Konoka: (Un)Dead and Loving It

When a Vampire is Sick...

"Hey Negi! Wake up!" Asuna yelled, all while desperately combing her hair. But with no answer, she decided she had to investigate. That heavy thinker's mode with him lately was really messing with him, so much that she had been worried that when Negi flew out one day, she wound up going hunting for him (Konoka said that nothing out that way was a danger to him, and she should relax and let him come back tomorrow). "We're gonna be late! Geez, I didn't get any sleep last night and it's all your fault..." But lo and behold, he... wasn't there. "Aggh! He's not here!" All she saw was Chamo messing with her bras again.

"Ah! If you're looking for big bro, he's left for school already, while you were at work!" Chamo explained happily.

"N-no way!" Asuna complained while trying to take her bra back from the perverted fiend.

"T-too noisy..." Came a voice from below.

Asuna stopped. That was a bad sign... normally, the owner of that voice should have been gone, too. She looked down to see Konoka, laying down in her bed with a wet cloth on her head. "Aiyah..." Konoka lamented.

"Konoka? You have a fever?" Asuna asked, lifting a hand to feel her forehead. It was hot to the touch. "Geez!" She pulled back as if she had touched a stove instead. "I keep wondering how a vampire gets a cold, but you stun me."

"I guess I spent the last few days chasing after Secchan, while the curse was still active..." Konoka sighed. "Negi-kun's looking better, at least. He even tried to challenge me!" The vampire giggled. Konoka had somehow been oblivious to the fact that she had been the reason why Negi was worrying so much. How did this vampire get so carefree? She wasn't like this when they had met ten years ago...

But enough about that, she was going to be late! "Negi will be back soon, okay? So stay put!"

"Fine... let me just cook myself some soup..." And Konoka tried to get up to do just that.

"No! You have to rest!" Asuna forced her back down.

"Well, maybe I can get some water..."

"Stay put!" Asuna demanded.

Later, Asuna cursed the fact that Konoka now made her a whooping twenty minutes late. She was surprised Negi was so understanding when she showed up later.

"Konoka-san?" Negi ventured when he came back home. "W-wah! You have a fever?-!"

"She's been like that since this morning, big bro," Chamo popped up. "Though she tried to get up and do stuff several times. Asuna actually threatened to tie her down before she left. To which Konoka was like 'when did you get so kinky, Asuna?'"

"What does that mean?"

Chamo blanched. "Ahhh, you'll learn later."

And suddenly the door bust open. Setsuna, face as serious as ever, sword drawn. "Prepare for your end, dreaded vampire!"

Negi immediately panicked and latched onto Setsuna. "No! Students aren't supposed to fight each other!"

"But she's dangerous! She was planning to drain your blood, sensei! If not defeated, she could at least have her powers sealed...!"

"Look closely, Sakurazaki-san! She's in no condition to be dangerous." Negi declared, finally managing to calm Setsuna down somewhat. "I'm not very good at caretaking, so I need your help in watching over her for a little bit! I've been thinking about this as much as you have, and-"

"Ah... thirsty..." Konoka muttered.

"Wah!" Negi scrambled to make some water. "Okay, try this!" However, she would not drink.

"Oh no..."

"S-s-stand back, sensei, and let me handle this," Setsuna said, marching forward. With little choice and a face growing insanely red, Setsuna stuck her finger in Konoka's mouth. "Only a little bit...!" Konoka hummed while sucking on her finger. "Sensei!"

"Sakurazaki-san?-!" Negi answered, a bit alarmed by the tone of her voice.

"Please help! She's bewitching me!"


She was blushing hard. "She's making this feel too good!"

"Ummm," Negi began, becoming confused. "I'm not sure how that's problem..."

Surprisingly, she didn't take much after that, ending with a satisfied hum.

"Too hot..." She complained five seconds later.

"Oh no!" Negi rushed to close the blinds.

"Too cold..." She moaned, now shivering thanks to the sweat on her body.

"She's sweating madly, and the sheets need to be changed!" Negi said scrambling for the sheets. However, the logic of having to change Konoka seemed incredibly dangerous right then. He was an English gentleman, he wasn't allowed to do all that!

"Negi-sensei, I'll change her clothes." Setsuna volunteer. "Please don't get too close, she'll bewitch you!"

"Umm, Sakurazaki-san..." Negi was suddenly not very sure if Setsuna helping him was the best idea.

Setsuna, however, set about changing Konoka's clothes, while Negi looked away to preserve her modesty. "Sensei!"


"She's bewitching me again!"

"How is that?"

"Her body is too attractive!" Setsuna declared in horror. "She's making my nose bleed!"

Negi crashed into the ground.

"Truly, the yuri demon of Mahora is fearsome..." Chamo muttered, peeping out of the drawer.

In the end, Negi had to change Konoka's clothes by wearing a blindfold and using magic to align things properly.

Setsuna hung her head in shame. "I'm sorry, sensei. I'm a trainee of the Shinmeiryuu, and also a hunter of supernatural creatures, and yet instead of helping and protecting you against one, I'm playing nurse-and not even being good at that."

"It's okay, Sakurazaki-san!" Negi smiled, trying to cheer her up. "I don't quite know what to do about this either!" He walked over to the slumbering, delirious Konoka. "Huh... a true eastern vampire..."

"She must be a shinso," Setsuna concluded. "A highest form of vampire. Legends say they were once humans who learned a secret art to transform themselves. Perhaps something to do with demon contract, too."

"From what I've seen of Konoka, I don't know why she'd turn herself into a vampire." Negi said. "She also said she knew my father..."

"Your father, sensei?"

"Yeah, my father was a really famous mage!" Negi's face was alight with amazement. "I was hoping to follow in his footsteps and learn more about him!"

"I see," Setsuna rubbed her chin. "That's an admirable goal, sensei."

Negi nodded, and turned back to Konoka, only to see her face suddenly but slightly turn to discomfort. "N-no...! Thousand Master... Not... going back..."

Negi paused. Was she having a dream about the Thousand Master? He had to know more! He quietly whipped out his staff, murmuring "Ras Tel Ma Scir Magister..."

"Sensei?" Setsuna asked. "Please don't use your magic recklessly. What are you doing?"

"I... want to see what she's dreaming about," Negi murmured. "I think it involves my father."


"If you want to see, touch my head."

"Fine..." And she did, as Negi finished his incantation.

[[Chapter too short for an Ansem piece? Yeeaaah too bad. I was actually going to wait until I finished some views of Konoka's memories, but I think I may save that for a separate chapter... if I ever upload it. Once again, no promises.]]