To Love A Program
Chapter I

The Grid, a digital frontier to reshape the human condition, in the words of Kevin Flynn. Kevin Flynn was the creator of the grid, better known as the Tron system. After creating the grid, he needed help, so with that he created his Program, designed to create the perfect world. This programs name was CLU, A program that was in Flynns own image and that can think. Flynn also needed help keeping the grid safe so he brought Tron over from the old system and together, they was building a a better grid, the perfect system. Until things started to change on the grid.

Flynn walked into the arcade, the one he owned for a while now, all though it was closed right now due to it being late at night, the lights were shut off, but he kept walking forward, right to the game TRON. He swung the game to the side and opened the door and walked inside his secret office and took a seat at a computer and rubbed his hand on the screen, watching the screen light up. He looked down and grinned and started to pull up a window and started to type.

- Sarah Program...
- Female...
- Security Program, MP3, Coder.
- Creating for...

He started to type more, making this program for his grid. after working for about a hour he was done with everything for her and set her to rez onto the grid, but he would not know when she would be there, his last program he made, it took about a hour on the grid for them to come.

$ Login Flynn
Logging in...

488 cd/opt/LLL/controller/laser/

Aperture Clear?

A window popped up on his screen, the sounds of a device behind him Turing on and he grinned once again as he was about to go through. he tapped on the option for yes and then he was zapped into the Tron System and arrived and smiled looking around. he looked down at his clothes and seen his own lightsuit on him, that was a jacket with a light on the zipper. He walked down the street, many programs waving at him as he walked by, seeing Tron up ahead talking to a program. this program looked like he was upset about something..

"Il telling you Tron, i was about attacked by a grid bug." The program said looking scared.

"We have not had a Grid bug here in a while, but i will check it out program." Tron said looking around and seen Flynn walking up.

"Greetings Programs!" Flynn yelled out smiling walking up.

"Oh The creator thank the users, i was attacked by a grid bug." a smile formed on the programs face.

"A Grid bug you say? Well we have to look right into that my friend." He smiled at the program.

"Thank you Creator." The program bowed and turned walking away and tron looked over at Flynn.

"No, i will not bow to you." He said with a slight smirk.

"Oh Tron, what can i say?" He laughed a little. "I am the creator."

"Yeah yeah yeah, well sense you been gone, things have been relatively quiet, nothing happened, things are ahead of schedule and this so called grid Bug attack on this program is all i had."

"Well lets check it out them tron, both us together."

"As Always Flynn."

They both started to walk down the street, heading to where this grid bug sighting was seen. Tron looked around, nothing seeing anything.
"I think he seen nothing." Tron said shaking his head. "He needs his head checked."

"Yeah, Ok tron, calm down, its alright." Flynn looked around. "Im going to check down here."

Flynn started to walk down the street, just stalling his time waiting for this program to come that he just made. He knew it would be anytime now that it would rezz and it would rez where ever he was. Just as he was walking he heard the sound, he turned and watched lights shining down and then watched a female program rez right there behind him. he smiled watching it happen. The female program looked around and looked to Flynn.

"Greetings there program!" Flynn said smiling at her.
"And welcome to the grid." he walked around her looking at her as she just stood there.

She looked to him.
"Greetings." She said with her ears twitching some. She had some cat features, as cat ears and a cat tail. He created her after Sam, his son's cat.

"You turned out great there, can you tell me your name?" He asked her.

"My name is Sarah." she watched him, her tail moving back and forth.

"Great!" he said with a smile.

Flynn looked over and seen Tron doing some work on his lightcycle that he damaged last time Flynn was here on the grid. He wanted to have Tron meet Sarah and have him show her around on the grid.

"Hey tron!" He yelled out seeing Tron stand up and looked over at Flynn and started to walk over. Trons head tilted a little seeing Sarah, she was very pretty, he never seen anybody like her before. He walked up in front of her and they both locked eyes.

"Tron This is Sarah, Sarah this is Tron, he will be showing you around the grid." Flynn said, knowing that they was not really listening to him.

"Greetings Sarah, Welcome to the grid." Tron said as Flynn walked off to let them be, heading to talk to CLU.

Tron looked at her back seeing that there was no disc on it. He knew that he would have to take her to the armory and just to show her around, learn what kind of program she is and why she was here on the grid, but he did know that she was very pretty.

"Come on Program, lets get you a Disc and get you set up for the grid." He smiled and started to walk down the street with her walking beside him.

"Call me Sarah."

Flynn appeared in his office once again, he just returned to the user world. he sat there in the chair just thinking and then leaned forward and clicked a button in front of him and a camera started to record him.

"Entry Log #34

Things in the Grid are going great, everybody working well together. I am proud to say that CLU has taken a interest in the games. The match to see is CLU vs Tron, but sadly that match is over fast and Tron always wins. One time however CLU about had him. The program i created today, oh she is perfect, she will change things man, i'm telling you, just cant wait to see Trons face when i tell him the reason i created her. Tomorrow i will check up on them again, we are working on a larger city, and this city will be a crown jewel of the Grid. a place for all programs to live, but till then, i need to get back home, i am tired.

Flynn Out."