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Chapter 1. Hen Night

Hermione Granger placed down the parchment that she received from the Department of Ministry and shook her head in anger. It was crazy.

Wizards were matched with two witches under a ridicules marriage law designed to progenate magical offspring and she found that she was disgusted with the whole thing.

She went to the Minister of Magic about her pairing and her voice fell on cold ears despite what she did to save the Wizarding world. She was stuck with her pairing and while not repulsive she found herself uncomfortable. It was with her best friend Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.

She went to the Burrow to talk to Ron and found that he was not so upset with the situation at all. She remembered his words.

"It's not all bad Hermione. I care for you to be sure but I realized that I could never be a match you Hermione. I think that this marriage law is all for the best."

"But Ron its Harry and Ginny! You know that Harry is in love with Ginny only. It's awkward Ron. I love only you."

Ron gently kissed her cheek and whispered. "I know Hermione but your pairing could have been much worse. You could have been stuck with Draco or even worse the bat of the dungeons. Besides what would you do? Break your wand and leave the Wizarding world?"

Hermione growled out in frustration. "I've thought about it Ron and I know you would never do it to stay with me."

"You're clever Hermione. You need to talk to my sister and Harry."

Ron held her tightly in his arms and softly kissed her brushy hair. "Go to Harry and Ginny at Grimuald. You have avoided them like the plague since it was announced."

Hermione felt Ron release her and escorted her to the door as his family watched in sadness.

"Who is your pairing Ron?"

"Lavender Brown and Luna Lovegood." He replied.

Hermione looked to Ron. "Are happy with your pairings Ron?"

Ron looked to her. "Luna will be a challenge but I think that I am Hermione."

She looked to him and realized that no matter how much she begged he would not go with her to the muggle world. "Send me an invite to the wedding Ron." Hating that the fact that he was involved with Lavender at school previously.

"I will Hermione." Ron softly replied and watched her Apparate away.

Hermione arrived at Grimauld place and knocked on the door and found that Harry answered it.

"I hoped that you would come here Hermione." Harry spoke in relief and held the door open.

She walked in and saw Ginny standing in the hallway looking to her in worry. "Are you going to accept Hermione? Harry talked to Kingsley and we found out that if you do not accept then Pansy Parkinson would be assigned to us. You know how horrid she is."

Harry led the two witches into the living room and poured a hefty serving of Firewhiskey for each and handed them out, watching them take a seat. He poured a glass of his own and joined them. Hermione…" He began.

"Kiss me Harry. Right now in front of Ginny and don't hold anything back."

Harry went to her and looked into her warm brown eyes for a moment and did as he was commanded capturing her lips and kissed her deeply wrapping his arms around her. Her kiss was different and as invitimg as Ginny's. After a moment he began to trace a finger along her back as he continued. He found himself caught up and realized that he could actually shag the friend that he never actually thought about in that way.

Oh Gods! Hermione thought as she felt a hint of lust rise up. I'm actually getting turned on by this. She broke the kiss and looked to Ginny.

"What do you feel about this Ginny? If I agree you know that I will be doing this and much more with Harry."

"I'm not jealous if that's what you're thinking Hermione. I know that Harry loves me. I'm able to share if I have to accept the decree to have Harry."

She sipped her drink and looked to the couple. "This is going to be awkward but I suppose I will accept it. I owe Harry anyway for saving me from a troll."

Ginny moved over and hugger her friend. "Thank you Hermione. You don't know what this means for us."

She felt the effects of her drink relax her. She chuckled at her sudden thought and voiced. "Look at this way Harry. When news gets out that I've accepted we are going to be the new version of the Golden Trio."

Harry chuckled and moved close to wrap an arm around her. "I know that we can make this work. And don't think that you are the only one that hates the decree. Not everyone's pairings were favorable and consider muggle-borns mixed with pure-bloods. This is madness Hermione." His voice changed to sadness. "People are going to get hurt. Both physically and mentally and the Ministry knows this. It explains why you are paired with us Hermione. It wouldn't do to have the heroine of our world harmed by the Ministry."

"And I'm the one that is supposed to be clever Harry. I did not think beyond the fact that I was paired up with you and Ginny."

They sat quietly in the living room holding one another.

Professor Severus Snape walked down the rickety stairs of his temporary residence of the Leaky Cauldron. He was forced there as his house at Spinner's End was burned down during his trial and there was nowhere to go before the start of term. It had taken the Ministry two years to rebuild the school and in two weeks time he would be free of this noisy place. And it was noisy tonight, loud blaring of music in the bar.

He slid up to the bar and looked to Old Tom. "The usual Tom." Growling out in impatience.

"You can't be here Snape. The bar is closed for a Hen night." Tom begged the wizard.

"Get my drink Tom and I am going nowhere. We have a contract and you will abide by it."

Tom muttered a curse as he turned to pour the dour wizard his drink. He did not want to deal with Snape tonight and placed a glass and two bottles of Firewhiskey on the bar. "Take this up to your room and be gone with you Snape. I do not want any complications tonight as they celebrate."

Severus glared at the barman for a moment and then took the glass and bottles and sat at a table in a dark corner looking to the tittering group of young witches to figure out who the Hen party was for.

"What can I do with this thing?" Hermione shouted out over the music unwrapping a gift and held up a ten inch dildo.

All her friends laughed at her blush of embarrassment. "You're a virgin Hermione? Hey Tom give Hermione a blow job!" Lavender called out.

She glared at her friends and put the thing down as Lavender explained what she could do with it.

Tom walked over and placed the drink down and immediately left.

Severus heard the shout and his thought answered his question. Ah the Hen party of Ginny Weasley and Hermione Granger to Potter. He remembered the wedding nuptials announced in the Prophet and knew the pairing was driven by their status.

But he did not have a status in the marriage law. He received an owl explaining that his actions merited exclusion to the law. He laughed when he received it as he knew the Ministry could not find a pairing for him at all. He did teach almost all of witches and wizards for the last twenty years. The owl confirmed that there would be no pairing for him. He found that he did not mind it at all. He had Knockturn Alley to turn when he felt the need.

He continued to observe amused at Granger's response.

Ginny looked to the dark corner and noticed her ex-potions professor sitting in a corner. The drinks that she consumed emboldened her to approach him and she sat down at the table.

"Professor Snape a surprise to see you here. Tom promised us that his pub would be wizard free except for what is arranged." Taking a sip from her drink and looked to him.

"Miss Weasley my residence is here and Tom has a contract. He could not chuck me out."

Ginny looked to him interest. "I see."

Severus looked to the witch. She was open game. "Shame that you will never experience another wizard after you are married Miss Weasley."

"What are you saying Snape? We're here to have fun."

He looked to the witch and whispered in a silky voice. "You are and what is the purpose of a Hen Night? I doubt that you have been with another man other than Potter and I am willing to offer it if you are brave enough to choose."

Ginny looked to the dour man. To be with another man was interesting and she was drunk enough to consider it. "What do you offer Professor Snape?"

"You could find out witch. My residence is room 2." Snape stood up and left his table leaving his bottles of Firewhiskey behind.

Ginny watched him leave familiar robes billowing behind him. She watched her fellow witches, their attention drawn to the virgin status of Hermione.

She poured herself a hefty portion of the bottle he left, sputtering out. Thinking about his proposition she looked to the gathered witches and knew that she would not be missed. She put her glass down and went up the stairs and found that his door was opened.

She heard his silky voice. "Come to me Ginerva Weasley and let me educate you."

She hesitated for a moment and looked to the man. After a moment she walked to him and felt his arms wrap around her.