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McAdams chapter three:

After three days of eating at McAdams the team had learned that mealtimes were a true stampede.

The school, due to lack of proper funding, had to settle for cheap, bad quality food. It was because of this that any and all food products served at the cafeteria lost any taste or general deliciousness the more time passed after it had been cooked. If you wanted a decent meal you got there first. This was a principle shared by almost everyone who attended. Needless to say that the word stampede was not a metaphor or exaggeration of any kind. In fact Cyborg swears by it that he saw some poor soul lose a tooth when he didn't keep pace with the crowd.

"Did you see the tooth?"

"I said I did, didn't I?"

"Well it could have been something else white. You know... like a pearl."

"Would you stop that." Robin hissed at Beast Boy.

"What?" he was scratching his ear... his very long, very invisible ear. The ends of which didn't exist when he was using the holographic generator. He stopped and scowled at nothing, rubbing his ear between his scalp at his shoulder.

"Listen." Raven put her palms on the table. "They don't exactly like to talk about it but this school isn't what it used to be. It's the bottom rung on the educational ladder, and it's even worse than some of the public schools in the city."

Robin nodded along. "I did a broad search on student files when we were still camped out on the third floor. Most of the kids here either got kicked out of the other private schools or just barely qualify to be here. There are more than a few scholarship students here because it's one of the cheapest places to sent someone."

Cyborg lowered his voice and leaned over his empty plate. "I don't know about you guys but my teacher wasn't exactly golden-apple-award material."

"Indeed. The 'Mrs. Brown' went many times into a door at the back of the room when her stress level became unbearable. I found it most odd but I seemed to be the only person not used to this occurance."

"I honestly think my teacher was drinking from a flask for my entire class."


"Yes. He wasn't doing a very good job at hiding it."

"Dude, I wish that had happened to me. The lady that teaches me geography had an emotional breakdown in the middle of class. She started bawling."

"And no one did anything?"

"Not really ... I guess it's a regular thing cause everyone ignored her. It was really weird though. It's hard to work when your teacher's weeping over your shoulder."

"Now that we've seen this place, it makes sense for the Proffessor to have picked it. The students are delinquents."

"The teachers are worse."

"And the proffessor has picked himself to be the savior of school districts everywhere and clean the place up."

Robin huffed and watched a lone pea skitter off his plate. "This reminds me of when Two-Face first got started. I wasn't there for it but after he got burned he decided to go after the people he blamed for his transformation."

"Didn't he blame one of the big gangs? How did he pull that off and not die?"

"He didn't go after them directly, he robbed all the banks and underground clubs where the bookies worked. He went after their money supplies so they couldn't keep up business."

"What does that have to do with this situation? If it were the same the dean and the board of education would be getting attacked, not the students."

"I know that Harvey Dent and the professor don't seem similar ... "

Beast Boy leaned over to Raven. "Who's Harvey Dent?" he whispered, looking confused. "I thought we were talking about Two-Face."

"... he seems to go after whoever is making him angry instead of trying to solve problems. He's reckless and thats a dangerous thing for us to deal with. I just feel like we're missing something."

"How about we discuss this further where we aren't surrounded by the entire student body?" Raven looked at him pointedly and stood to dispose of her tray.

They follwed her, shuffling off to converse in secret some more, trying to attract the least amount of attention. It was a hopeless pursuit, never had there been a more rag-tag group of teens to walk the halls.

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