Tron: To Love a Program Chapter 21

CLU watched out the large window in his command ship. He watched as many Recognizers lunched off the ground and into the sky heading to Argon City. He turned around and walked over to where the program was that was acting like Tron. The program was tied up and looked to be beaten some.

"Now Program, you will tell me your name." CLU said smiling and punched the program.

The program yelled out as he got hit. CLU kept hitting him over and over again. The program did not know how much more of this he could take.

"Beck! My name is beck!" He cried out trying to catch his breath.

"You see? That was not hard now was it?" CLU grinned and knocked out the program once again. CLU made his way to the window and looked out. He seen the lights to the arena come on and filled the night sky to let other programs to come, that there was going to be a match. He had to contact Rinzler.

Back in Tron old house him and Sarah was sitting on the couch kissing each other some. He ran his hands down her back and finally took her tail and rubbed down it. He could hear her start to purr. He smiled pulling away and they both looked into each other s eyes and just smiled.

"I can get very use to this again Sarah." Rinzler said smiling.

"Same Tron...Rinzler." She hugged him.

Around this same time in CLU's command ship, CLU had his back turned on beck. Beck woke up and looked around. He seen that one of his hands was free from him falling down. He quickly untied himself and then ran out of the command ship. He was lucky that the ship was on the ground. CLU turned around and seen beck running away.

"Guards! After him!" CLU yelled out as he seen black guards making their way after beck.

Beck ran down the street, he could hear the footsteps to the blackguards chasing him. Beck was hurt, he could not run like this forever, he had to lose them. Up ahead, beck seen many programs walking into the arena. He thought to himself that maybe, he can hide in there with all the programs. He ran inside the area, blending into the crowd, but what he did not know was that Rinzler placed a tracker in him when he was caught in the end of line club. Black guards tracked him down in the crowed and then grabbed ahold of him, taking him to the middle of the arena. Beck was dropped to his knees in the arena. He looked up seeing CLU's command ship making sits way closer and stood there in the air.

Meanwhile back at the house, Rinzler laid on the couch with Sarah on top of him. They was still kissing each other. They went so long without each other and they had to make it up. She lowered and started to kiss his neck. He closed his eyes smiling, rubbing behind her ears. But then hi beeper started to go off, it was CLU contacting Rinzler. He sighed and looked at it. Sarah leaned up on him looking down.

"What is it Rinzler?" She asked looking worried.

"The program acting like Tron, he ran away and now is in the Arena, Clu wants us there to finish the job." He looked up at her.

"Oh, ok then, we shall continue later ok?" She smiled getting off of him.

"Of course Sarah."

Rinzler stood up and rezzed his helmet and walked out. He rezzed his light jet and waited for Sarah to come. He watched her rezz her light jet and then looked over at him. He nodded and then took off into the air with Sarah following close behind. Both of them flew through the night sky, they headed to the arena ahead, its lights could be seen. Rinzler looked down at the arena below. Rinzler rezzed his light jet into his baton and then fell down toward the arena. Sarah watched him and she did the same, they both fell through the sky. When they came to the arena. Rinzler landed on his feet. He raised his head and looked over at the black guards holding beck there. He raised to his feet and heard Sarah land behind him. He slowly made his way over to the program. Beck watched him come closer. He heard the sound of Rinzler s purr. Rinzler stopped right in front of him and then looked up to where CLU's command ship was. CLU was watching down at the scene below. CLU nodded his head down at Rinzler and then Rinzler lowered his head down at Beck again and smiled under his helmet.

"so long program." Rinzler said and took both his discs out quickly and turned then on, swinging at beck and derezzed him. His bits fell all over the ground around Rinzler. He looked around as he heard the crowd cheering. They was all chanting his name. CLU turned around and then his command ship then started to move across the sky. Sarah walked up to Rinzler and stood beside him. They both looked down at what use to be the program Beck.