Time Unknown

The air was sweet and warm, laced with the scent of ripening wheat. Over the gate to the village, a small sign swayed back and forth on hinges in the breeze. On any other occasion, it would have been an average, lazy summer evening. But today was no such day.

In the center of the village, a crowd of Fox-like people known as Raposa stood together before a small blue flame in a glorious shining pedestal. They clustered silently, families holding onto each other with a tenacity resembling that of one who holds a dying friend.

"Well, I guess this is it..." Mari, the young mayor of no more than sixteen said sadly, looking at the ground.

"Yeah," Jowee, a raposa boy by the age of fifteen mumbled, his ears falling back. His clothes were torn and ragged from the many trials he had braved and survived over the course of the last few days.

"Jowee… I'm sorry." She said, looking up at him.

"I know you are." The raposa boy said calmly.

"Guys, do we HAVE to do this?" Isaac the shopkeeper asked, the dying evening sun reflecting off his glasses.

"Yes." Mari said firmly. "It's time" she called looking up at the creator in the sky.

"Jowee, I'm scared" The little raposa girl Heather said shyly, hugging his leg.

"Me too, Heather, me too." He said, kissing her forehead soothingly.

"Creator, we're ready." Mari said loudly.

The villagers stood closely together looking around. The air was quiet. All that could be heard was the wind blowing off of houses and trees, sending waves of shining light across the grass as it blew.
The sky lit up in a blinding flash and the Eternal Flame flared up, catching Jowee by surprise. "Mari, I!-" Jowee shouted to the girl standing across the field, crying silently. She looked over at him and smiled sadly as the ground disappeared in a flash of light, followed by the trees, the buildings the sky, and then the Raposa.

A loud diabolical laughter filled the air. Through the nothing, tendrils of dark shadow flooded in. A raposa man by the name of Wilfre appeared, draped in black burning black shadow.
"DID you honestly think me DEFEATED?" he called into the void.
Enough is ENOUGH, Wilfre. It is time. A massive presence responded, not speaking but communicating clearly nonetheless. "This is how it must BE.
" "NO!" Wilfre screamed back, his ears falling flat and his tail cringing in fury. "No more of your games! You are not the only one with the power to create. You are nothing more than a failed God! I serve no master!"

Wilfre, you don't understand! It must be this way!The presence responded.

"No." Wilfre replied curtly, pulling a black dagger from his robe. "It is no longer your decision... I have made mine."
And with that he tore open the white void and stepped into the raging vortex that he had ripped in the air. "Don't wait up." he added slyly.

And with that, Wilfre disappeared from the colorless void.