While the kiss in Original Song was oh so lovely, there's millions of ways that those two boys could have shared their first kiss.

This will be a series of one-shots showing what could have started Klaine. Some will be from earlier episodes in the show, some totally random AU moments, some from an established relationship, others not. I hope to cover all genres and thoroughly exhaust my obsession of these two boys locking lips (which may never happen).

I would love love love for people to give their ideas on what they want to see happen. Therefore, this is a prompt fic. I'll take any prompts I'm given :)

So here's the first story! This is a prompt from Kasumi the Stargazer who posted three different prompts which I will joyfully work through. The prompt for this one: Oh! Or you could make them kiss while Blaine is sleeping over at Kurt's in BIOTA, only he doesn't remember because he was drunk!

So here's my take on it. Instead of making it a drunken kiss with no real meaning, I've made it so it's canon compliant (at least in my opinion) and possibly a stretch of the imagination but I adore it (yes, I will be the first to admit that I love my own stories - I just write what I think I'd love to read). When my friends talk about the parties they went and got wasted at, they mention the different types of drunks (kinda like the profile in BIOTA that Finn does for Rachel) and this isn't actually all that uncommon. I think Blaine would be the 'spill your soul' type person and I've gone from there. Enjoy!


Kurt groans as he attempts to lug Blaine out the door of the party. Blaine whines, clutching at the doorframe. "But I wanna stayyyyyy!" he whines, digging his heels into the ground. "Finn gets t'stay."

"Yes, that's because Finn 'forgot' he was a designated driver and had some drinks and now he can't drive." There's a thud from inside and Rachel starts giggling. "And it sounds like he just passed out anyway, and he's a deadweight when he's out so he can just stay here and fend off Rachel's advances when he wakes up."

Kurt finally manages to detach the drunken boy from the doorframe and begins to tug him none-too-gently towards his car. Blaine is about to start complaining again when he sees the moon and begins to try and catch it. Kurt rolls his eyes and manages to drag Blaine to the car where he fumbles with his keys. Unlocking the door, he turns back to Blaine to find him trying to take off Kurt's shirt, again. "No, Blaine," Kurt says sternly, tugging his hands away from his shirt. "My clothes stay on. So do yours."

Blaine pouts but allows himself to be led into the car and have his seatbelt strapped on. Kurt kiddy-locks his door before shutting him in and walking over to his side. There's a crash from inside the house and Quinn's voice can be heard yelling something about monkeys. Kurt shakes his head and, not for the first time tonight, pats himself on the back for not drinking. He slips into the drivers seat and looks across at Blaine who is poking the dashboard with too much interest considering it isn't doing anything in response.

Kurt winds down the passenger window as he puts the Navigator into gear. "Blaine," he says sternly to the giggling boy beside him. "That window is down so you can be sick. If you feel like you're going to be sick, stick your head out the window. I will not be stopping so you can have the opportunity to try and fall out of my car. I am also not above throttling a drunk person if any vomit lands inside my car. Understood?" And Blaine nods like the petulant three year old he appears to be.

Of course, the first time Blaine sticks his head out the window, Kurt pulls over instantly to make sure he's okay, wrinkling his nose as he pats the back of the vomiting boy.

Kurt turns off the engine and checks the time. 1:14. Okay, if his dad caught him coming in at this time, he'd be in trouble. If his dad caught him coming in with a drunk person, he'd really be in trouble. If his dad caught him coming in with a drunk gay person, well, he probably wouldn't be allowed out of the house until he turned 25. This required subtlety.

"Blaine - Blaine!" he says to the boy beside him who has been staring vacantly out the window muttering something about cotton candy under his breath. "We're going to play a game, okay?"

And now he has the drunk boy's full attention. "I love games!" he exclaims enthusiastically. "Is it pass the parcel? Cause I'm good at that!"

Kurt sighs and wonders again why he loves this idiot. "No, it's not pass the parcel. It's - " he searches wildly for a good title and settles for the truth. "It's called 'keep away from the big scary sleeping man with a shotgun.' We have to be really quiet so he doesn't wake up and shoot you, okay?"

Blaine nods repeatedly until Kurt reaches over and stops him. "Okay," he says, hopping out of the car and opening Blaine's door to unbuckle his seatbelt for him. He crosses his fingers and hopes it works.

By some miracle, Blaine is better at being quiet when he's drunk than sober - possibly because he's not breaking into song all over the place. They make it to Kurt's room without incident and Kurt shuts the door behind them after quickly checking down the hall to make sure his dad and Carol's door is shut. He turns around to find Blaine jumping on his bed giggling his head off. Kurt just smiles and sits on the couch to watch him. It was times like these that Kurt really wants to see videos of Blaine as a child.

Blaine eventually gets sick of being a three year old and turns serious. He lies back on the bed and beckons for Kurt to join him. Kurt reluctantly gets up and sits on the bed beside Blaine. "Can we play truth or dare?" he asks.

Kurt wrinkles his nose. "No, honey, we played enough of that at the party -"

"You called me honey." Blaine looks far too pleased with this term of endearment. "I think you're like honey too. Sweet and soft and - and beautiful."

Kurt feels his breath catch in his throat because did Blaine just call him beautiful?

Blaine must see the look on Kurt's face because he sighs and sits up unsteadily, clutching Kurt's shoulder for balance. And Blaine may be off his face drunk, but there's something in his eyes that Kurt can't quite read, something that tells him that the boy is more aware right now than he is sober.

"Kurt, I'm not g'na remember any of this tomorrow. 's just the way I am. So - so I need to tell you this now because I know how sad it makes you when I don't seem to notice you being totally 'n love with me." Kurt hisses in a breath. "D'worry, I don't notice when I'm su-sober. Just like I don't notice that I'm in love with you too."

And Kurt thinks someone must have spiked his punch after all because there is no way Blaine is lying in his bed telling him he loves him. No way.

"So I'll wake up tomorrow and won't remember any of this. And I'll probably keep being an idiot and not being can-cin- won't think about your feelings. But I need you to know that the Blaine in here," he pats his chest unsteadily, "loves you. A lot. And some day, some awesome day, he's gonna wake up and realize and you two are gonna be so happy. But until then, you need to have courage."

And before he knows what's happening, Blaine is leaning towards him and oh God, he's going to kiss me -

Their lips touch. And Kurt wants to cry because this isn't how he imagined he wanted his first kiss with Blaine to be but at the same time it's so perfect. And when Blaine finally gets his act together, they'll have another chance at it and Kurt will make damn sure that it's real perfection.

Blaine pulls away, smiles goofily and passes out.

Kurt just blinks. Once again, not quite how he'd imagined it. And not how he'd planned the night to end up; he was going to put Blaine on his couch but Blaine looks so adorable lying there in his bed that he can't resist. He deliberates for a long moment whether to just curl up next to Blaine and damn the consequences in the morning ... but no. With a reluctant sigh and one last look at the sleeping boy, he flicks off the light and makes his way to the couch.

The room is quiet except for the sound of Blaine's breathing and Kurt imagines that some day that same sound will be repeated in a room of their own, except he actually will be cuddled up next to Blaine. Until then, Kurt can only wait until the oblivious boy finally gets his act together.

Maybe someday, Kurt will tell him what went on tonight. For now, he can just let Blaine sweat over whether he did something really embarrassing or not.

And Kurt slips off to sleep with a small, hopeful smile.

There you go Kasumi the Stargazer, hope you like it :) And everyone else of course!

I adore writing prompts so please keep them coming. I have three more to work through now but I'd love many more. Just to clarify, it doesn't have to be scenes from the show. It can totally ignore the kiss in Original Song and be somewhere in the future, or at a random point in the timeline that isn't shown on screen. Let your imaginations go wild!

Please review with your ideas and feedback :)