This is something I just wanted to try. It's an AU of Code Geass. Rated M for violence, blood future sexual content.

Well, here's the summary:

Britannia is a demon clan made of winged human like demons and mankind is at war with it. Mankind has developed weapons such as knightmares to battle the demons that are super strong, fast and blood thirsty. That is the main reason the demons attack, for flesh and blood.

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A dark figure stood on the top of Tokyo Tower. The sky was blue and clear, but the winds were stirring. The standing figure was dressed in a black cloak, which blew with the wind. Part of the figure's face was masked with some sort of black fabric that was wrapped around his nose to his neck, but it was obvious that the masked person was a man. His eyes were purple which had a mesmerizing mysteriousness, that revealed nothing but what seemed like rueful sorrow. His gaze seemed to be fixed upon the black clouds in the distance. The clouds were coming closer. They looked like a brewing rain storm, but they were something else. The man standing over Tokyo Tower knew this. Those clouds did not bring a rain storm, but rains of chaos. However he was not the only one. The man's gaze lowered to the city. Throughout the entire city were humans, soldiers more specifically. They were busy preparing for battle. Amongst the groups of soldiers were large machines called knightmares. They were like large suits of armor, and each one was armed with a large rifle. Some were armed with large medieval style swords. There were troops and knightmares also positioned on top of fortified buildings. Tokyo Tower was no exception. Dozens of knightmares surrounded the area.

The man returned his attention to the black clouds. They were now over the harbor. The man could feel the feelings of the humans; their fears, their anxiety and their anger filling the air. He understood them quite well. He was once like them.

Then it began.

Sharp screeching ran violently through the air. The human soldiers all covered their ears as the head splitting noises reached them.

The knightmares all aimed their rifles to the sky. Dark winged figures appeared from the darkness of the clouds. They looked evil and gave off chilling looks, they looked demonic and blood thirsty. Each one was dressed in black armor, but none of them carried weapons. However the humans knew they were dangerous with just their razor sharp claws.

The knightmares opened fire. Large metal shells dropped to the ground as the knightmares tried to shoot at the demon filled skies. The soldiers fired as well as they recovered from the screeching. Dozens of demons fell from the sky, but thousands still charged towards crowds of humans.

Men and women screamed for their lives as they were carried off by blood thirsty demons. The demons silenced them by either biting into their necks violently or ripping the humans' hearts out with their claws. When they were finished the demons dropped the bleeding corpses into the crowd of soldiers.

The knightmares first to be attacked were covered in demons. The pilots within the knightmare cockpits screamed as the demons ripped through the metal and grabbed them.

The masked man watched from the tower. Sadness was obvious in his eyes. Sounds of distant gunshots and screaming continued as the chaos raged on. He then closed his eyes and strangely as he did his hair color began to change. Pure white spread through his previous black hair. Even his clothing changed. Two bulges formed where his shoulder blades were and they grew to the point that they ripped through the fabric of this cloak. Two white demonic wings opened and stretched to the sides. The man's eyes slowly opened as his wings folded. The iris of his eyes were no longer purple, instead two red glowing symbols that resembled birds replaced them.

The man was now clothed in complete snow white and his body was no longer that of a human. He had wings and his eyes were glowing. He sighed silently and then launched into the sky. The demons seemed to have noticed the angelic demon because a large number of them flew away from the humans and charged towards the white figure.

Black blurs passed above the humans as they demons shot towards the white demon. The white demon's wings positioned themselves in a certain way and the demon shot towards the oncoming black abominations.

Dark blood sprayed through the air as a white blur shot through the massive group of demons. Dozens of demons crashed to the ground as the white demon passed them.

The humans could see nothing that was going on. Not even the demons could see their prey fly passed them and slay them with a swing of his arms.

Hundreds of demons fell to the ground and when the wave of demons seemed to be slain the white demon stopped in the air. His white cloak was tainted in blood and his hands were drenched in it. His wings also seemed to carry fresh blood stains. His countenance expressed pained sorrow. The humans stared at him in awe.

"Who is that?" A soldier asked from the crowd.

"It's been awhile, brother." A voice said from the sky. All eyes turned towards the voice. A lone demon floated in the sky. The white demon's glowing eyes focused to the demon.

The lone demon had blond hair and blue eyes. He looked fairly large and had black wings. He had golden claws and he was dressed in black with gold outlining. He also wore a black crown.

"Schneizel." The white demon said.

"Why don't you take off that mask?" Schneizel asked. "It's been a long time since we've seen each other's faces." The white demon complied. He pulled down his white mask with a blood stained finger.

"Yes it has." The white demon said.

"Too bad this will be the last time, Lelouch." Schneizel said. His eye color changed to red as he said this. His expression also changed from calm and gentle to mad of bloodlust.

"Do you take me for a weakling Schneizel?" Lelouch asked as he took a stance, his claws ready to strike.

"No, I take you for a half blood." Schneizel suddenly said behind him. Lelouch's eyes went wide as something pierced through his back and burst through his chest. He looked down and saw Schneizel's arm sticking out.

"I'm disappointed Lelouch." Schneizel said as he pulled his arm from the bleeding hole. "I expected more."

Lelouch fell immediately. He was still in shock from the sudden attack. He turned his head to Schneizel. He was saying something, but Lelouch couldn't make out what.

"If….. Nunnally… dies." Lelouch managed to hear.

What did he say? Lelouch couldn't understand. He was already weak from his wound. Schneizel had completely destroyed his heart, a fatal wound even for a demon. His skin looked pale and his wings stretched as he continued to fall.

And then when he was about to hit the ground.

He was staring up at a white ceiling.

The teen sat up immediately. His hand landed on a fabric. He looked down and saw a blanket that covered half of his body. Then he quickly checked his chest.

There was no wound.

The teen sighed in relief. Then he looked around. He was in a room. More specifically a bedroom with a desk by the window a couch near his bed. He slowly got out of bed and walked out of it. He turned when he reached the bathroom. He turned the faucet and splashed his face with water.

Then he looked into the mirror. He looked exhausted. There were bags under his purple eyes and his face was pale.

"Another dream." The teen muttered. He turned the faucet off and returned to his room. He checked the time.

5:30 am.

The teen sat on his bed and thought.

What did these dreams mean? And why was he even having them?

They seemed so real and the blond demon named Schneizel called him by name.

What do I have to do with the 2nd demon prince?

Is the white demon me?

None of his dreams made sense. He'd had thousands of them yet there was nothing he understood. Sure he was a student at Ashford training to become a soldier to fight against demons, but that said nothing about demon royalty.

Are these things to come?

The thought scared Lelouch. The fact that he would die was frightening and the thought of Nunnally being killed by the demon was unbearable. He clutched his heart.


He promised himself that he would protect his little sister, no matter the cost. She was a weak, fragile girl. You could almost say that she was paralyzed by how weak she was.

They had no parents. They were raised by the Ashfords who were relatives of their deceased mother. But they knew nothing about neither her nor their father. They were found one day with Marianne who had died at the doorstep of the Ashfords. Lelouch had been three then, but had absolutely no memories. In fact he could barely talk then and he knew only two things, his and Nunnally's names.

Lelouch stood and took off his sleepwear and put on his training uniform. It was a white jumpsuit with thin gold stripes on the sleeves and shoulders. It looked tight and he seemed to be able to move with ease. He pocketed his cell phone and stepped out of his room again. Before he left the dorm he peeked into Nunnally's room.

She was still asleep.

Lelouch smiled and then headed to the front door. He started to put his shoes on.

"Off to your morning practice Master Lelouch?" Someone asked behind him. Lelouch turned.

It was Sayoko, their maid and caretaker.

"Yes, could you tell Nunnally that I'll be late again?" Lelouch asked as he finished putting on his shoes. The maid nodded politely and Lelouch was off.

Lelouch always practiced in the school's garden. He did it early in the morning so that no one would see. He would always go to the center and breathe for a bit before he began his practice.

Lelouch stood straight at the center of the school garden. He took a few calm breathes and then he took a stance. He sent a kick forward, remaining in his spot. Then as his leg came down his other came up forming another kick. He held the pose for a minute. Then it came down. He stood straight again and took another few breathes.

Then his right arm lashed out then followed by his left. Lelouch then crouched into an under kick. Then he kicked off with his right foot and spun backwards forming a leg swing with his left. He landed on it. These techniques continued.

Little did Lelouch know that he was being watched. Behind a bush were several girls watching in awe and curiosity.

Lelouch was a popular person, but he didn't know that. Majority of the female students found him attractive and mysterious. They had good reasons too.

Lelouch was the smartest person in the school, he was one of the most fit, handsome, mysterious and he was the only one everyone knew to have purple eyes except for his sister. Even though he was the ideal being one major trait made him perfect. He was silent. He never said anything to gloat, or even look down on others.

Well these were some of the things why Shirley Fenette was watching Lelouch practice. She was also joined by a blond and a red head.

"What are you doing here again Milly?" Shirley asked angrily.

"You don't own him you know." Milly simly replied.

"I know, but what about her?" Shirley asked. Pointing at Kallen with her thumb.

"She was interested so I brought her." Milly replied. Shirley glared at her friend and then she stared at the red headed girl.

"Who is she?" Shirley whispered.

"Her name's Kallen Stadfeld." Milly replied as she continued to stare at the practicing teen in the distance.

"You do know that I can hear you right?" Kallen asked. Milly and Shirley turned to her and Shirley jumped slightly.

"Sorry, but you like Lelouch?" Shirley asked.

"Like him?" Kallen asked. Her blue eyes showed confusion. "I'm just interested in him."

"Doesn't that mean the same thing?" Shirley asked.

"No, I find him interesting but I'm not really attracted to him." Kallen replied bluntly.

"That doesn't even make any sense!" Shirley exclaimed. She immediately covered her mouth. The three of them looked through the bush. Lelouch was now staring towards them.

"Oh no." Milly whispered. They expected Lelouch to leave or walk up to them but he didn't. Instead he returned to practicing and continued to do so for a half hour.

"Why didn't he do anything?" Kallen asked Milly as the three previously stalking walked towards the main school building. It was now time for class.

"I'm not quite sure." Milly replied. "I may be an Ashford but I know nothing about him."

"What does being an Ashford have to do with Lelouch?" Kallen asked.

"My family took him in fourteen years ago." Milly replied.

"Really?" Kallen asked.

"Didn't you know? Lelouch and his sister live here." Shirley said. The comment left Kallen thinking.

He lives here? Doesn't he have any other family?

"Wait, your family took him in?" Kallen asked. "Why?"

"Well, apparently my parents and grandparents knew his mother." Milly replied sadly. "They found her dead at our doorsteps with Lelouch and Nunnally." The three girls became silent.

"What was he like then?" Kallen asked. "Wasn't he traumatized?"

"No." Milly stated. "He had no memories whatsoever; in fact he was almost like a dead person for a few years."

"Dead?" Kallen asked. Shirley nodded; she had heard all this before.

"Yes, he showed no emotion, he never spoke." Milly said. "All he did was take care of Nunnally, who was just a baby then."

"Even after a few months when he started to speak he would only ask for things he needed to take care of Nunnally." Milly continued. The three became silent again and they didn't say anything as they parted to go to their classes. Kallen and Shirley were in the same class but Milly was a year older than them. Shirley was sort of excited despite being saddened by the previous conversation. Why? Because Lelouch was in her class, but then again so was Kallen.

She sighed as she entered the classroom. Students were conversing in groups. Some of them surrounded Lelouch. Shirley sat in her seat. Kallen followed her.

"What do you know about Lelouch?" Kallen asked.

"Why are you asking all of a sudden?" Shirley asked, confused.

"Well I heard it from Milly's point of view, but I want to hear it from yours." Kallen replied as she waited for an answer. Shirley looked down.

"I-I don't know anything about him." Shirley replied. Kallen looked surprised and confused.

"Then why do you like him?" Kallen whispered.

"I only know what Milly told me, but before that there was this day." Shirley began to explain.

"There was a car accident in the city. It was a minor one no one was really hurt, but they people in the accident were screaming their heads off and arguing about what happened. A crowd soon formed and I was one of those in it." Shirley continued.

"Well Lelouch was on the road with his friend Rivalz and his bike. The fight was going on for awhile and nobody did anything. Then Lelouch just walked up and told the two men to move their vehicles but neither would and then they became angry towards Lelouch. They tried to punch him but Lelouch just grabbed their fists and they were on their knees."

"Really?" Kallen asked. Shirley nodded.

"Those men were more than willing after so everything went back to the way it was, well except the crowd was laughing at the two men, but Lelouch didn't laugh or take any attention he just got back onto Rivalz side car and they left."

"That's it?" Kallen asked. Shirley shook her head.

"No, after that I became interested in him. I watched what he did and soon noticed that he was special." Shirley stated with a blush. "And one feeling led to another and here I am now."

"So that's why you looked angry when Milly said I was interested in him." Kallen said as she nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, could you not tell anyone?" Shirley asked.

"I won't." Kallen said as the teacher walked in. She walked to her seat as did the others. The teacher took roll and then pulled out a stack of paper.

"Alright class, today we have a pop quiz." The teacher said. Everyone groaned. The quiz papers were handed out and everyone began to work. Within minutes Lelouch stood up and handed the paper to the teacher who said good job. Kallen studied the teen.

Lelouch turned and saw Kallen. He smiled at her for a moment and then walked back to his seat.

It was a good thing Shirley couldn't see her face then because Kallen's face was red with a blush and she could tell that her interest wasn't just an interest anymore.

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