Final chappie of this parody/Shakespeare and Hetalia crossover on crack. It was fun (though I think none of us will ever be able to be involved in the production without giggling now. Especially those playing Puck.)

(Reads the script for the final act) ... I don't get it. You know what, screw the script. I'm improvising.

I don't own Hetalia. Nor Midsummer Nights Dream.

"For the last bloody time, Alfred! I AM NOT THE BRIDE!"

"Then why did you agree to wear the dress?"

"Because you started crying! I'm not the bride. You're the groom and I'm simply... the other groom."

"In a dress."


The other fiances arrived. Both the Italians in puffy white dresses.

"See, Alfred! I'm not the bride! Everyone else is in a dress!"

As they walked up to the alter, they noticed a brown-haired woman with fairy wings holding the book up. Arthur's eyes grew wide and he stared at Alfred.

"A-Alfred? I-Is that a fairy who's going to marry us?"

"Just for you, Artie."

Arthur smiled and glomped his fiance. "I LOVE YOU, YOU BLOODY GIT!"

Elizabeta internally squeed at the fact that she was at a yaoi wedding. So she read the vows until she reached "Do you; Alfred, Antonio, and Ludwig; take Arthur, Lovino, and Feliciano as your lawfully wedded ukes?"

Alfred grinned in a way that said 'I told you so.' And Arthur glared back in a way that said 'Git.'

"I do." everyone said.

"You may make the yaoi- I mean, kiss the bride."

They did both. And Elizabeta took pictures. Ah, how she loved weddings.

After about five minutes, Francis took the liberty to break them up. Which earned several death-glares. The strongest ones from Arthur and Elizabeta.

"May we please get one with our little show?" Francis said.


So they performed the play (that I could make no sense of because I have no Shakespeare-to-English dictionary). To say the play was a disater would be an understatement. Natalia tried murdering Francis onstage 'because his suicide death didn't look real.' Matthew and Eduard got a little too into character and started arguing over why their 'son' turned out the way he did. And Raivis forgot his line.

By the end of the show half the audience was facepalming. The other half was laughing their asses off. So it was an epic fail.

Alfred wiped a tear from his eye. "Man, best comedy I ever saw!"

Ivan smiled. "Thank you, comrade."

Raivis looked up at Ivan. "But it wasn't supposed to be a come-" POW. Ivan elbowed him before he could finish.

So after a lot of partying, drinking, and an incident with the wedding cake that involved Ludwig tripping over Lovino's foot, everyone went to sleep.

"Lovi, where are we going to honeymoon?"

"...Rome." Lovino muttered.

"I say Madrid~!" Antonio sang.






"MADRID, LOVI~!" Antonio cheered. "Come on, Lovi! Madrid is nice!"

After all the humans left, the fairy continued the party for them. Mainly Gilbert getting wasted. And Elizabeta fangirling over her yaoi pictures.


Roderich glared at Gilbert. "That incident with me and the French piano was a dream. Understand me? A dream."

"Dude, I was talking about that awesome wedding."

Roderich blushed. "Oh. O-Of course."

The Hungarian fairy sighed. "May they have good luck, lots of love and-"

"-'lots of yaoi.'" Gilbert and Roderich finished for her.


Roderich looked at Elizabeta. "Um... where's the boy?"

Elizabeta eyes widened a bit. "What boy?"

"Elizabeta!" Elizabeta ran away before Roderich could scold her. "Elizabeta!" And he chased after her.

Then Gilbert turned to the audience and winked. "Remember, Roddy only thinks it was a dream."

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