It's Laundry Day at the Castle residence, and we're cranking it up to the fluff cycle.

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Laundry Day

It was Saturday (aka. Laundry Day). Castle sat in his office, completely absorbed in Nikki and Rook's latest adventure, when he heard the buzzer on the dryer signal the end of the load cycle. He raised himself to his feet, shaking his head a little to bring him out of fiction and back into laundry day reality. As he headed for his office door, he heard a door slamming and Kate's disgruntled footsteps stalking across the apartment. Castle quickly moved to the doorway, almost bumping into Kate, who looked murderous.

"You. Laundry room. Now." She pressed her finger into his chest, before spinning on her heel and heading back the way she'd come, towards the laundry room. Castle followed closely, desperately racking his brain to figure out what he could have done to put Kate in this rare foul mood.

He stepped into the laundry room, where Kate stood in front of the dryer.

"Rick, did you do the laundry this afternoon?" The accusation was evident in her voice. Castle nodded hesitantly. Yes, he'd done the laundry. He thought she'd appreciate it. It had been a long week at the precinct; she certainly didn't need to be doing chores on her day off.

"Care to explain how this happened?" Kate whipped open the dryer and pulled out a red sweater. A teeny tiny doll-sized red sweater. "This was my favorite sweater."

"Um, I, uh…" Castle shifted awkwardly. "I've been doing laundry for twenty years now, and nothing like this has ever happened!" This was true. He had never shrunk something so drastically. There may have been a few incidents with entire loads of whites turned pink, but what Kate didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

"No? Then how do you explain these?" Castle watched with increasing horror as Kate pulled out three tiny white button-down shirts, a pair of itty bitty khaki pants, two tiny pairs of blue jeans, six doll-sized socks, and one pint-sized NYPD sweatshirt. She glared at him, brandishing the sweatshirt with a flourish.

"Kate, I'm so sorry I -" Castle rushed to apologize for the severely shrunken laundry, but Kate cut him off.

"And how do you explain those?" She gestured towards the laundry basket behind him. Castle bent, and from the basket he pulled one red sweater, three white button down shirts, a pair of khaki pants, two pairs of blue jeans, six socks, and Kate's NYPD sweatshirt, all of which were in full adult size.

If he had been confused before, now he was completely mystified. He looked up at Kate, who shrugged a little, no longer looking venomous.

"I guess we'll have to find someone else to wear these then." She tilted her head towards the pile of miniature laundry.

The still very confused Castle looked at her for a moment longer, before glancing down at her hands, which still held the tiny NYPD sweatshirt. Suddenly with a gasp, realization hit him. He looked back up at Kate, who was now grinning.


She nodded at him, tears in her eyes.

"Kate!" Castle launched himself at her, lifting her off her feet in a bear hug as he kissed her deeply. After a moment he slid to his knees to place a kiss where the future teeny tiny wearer of the teeny tiny sweatshirt had just begun to grow.

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