Something To Fight For

By: AtomicKokoro


A new enemy attacks and everyone in Templar must escape. However Mikki makes an out-of-character decision and gives a brief explanation to his friends.

Before You Read

No fight scenes. No story plot. Just this. A tiny dialogue between Mikki and Zed and some people. What...the hell, AtomicKokoro? What the hell?

On with the story that isn't even worth reading.

I wonder who'll read it...

Something To Fight For

No matter how fast they were running, they couldn't escape the enemy. "This is ridiculous!" Zed shouted over the explosions and screams. "Is there nothing we can do?"

Roya, Mikki, Pinot, and Noa were close behind him. "We can't fight him, Zed," Noa called back. "He's too strong!"

Zed cringed and growled at the truth. "But if this keeps up, we'll be goners!" Mikki glanced at the ground he was running across. "We can't just keep running."

"But Zed! What can we do?"

"Dammit, Noa! I'm pretty sure that we can do something at least to help these people away from here."

"None of us could last long enough."

Mikki shut his eyes tight. He could here the cackling laughter of the villain behind him. His fist tightened tighter around Pinot's wrist before he suddenly stopped and turned to face her. "Keep running," he told her.

"Mikki, what are you doing?" Zed demanded, stopping along with Noa and Roya.

Mikki pulled out his favorite yellow one-handed sword. "Keep running!" he repeated.

"Mikki!" Roya cried.

Pinot shook her head. "What are you doing? What are you doing?"

Zed rushed up to Mikki's side and grasped his shoulder. "None of us can hold him off. None of us could survive."

Mikki gritted his teeth. "Uhg. Someone has to try Zed."

"You can't," Zed practically shouted.

"This isn't you, Mikki," Roya called over the loud sounds and explosions. "Why are you doing this?"

There was a moment of silence. The bread maker looked over his shoulder and smiled. "I guess I just haven't really found something to fight for until now." A moment passed and Zed's hand left Mikki's shoulder. "Go. Now. She'll be coming soon."

Everyone watched what Zed's next move would be. He reached and grabbed Pinot's wrist and began to run. At first, Pinot didn't budge, only Zed's own strength pulling her away. She couldn't tear her eyes from Mickey, she just couldn't.

Not if this was going to be the last time she'd see him.

After Notes

If someone wants me to write what happens next, I'm more than willing. I think everyone was in character...I suck at bringing characters into character with this Anime and I don't know why. I'm always complaining about Zed repeating things and saying stupid things, so maybe he should repeat and be stupid more often.

Mikki is "too weak-willing and too kind." Roya is determined and always seeking answers. Noa is very low key. Pinot gets excited. Sagiri is very cute. Ha ha!


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