catching her breath. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy and she still looked miserable, but she took the tea and sipped it slowly. Draco let go of her to accept the cup that Harry was giving him, still watching his boyfriend carefully. He wasn't accustom to one person expending as much magic as he just had and he was still surprised that Harry didn't seem to be affected. He was much stronger than Draco could have ever imagined and it made him feel that much safer being in Harry's presence.

Taking a seat on the bench behind Draco, Harry pulled him into a tight hug. "I'm never going to let anything happen to you." Harry whispered, leaning into place a gentle kiss on his lips.

"Good." Draco smiled back, snuggling deeper into the hug, reaching out to pull Hermione into the hug as well.

"Nothing is going to happen to either of you." Harry reiterated smiling, happy that Hermione and Draco seemed to becoming fast friends.

"You promise?" Hermione asked, her voice was small and raw from yelling and crying.

"I promise." Harry spoke solemnly. "I'll never let you guys go."

The rest of the day was spent with the three of them spending time together. Draco's things were delivered and they moved him in as well as moving Hermione in with things that Ginny helped fetch of her from her apartment that she shared with Ron. Neville hadn't come back until late that night, he had turned Ron in and then gone straight to work on the necessary legal documents to keep them safe. He had been surprised to see the vow that Harry had taken sitting on his desk already, normally things like that took longer to process, but Kingsley's unmistakeable seal shone brightly on the parchment and Neville was glad because that meant one last thing he needed to do. By the time the sun set, everyone was tired and dinner was a short affair of sandwiches and pumpkin juice before everyone retired for the night.

Draco was sitting up in bed reading a book when Harry entered their bedroom. The blond didn't seem to notice his presence and Harry smirked to himself, quickly thinking up a plan. Silently, Harry spelled all of his clothes into the hamper by the door, making sure to keep out of Draco's peripheral vision until the last second when he also spelled the blond's clothes away. Draco gasped, dropping his book to look up in time to see Harry tackle him. Laughing, Harry straddled his lover, bending down to capture his lips in a searing kiss. Groaning, Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's necks, grinding his hips into Harry's.

"Need you now." Draco moaned, and Harry was eager to comply. Unlike the morning before he knew that Draco would need more preparing, it was the blond's first time and Harry wanted to make sure it was as painless as possible. Easing his way down Draco's body, he made sure to lick and suck every inch of skin that he passed making sure to show Draco just how much he loved and worshiped him.

When Harry's warm, wet mouth closed around his member, Draco saw stars. He clawed at the bedspread to try to get a grip on something, vaguely aware of Harry's arm over his hips to keep him from moving too much. Harry continued to distract Draco while he nudged his legs wider and slicked up his finger with lube. When Harry's first finger pushed at his entrance, Draco tensed at first, but when Harry's tongue started to make zig zag patterns up the bottom of his cock, Draco relaxed completely and just let Harry work his magic. Sliding his first finger in, Harry wiggled it around looking for that spot that would make Draco come undone. When Draco suddenly let out a loud moan, Harry smirked knowing that he had found his prostate. Gingerly he added a second finger, careful to alternate between hitting Draco's g-spot and gently stretching him. By the time Harry added a third finger, Draco was panting and moaning helplessly.

"You sure you're ready?" Harry asked, removing his fingers and making sure to coat himself generously to make sure that Draco felt as little pain as possible.

"Now, Harry." Draco whined and Harry smirked down at him.

"As you wish." Lining himself up with Draco's entrance, Harry slowly entered his lover, savoring the feeling of how tight Draco was around his member. "Merlin you're tight." Harry swore as he made sure to move slowly although all he wanted to do was pound into Draco.

"Move, you're not going to break me." Draco shifted his hips, making both of them groan at the change in position.

"You asked for it." Splitting into a grin, Harry began to pick up his pace, moving slightly faster trying to keep a rhythm without losing control. The noises Draco were making were driving him crazy and Harry soon forgot about going easy, instead pounding into him until his release was close.

"So close." Draco moaned, the only coherent words Harry could understand. He was close to his release too, but he wanted Draco to come first. Wrapping his hand around Draco's cock, he gave it a few strong strokes before Draco fell over the edge, screaming Harry's name on his lips. It only took a couple thrusts after that for Harry to also reach his climax, falling on his lover after, having no strength left to hold himself up.

"I love you so much." Draco sighed, wrapping his arms around Harry not letting him move, not that he could.

"I love you too." Harry smiled back relaxing into Draco's arms. "I could stay here forever."

"Me too." Draco smiled and kissed him gently on the lips. "Never leave me."

"Never." Harry responded, kissing Draco passionately. "I will never let you go."


2.1.12 This was pretty fun, going through this story to edit it all. I forgot how much fun it was to write the first time around, I hope that some of you who read it the first time took the time to read it again, with its new revisions. I'm sure I still missed things, I'm only human, but at least this time it's better edited. Thank you again to all my readers!