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Hen Night Chapter4

Severus stood in the hallway for a moment reflecting on Miss Granger's invitation as caution suddenly took over him. No witch in the last eighteen years had ever given him an open invitation to their bedroom. Hell's even the whore's in Knockturn Alley did not want him unless the Madame forced them to him. He reflected on what he knew of the witch.

She was brilliant in potions, a fact that he could not admit openly with the children of Deatheaters when she attended Hogwarts. Despite his harsh treatment of her she excelled after Voldemort was taken care of by Harry Potter. She completed her Potions mastership one year early and was currently under the employment of the Potion's department at the Ministry of Magic. And she was published in Potion's monthly a few times with some amazing theories.

It was more than likely safe as Gryffindor did not normally think of revenge but he pulled out his wand just in case and strode toward the light streaming from room 11. He looked inside allowing just enough of him to be seen and not making a target of himself.

Hermione chuckled when she noticed him at her open door. "So my open invitation to you gave you pause. No wonder you are the Head of Slytherin and such a successful double spy." She stood up and pointed to the mantle above the fireplace. "My wand is over there Professor Snape and I would feel better if you placed your wand there as well."

He looked to the mantle and found her words true and strode over and placed his wand besides hers and turned back to her. He allowed her control curious as to what would happen next.

She moved beside him and closed the door to her room. "I'm not a witch that normally indulges in pointless one night stands and tonight will be one but I prefer to do it my way. Are you game to that Professor Snape?"

"I am Miss Granger." Addressing her as she did to him. "But know this…"

She moved to him and placed a finger on his lips and silenced him. "No threats. Just a witch and a wizard together for a moment in time and then back to the real world when we part ways."

He looked to her as she removed his outer robes and folded them neatly and placed them on the settee. She ran her hands over him feeling the tight chest underneath the white shirt. "You hint of power underneath your clothes Severus Snape and I hope to find that tonight. Have a drink while I change into something a bit more pleasing for both of us." Motioning to the bottle and glasses on the table as she left him.

He watched here leave, her words turning him on to something more. Her voice was not of lust but of something that promised to be something more. But the lust was there and evident in undertones and he smelled her arousal. He poured himself a drink and sipped it waiting for her to reappear. This was something that he had never experienced before and he found himself intrigued and willing.

Hermione arrived back holding a bottle of oil in one hand, dressed in a see through white negligee holding a long white towel in her other hand. She covered the low table in her room with the towel and moved to him.

He stood still as she removed his long sleeved shirt and tossed it down, sighing as her nimble fingers ran across his chest tracing the scars. "The male body never ceases to amaze me." She breathed out.

She continued to undress him and stepped away. "Such a fine specimen Professor Snape." She purred out taking note of the scars and his erection jutting out. She grabbed his hand and led him to the table. "Lay down on your stomach Professor Snape."

He did as he was told and felt warm oil spread across his shoulders and felt her sit on his ass and moaned out in pleasure as he felt her nimble fingers working in the oil to his back. Her touch was sensual, something that he never experienced before. With the whores it was always mechanical with no feeling.

She leaned over and pulled back his limp long hair and whispered in his ear. "One night stands are not necessarily a fuck and go Professor Snape. I require more from you and if you do not want that then walk out now. It is all about the act between a witch and a wizard, me and you here together for one moment in time to explore one another without the worries of the outside world."

She heard him growl out "More!" Voice muffled.

He felt her sit on his bum and then felt the drizzle of warm oil on his back. The white lace of her negligee touched his back as she leaned down to massage his shoulders, releasing the tight knots of his muscle. He shuddered and let out an involuntary sigh.

"It's nice isn't it Professor. I have a feeling that you have never experienced this before. I promise it gets better." Her finger slowly ran down the center of his spine.

She massaged his bum and traced a finger down the crack. "A lot of possibilities there but unfortunately we are not prepared." Hearing a soft sigh of pleasure from him. She was surprised that he allowed this because he was a wizard that never allowed power over him not matter what the venue. "Are you enjoying this Professor?"

"I am witch but I wonder what more you have in store for me." The wizard growled out. He never spent so much time with a witch but it was worth it tonight. He not only wanted to fuck her but found that he desired her as well. Oh and he would do exactly that. Fuck her hard after she had her way with him.

"Turn over Professor." Hermione requested and watched him do as requested.

Severus felt her move off him and moved until he was on his back, his impressive erection standing tall. "Do you like what you see Miss Granger?" He purred out.

She stood over him and poured warm oil onto his chest and began to work it in. "I do Professor Snape and soon I will allow you to have your way with me. Just indulge me a little bit longer."

She rubbed his chest and ran a finger along his clavicle eliciting another moan. "Gods witch how do you know this considering you were only with Weasley? He is an imbecile in everything."

Hermione chuckled. "I was not exclusive with Ron Professor. I told you that I was not what I seemed. I spent time with someone who taught me."

She moved down not remarking on the scars that crossed his chest. She traced a finger down the coarse black hair that started from his navel and led down to his cock.

Severus growled out in frustration as she moved lower and did not address his cock, instead using the palm of her hand to message his inner thighs. Gods! He grew even harder at her touch as she moved down, applying oil as needed. She massaged his legs and moved down nimbly pressing his big toe which was known as an erotic point on the male body.

She heard a moan and moved up to his erection. "I supposed I have ignored this." She whispered out. Gods touching his body turned her on so much that the desire she felt after the hen night quadrupled.

Hermione placed her lips on the tip of his cock and placed her other on the base squeezing it tightly. She began to go down on him hearing his surprise as she twisted her hand in a left motion up on his shaft on her down stroke.

Severus closed his eyes and moaned out at the explosive feeling of his cock. Gods if she kept that up he would not last and he wanted his cock wrapped around up her.

He allowed her to continue for a few moments before he snarled out. "Witch it is time I took you!" Pushing her away and stood up as well. "I do not think you need this." Holding a hand out and silently removing the flimsy negligee that adorned her body. He picked her up and kicked open the door leading to her bed and laid her down. "I smell you Miss Granger and I will give you what you want."

Scrambling down he grabbed her legs and wrapped them about his shoulders and plunged in barely hearing her moans as he began to pound into her. He was focused on his need for release only, barely registering her squeal of pleasure as he took her.

The room began to grow hot as he pounded into her, drips of his sweat dripping onto her body as he drove on.

Suddenly the witched stiffened up and he slowed his thrust and felt her velvet walls clap down hard and heard her shout out "Professor!"

He rode through her orgasm and growled out. "That is for you and I am not sated yet."

He felt her sharp nails grab hold of his bum bringing forth a need of more as she held him as he continued. Soon he felt his balls tightened and released into her as he continued to pound into her. "I'm coming!" He shouted out and felt his balls tighten for a moment before he saw stars and pumped into her as he panted out driving into her. Soon his motions slowed and he pulled out of her, wrapping his arms around her for a moment. "Have I satisfied you before your marriage Miss Granger?"

"Yes." She sleepily replied as she fell asleep in his arms.

He waited until the witch was deep in sleep and then moved out of her bed. He looked down to her for a moment before he dressed and left her room.


He stood at the back of the chapel observing the marriage of Potter, Miss Weasley and Miss Granger.

He watched as Potter placed a chaste kiss upon Miss Granger's lips before he turned to Miss Weasley and kissed her passionately. She would play second fiddle and that would not be right.

Severus left the chapel as the official announced out. "I present to you Mrs. Ginerva Potter and Mrs. Hemione Potter."

He heard the cheers and remembered the witch in his arms. He was a selfish bastard and he would call in a few markers. In a year or two she would be his.