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Chapter 3 - Secrets

After Johan had left me in my room, I'd attempted to fall asleep, even though I knew what would come, but I was too tired to care. They had come promptly, filling my unconscious mind with visions of fear and dark loathing.

For as long as I could remember, I'd been haunted by nightmares, dreams of a time I didn't know. Dreams where I'm running away from something, something that I know will hurt me if given the chance to catch me. But I don't know what it is. The streets around me were always empty in the dreams, the air thick with terrified silence... as if it knew that I'd be caught. And I was. Every time, in every single dream, I'm caught and pushed against a wall, pinned in place as a growl echoes around me, an inhuman growl of pure hunger and unending hatred. Fiery eyes stared at me from the shadows holding me to the wall... a look of complete insanity glazing their ruby depths, and then I'd wake up.

I stood at the large windows in my borrowed room, my eyes sweeping over miles and miles of forest surrounding the mansion. Below the windows and several stories down was a well-tended lawn, red roses set in beds at the one end and a cobbled path lined with small bushes snaking deeper into the garden.

I haven't been outside since I got here, I realised. I haven't been outside in almost four days!

I turned around and moved towards the door, opening it slowly and peering around. The corridor beyond was empty. All the doors were closed, not surprising really since it was still very early in the morning, the sun having only risen about an hour earlier.

I slipped out of my room, closing the door quietly behind me before turning down the hallway, attempting to get down to the ground floor. It took quite a while but I eventually found the staircase leading to the front doors.

I sighed in relief, walking out of the mansion and turned towards the gardens I'd seen, following the cobbled path until I came to an intricate iron archway. The dark grey metal was imprinted with the shape of a sketchy dragon curved into a circle, its head almost biting its tail.

I blinked and tilted my head, examining the symbol curiously. I'd never seen that sign before, but it seemed important somehow…

I shook my head and passed under the archway, sparing the mark one last look before looking away and walking deeper into the grounds. I followed the path until it curved around the mansion, flopping down on a bench near the rose garden.

The flowers were very beautiful, the petals ranging from pale blue to rusty red to violet black. They swayed slightly in the breeze, the wind tugging half-heartedly at my hair as I gazed at the blossoms, my mind running over the events of the dream once again.

Red eyes… empty streets… pain and blood…

"They're very beautiful, aren't they?"

I jumped as a voice cut through my thoughts, whipping around to see a man standing behind me, his hands gripping the back of the bench. He had spiky black hair with yellow highlights and bright blue eyes. He was dressed in a leather jacket sewn with orange baubles on the shoulders, elbows and collar, a pair of dark jean, a black shirt with a strange red symbol and a pair of brown, leather gloves. He had the biker look down quite nicely.

He looked down at me, cobalt eyes unreadable.

"A rose, no matter how beautiful, still has thorns. Beware of the ones who hide their thorns, for they are the most deadly."

I blinked, trying to understand what the man was saying to me.

"I'm Yusei Fudo. I live in the mansion along with Judai and the others. I haven't seen you around before."

"I'm Yugi Mutou. I came here about a week ago. Apparently Yami found me and brought me here…?" I trailed off as Yusei's eyes narrowed, cobalt glowing purple-blue and his irises swirling with darkness.

"Did he now?" Yusei growled, his demeanour suddenly becoming hostile. "Has he spoken to you?"

I frowned, shaking my head. "No. He's barely even looked at me since I woke up."

Yusei seemed to relax, his eyes losing their sharpness. "Oh." He sighed, going a pale shade of red. "Well, why are you out so early in the morning? Everyone else is still asleep."

"I'm…" I hesitated, my gaze shifting from Yusei to the roses. I don't like to spout my problems to everyone who asks, I'm just not that sort of person… but something about Yusei made me wish to confide in him; made me feel like I could trust him. "I'm an insomniac. I have nightmares that keep me awake a lot. Sleep is hard to find most of the time. Eventually you just get used to not sleeping very much."

I glanced up at Yusei, blinking as the other man frowned. "What are these nightmares about?"

"I don't know…" I muttered, the dreams coming to the forefront of my mind. "I'm always running from something. There is no one else around me and when I get caught, there's no one to help me. I get pinned to a wall and something stares at me and then I wake up. There's so much hatred in those eyes… so much loss and insanity… and I've had this dream so many times…"

Yusei walked out from behind the bench and sat down beside me, moving as gracefully as a cat. "Don't disregard these visions as just dreams. Because you've had it so many times, the chances are that it is important, that someone is trying to tell you something. Try to remember what happened in the dreams, reflect on it and try to figure out what you are being told."

I nodded, leaning back and closing my eyes. "Yeah, you're right. I'll be sure to do that."

Yusei hummed, stretching his arms above his head and yawning a bit. "Feeling better now?"

I nodded again, opening my eyes and staring at the sky. "Yeah. This is the first time I've talked about those dreams to anyone. Thank you for listening."

"It's okay. I don't usually get company out here other than my friends but as you can see, they're not here at the moment."

"Friends?" I tilted my head to look at Yusei, curiosity filling me.

"Hm. Jack, Crow and Kiryu. We've been friends for as long as I can remember." Yusei smiled, lost in happy memories.

"Where are they now?"

"Dunno, though I'm pretty sure that Jack said he was going to America. Only I'm still here in Japan at the moment."

"Sounds lonely…" I murmured, looking at the ground. Memories of the years I'd spent alone played through my mind, flashes of self-hatred and anguish awakening as I relived those horrible times. "So lonely…"

"Oh, it's not so bad." Yusei said, turning my attention away from my dark thoughts. "I have all the people in this mansion for company, plus my friends and I all get together every now and again."

I grinned. "That's great! I hope I'll get to meet your friends some time!"

"Oh, I'm sure you will!"

"Yugi!" I blinked and glanced over my shoulder as Johan came jogging up to us, shooting a grin at Yusei. "Heya, Yusei! Haven't seen you for a while! Been buried in your work have you?"

Yusei smirked, winking at me. "I suppose you can say that. As a wise person once said, 'there's no rest for the wicked'!"

"You're about as wicked as the bunny Judai used to keep as a pet, Azra." Azra? The name confused me. Wasn't his name Yusei?

The rest of the sentence registered and somehow the image of Yusei with a set of black bunny ears and a cotton tail formed in my head, blocking out my confusion and sending me into fits of hysterical laughter.

Yusei just scowled. "What did I say about calling me that?"

"Anyway," Johan laughed nervously and turned to me, waiting for me to get over my laughing fit before continuing. "Judai wanted me to find you. Breakfast is ready and Ryou wants to give you a quick check up as soon as you're done. Those wounds haven't quite healed up yet."

"Sure." I nodded, wiping away tears as I stood up. "I'll come again later, okay Yusei? I'd like to talk to you again."

Yusei smiled. "Of course."

Breakfast was once again a noisy, chaotic affair. Judai stuffed food into his mouth like there was no tomorrow, Johan and Bakura bickered endlessly and Yami stared at me as if I were some newly discovered artefact. Ryou sat quietly beside me, occasionally making small talk but mostly concentrating on his meal. I was surprised to see that Yusei didn't join us, and I asked Ryou about it.

"He prefers to eat alone." He answered between bites. "That or he'll eat with the servants."


"This is a manor, kid. Do you really think it could be managed just with the 5 of us plus Yusei?" Bakura asked, smirking. "Of course there are servants. Ten of them actually. I'm surprised that you haven't met any yet."

I shook my head. Damn him and his mind reading.

"We recently employed some new servants in the mansion." Judai explained, swallowing his bread roll and reaching for another. "I think you'd like them. I'll introduce you to them later!"


"You love my mind reading! Admit it!"

"Shut up, Kitty. You're being too loud."

"Stop being a party pooper Rainbow!"


"Now who's being too loud?"

It was then that I zoned them out again.

"Hey, Ryou, do you know why Yami is constantly staring at me?"

Ryou looked up from where he was dabbing ointment on one of the scrapes on my arm. "Sorry?"

"Yami. Why is he staring at me all the time?"

"I… I don't know…" I frowned, it seemed like he knew more than he was letting on, but I didn't push him to reveal what he knew.

"Okay then… why does Yusei hate him so much?" I pressed, wanting answers to at least some of my questions.

"He hates Yami?" Ryou seemed genuinely confused.

"Hm. When I mentioned Yami earlier, his whole demeanour seemed to change. It's as if he holds some kind of grudge against Yami. Got any ideas?"

Ryou shook his head. "Nope, sorry." He smiled sadly, sorry to not be of help to me. "In all honesty, I haven't been here as long as some, Judai and Johan for example. So if you're looking for answers, you may want to corner one of them at some point. They can answer your questions if you can get them to talk."

I nodded in affirmation. "Okay then. I'll try questioning Judai later."


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