"Miss Scarlet in the living room with the spanner."

"Look at the cards."

"No? It has to be. Look at this, John: You can see that I've calculated it precisely. The only possibility is Miss Scarlet, in the living room, with the spanner."

"Sherlock, you're showing me your answers."

"They're wrong, so it doesn't matter."

"You just said they were right."

"They are."

"I see… Well, it's my turn now, and I'm going to say 'Colonel Mustard in the living room with the spanner.'"


"I knew it was Colonel Mustard—I've seen all the other character cards. I could tell by your expression that you'd only gotten one wrong. I also knew that you would waste all your energy trying to decide which room it was. That's the hardest one to figure out, and you do tend to ignore the obvious."

"Don't try to mimic me, John. You do it very badly."

"You showed me your answers."

"Of course! So technically, I won."

"Technically, you lost."

"How could I have lost playing against you? You're an idiot."

"I just beat you at Cluedo."

"We're playing again."

"I'll play again. Do you want me to shuffle?"

"No. I will. Then I can be sure that you aren't—hang on! All these cards have markings on the back!