When you enter school…any school whether it be primary, secondary, or higher education you want to leave a mark. You want to scar it just to show that you've been there somehow, physical or emotional. It could be through fighting and making a horrible reputation for yourself, it could be for the friends you keep or romance you have. But the time comes when you look back on all those scars and realize that truly they don't matter. Ordinarily you don't make a scar that big to last for years.

That's my time at Hogwarts. I worked so hard to leave some sort of impression; something that I would be remembered for, though while I might have a plaque stating that I was head girl I didn't do anything worth remembering. I had just what those had done before me. I helped to write the rally cry, but while everyone was singing and roaring with cheers as Rose Weasley led our team to victory against the Slytherins for the cup no one remembered that we had done that.

You could look at this and see it as something horrible. I didn't do a single thing to leave my name on Hogwarts, the Fearsome Four was going to fade into the background just as the others had before, for a new group to take control.

But as I looked back while crossing that lake once again and looked to the stands singing for us through blurry tear brimmed eyes I couldn't be sad. Because while I might have wanted to be remembered there, I realized that I had a much bigger opportunity outside those walls.

The letter in my truck was leading me towards a new dream in London and as I looked to the man beside me he was offering me a new life.

"Of course," I whispered and leaned in, kissing him softly as he slid the ring onto my finger.


The piano sparked the screams and shouts that made my stomach quake and still unable to help it I gave a wide smile as the crowds started clapping along and the spot light came up illuminating me. "How's everyone doing tonight," I called out over the microphone, getting shouts in return.

"You won't find him drinking at the table
Rolling dice or staying out 'til three
You won't ever find him be unfaithful
You will find him, you'll find him next to me"

It hadn't been easy to get here, standing in front of fans despite the leap ahead I had at the beginning thanks to the man standing off to the side of the stage. It had taken three long and hard years before my voice was on the radio and five until I was here, but honestly I wouldn't imagine it any different now that I was here. Despite the troubles that I had with Albus, our first year of marriage being anything but calm with plenty of nights that he was on the couch of our small flat and one or two when he spent at James' or Scorp and Rose's. But now, with him being the head photographer at the Prophet, and me up here we still had our troubles, but were more than just happy.

"When the skies are grey and all the doors are closing
And the rising pressure makes it hard to breathe
When all I need's a hand to stop the tears from falling
I will find him, I'll find him next to me"

Glancing over to the side, I grinned to him along with Rose and Scorpius who were finally leaving the house for some fun, something they hadn't done since baby Zoe had been born two months ago. But Grandma Hermione and (despite the fact that she was a Malfoy) Grandpa Ron had been glad to watch her.

Turning back to my fan's I smiled and waved to a couple of girls in the front row. I wasn't that popular, nothing like the Weird Sister, or even Celestina Warbeck (though the family was glad that Nana Molly had started to prefer my music to hers) but I had enough of a following that we were able to move out of our small flat and into a house in Ilkley near to Rose and Scorp. We had all wanted to live next to each other, that way our kids would be able to play with each other. Now we just needed to catch up.

Moving across the stage, I unconsciously put my hand on my stomach and gave a smile, wonder how Albus was going to react to the news tonight.


"Albus!" I called up the stairs from beside the fireplace where I was holding the hand of the six year old beside me; mostly so I could make sure she wouldn't get into something and get dirty before anyone had seen her.

"Yup, coming," he rushed out, racing down the step carefully and slid up beside me with a smile, pulling the strap of his camera bag over head. Shaking my head, I gave a small smile and held out my hands, "all right, come here big boy," I took the two year old boy from his arms, which while I loved him to death he of course had to go to the bathroom right before we were about to leave.

With his arms free, he stooped down and picked her up off the floor. "You ready to go, darling?" Albus asked her with a grin.

"Yup," She grinned and smiling, I grabbed a handful of floo powder and with a rush was off towards the Burrow. Stepping out of the fireplace, I stepped into the house that had hardly changed a bit since that first time here. The only things that truly had was that there were definitely more pictures, and now instead of Nana Molly being in the kitchens, Ginny tended to be the one in there, like now.

"Oh," She shouted out as I blew the bit of dust off Aiden Neville's nose, getting a giggle out of him. "You're here, almost everyone is already outside." She smiled and moved forward, hugging both of us together as Albus came through. "The only ones that still have to show up are Fred and Maggie, Lucy, Roxie, and Dom and Lorcan."

"Well, Lucy and Roxie are always late," Albus answered and she hugged them and nodding she moved around.

Shifting out the front door where everyone was gathered, because there was no way we all could fit in here anymore, I looked to the decorated area, highlighted with a large banner congratulating Billy on his first year at Hogwarts right as a group of kids rushed by.

"Alright, alright," Albus rushed out and lowered her to the ground.

"Alice," I spoke, stooping down and she looked to me. "Remember what I said about Remus."

"Yes, mum," She answered and rolled her green eyes. "Don't make fun of his hair."

"That's right, he can't control it yet," I answered.

"Alright," She answered, "can I go now?"

"Kiss first, for rolling you eyes," I answered, pointing to my cheek and leaning in she pecked my cheek before running off to join the others. Standing back up, I looked to a smirking Albus.

"You know she's just like you," He spoke and I let out a small scoff.

"Are you kidding me, she got more than looks from you," I smirked and shaking his head slightly he reached over and took my free hand as we started towards the Weasley Bash.