"I didn't know it was even possible to get 365 points in one turn."

"Clearly it is. But not to worry, John. That's counting the bonus. It's actually only 315."

"Thanks, Sherlock. Are you sure…"

"John, you're distributing the pieces, so you know full well that I could not have cheated. I was already winning by a margin of 585 points. Now I'm winning by 950! If only this were an official tournament: this is a world's record margin!"

"Could you shut up and let me take my turn?."

"Of course… Adding an "S" to "elephant"? Boring!"

"It's 14 points."

"And here—23 points! Maybe I could convince Mycroft to declare this an official game?"

"The game isn't over yet, or did you not notice?"

"You have an "A," an "E," and the second blank piece left. You will not be making any astronomical scores in your last turn, if you even play more than one of your pieces."


"By the distribution of the pieces in the game. Now go!"

"Oh… Erm… "tine" is a word. Four points."

"Well done, you. And here I can use my last three letters to connect these two words over this double word score, making the final score 1107 to 120."

"That's…you're just lucky! How else could your final word possibly be 'bardolatry?'"