Okay so I am ridiculously excited for the unveiling of my new and improved only multi-chapter story. So excited in fact that I have decided to post it early. Originally i vowed not to post another story unless i was almost done writing it because of the sad, sad pace that i put up chapters for the last version. I guess i'm sticking to that plan just like i'm sticking to the plan to capitalize all my I's. Yeah... great job.

Anyways i'm putting this out there as a sort of preview. Just because i'm impressed at the speed at which i'm continueing to write doesn't mean i'll be done anytime soon. I had to butcher every word i had written down those years ago because i'm not fifteen anymore and i have improved somewhat.

Okay, here goes. McAdams take two:

Robin stared at the array of breakfast foods infront of him.

Toast, soft fruit, pre-cooked bacon, runny imitation eggs.

McAdams 'boarding school for lost souls' was clearly not known for it's fine cuisine. In fact McAdams isn't known for it's finely furnished dorms, or its' grassy rolling lawns, wide selection of subjects or the superior education system. To be perfectly blunt McAdams wasn't known for anything, at anytime, before this past year. Before it started suffering increasingly violent (increasingly public) attacks on its' students from one nefarious individual.

The tabloids call him 'the Professor'. Not only are they without imagination but what's worse is that the paparazzi has covered every moment of him evading capture by any normal means. Naturally the Teen Titans were contacted, despite the school being just outside the city limits. It was just supposed to be a stake-out mission; a couple nights of sandwiches and bottled water, camped out in the water-damaged room on the top floor of the main building. Robin and Cyborg had set up their own camera systems on every floor and surrounding the campus, Beast Boy prowled the area as a dog (having rolled in a generous amount of dirt to look brown), Raven meditated deeply in search of spikes in emotion and Starfire, unable to search the skies in case she was spotted, manned the sandwich making station.

They kept at it for over a week.

After a week of staring at the same fuzzy black and white tv screens, sitting in the same uncomfortable plastic mold chairs, things got pretty old pretty fast.

It was Starfire who had the idea to go undercover. She had been trying on some of the uniforms the school stored in boxes pushed against the back of the class and thinking about the old nineties movies that always played on the movie channel back home. It had taken five hours for the idea to finally take, and another two days for them to plan it out. But when Monday rolled around they had a full set of undercover identities, school uniforms and specially designed tech made to look like ordinary objects should they be picked up by anyone else.

The identity setup had been quick and sloppy. It shouldn't be a problem, they were only in the school as long as it took to track down and catch the Professor, and the Dean was in on it anyways if anyone went up the chain with it. But picking names had been slightly ... difficult.

Starfire and Raven, being relatively new to Earth and all, had to start from scratch. Starfire had humanized her native name into Kori Anders. Raven had done a similar job ... mostly. Her first name became Rachel and she picked Roth after her mother, Arellas', last name.

Cyborg spent most of his time helping the others because he already had an alias set up and ready. He was set to become 'Victor Stone' the moment he put on a uniform.

Now it wasn't that Robin didn't trust his team-mates - because he did, with his life - even if he hasn't disclosed his real name after all this time - but he knew enough not to trust any student, teacher or groundskeeper at the school with even a shred of something they could use to get to him. He encouraged Beast Boy, being the only other unprepared human on the team, to do the same and together they became Robin Drayling and Bernard Logan.

And so the disguise was complete. They were one car-ride away from being teens or being Titans.

But just because they were prepared didn't mean they were ready.

Take the morning menu for example; just because it was suppose to be edible (and somewhere in the vicinity of nutritious ) didn't mean that it was... at all. Robin tossed his tray back on to the cart and grabbed the least bruised looking apple from a bowl almost obscured by a tower of butter packets. The students were another obstacle they hadn't prepared for. He juggled his apple from hand to hand, weaving through students and a sea of chairs to get to the dim back corner the rest of the team was in. If he didn't know any better, and he wasn't quite sure he did, he could swear he was getting dirty looks just for existing. He kept telling himself that their identities were airtight, legally they were nothing but ordinary students, but that didn't stop his paranoia, or their suspicion.

"Please tell me we're being attacked already."

"Try and sound a little less like you'd rather be dying Rachel." Robin peeled the sticker off his apple and flicked it behind him.

"Who said anything about dying," she muttered, "I'd rather be back in hell." Raven pointedly ignored Robins scolding look and instead flicked her new bangs into a more manageable position. They had had to get creative when masking who they really were. Not everyone had a jewel in the middle of their forehead, or naturally purple hair, so Raven gone into the bathroom with a pair of sewing scissors and a box of hair dye three days prior. The dye had been only slightly difficult. The hair cut considerably more so.

Cyborg and Beast Boy had been less challenging. The former still had his holographic ring set from his own undercover work at H.I.V.E. so he simply duplicated the technology into another set for his team-mate. They had thought about using massive amounts of spray-tan to cover his green skin but it slicked off as soon as he brushed against anything. Starfire had the opposite problem, but once they agreed to shrug off her skin colour as enthusiastic tanning all she had to do was pencil in the rest of her eyebrows.

Cyborg, whose appetite had not been impeded by the quality of the cafeteria food, twisted his rings and looked out over the crowd. "Hey Rob? How many times do i have to go undercover as a student before I officially look too old?"

"Well if you keep telling everyone we're undercover, never again." Robin twisted the stem off his apple and breathed deeply. "Okay, we all pretty much have different classes. I say we meet tonight after we eat and we'll figure out if we're going to patrol or not."

Beast Boy spoke up from behind his meager pile of vegetarian foods. "Couldn't you have told us that at dinner?"

The bell rang just as Robin pinched the bridge of his nose and his response was lost on an empty table.

"Ugh... titans go."

okay! so i realize this may not be as exciting as you may have hoped but i'm doing my best. I've always wanted to get this story up (AND DONE, god dam) so i've got a lot of writing in my future. The awsome thing is that i'm really into it now that i got this BRAND NEW ASUS NETBOOK. . it was my birthday almost one week ago today and i absolutely love my netbook. I know alot of people think i'm an idiot to get one but i already have a decent computer. So i use the netbook for internet and typing and i use the desktop for memory, storage and watching movies in my room when i fold laundry. Whatever. What was i talking about?

RIGHT. In my original version of this story they all went by their civillian names: gar logan and richard greyson. But then i realized, wtf Robin would never do that, especially when a potentially dangerous person could check out his background with just his name. And then i thought that maybe beast boy would get the same idea and raven might want to cover up that ridiculous sized ruby on her face. I've made alot of improvements from the first take when i was like thirteen and even from the second draft from a couple years ago (last week i turned nineteen by the way. to all of you who already know i'm canadian that means i can legally buy alcohol in BC, where i live!)