Memoirs of a Mobwife

Ch 20

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Emily Bronte

I already knew when Edward arrived since I was watching on camera, but Travis alerted me none-the-less when he at the gate. Edward immediately began to ask questions sizing Travis up, but he wasn't phased at all. Travis was polite and professional even after Edward wanted to know "who the fuck he was" and threatened that "he better not cross the line with me".

I opened the door and gasped at how awful he looked. His clothes looked like he'd slept in them, his hair was longer. I could see bruises healing and a scar fading from a cut on his lip marring his beautiful face. It made him look bad ass, but I'd rather look at his unmarked face instead.

"Hey," he said when I opened the door, carrying a bouquet of yellow roses.

"Hi," I replied shyly.

"These are for you."

"Thank you." I took the flowers from him and put them in a vase in the foyer.

We sat on the couch for a few moments, not saying a word but it spoke volumes.

"I love what you done here, haven't been in here for awhile," Edward said, looking around at the fresh sage paint in the living room.

"Yeah, I like it here… Edward, what are you hoping for by coming here?" I asked, not wanting to beat around the bush.

"I need to make things better… I love you, and I can't be away from you anymore. I know it's hurting you too. You don't look much better than I do."

He was right, in some twisted way our appearances reminded me of ET and Elliot when they were taken away from each other. Okay not that extreme but you could tell the separation had affected us both.

"You're right, I am hurt, shocked, angry, devastated, the list is endless. I love you and I am sorry for assuming that you would cheat on me. I should of had better faith in you, but you should have told me about where you were going and why. Maybe if I was given the choice and not have Charlie thrown back into my life so abruptly I may have reacted differently and things would have ended differently.

"You're right. We made a mistake, but we were so clouded by making sure that you stayed safe, that we would have done anything."

"I don't see how having Charlie here is going to change things, you heard what Carlisle said. I took my vow, that doesn't change anything but my rank and you know this. Hell I had people wanting to kill me and I barely knew about all this. You know as well as I do, that if people want to hurt you they are going to try no matter who you are."

"I see your point, we never want you to go through what you did when you were shot," Edward murmured remorsefully.

"So what happened to your face?" I inquired.

"The scar is from Rosalie, she punched me after you left. It turns out the big diamond on her wedding ring can cut flesh as well as glass," he chuckled.

"And the rest?"

"Jasper and I had a disagreement," he said, rubbing the yellowish bruise under his eye. "I was in the right and so was he. It's all squashed now well except for Rosalie. Mom is angry, she didn't know anything about this either. I've never seen her so furious. She cussed, screamed and threw things at Charlie and Dad for hours, when she got tired mom broke, she cried and told Dad and Charlie to get her daughter back and make things right or there was a headstone waiting for them. I believed her, she's very convincing when she pissed."

"Yeah, you should have seen her the first time Rose and I came home drunk. She paraded us to every store that sold alcohol within a twenty miles radius while we had a hangover and told them if they sold us anything, she would burn their business to the ground." I recalled the memory of that day.

"How did you get any beer?" Edward asked laughing.

"Pinky dick... Um... well Jacob got us fake id's. She found those too and went to his Dad. He had to cut Esme's yard the whole summer for free,"

"I can imagine Rose and you giving mom hell. Emmett and I were no different for my dad," he chuckled and sighed sadly. "Baby, I am so sorry, I need to make this right. I need us to be okay."

"Tell me what happened in Atlanta," I requested nervously, because I wasn't sure if he would explain everything to me.

"First off I never mean to cuff you. I knew if you had woken up while I was getting ready to leave I would have spilled everything and you would have wanted to go. I couldn't let you go down there, if that truck is clue of the destruction you could cause, the whole city would have been in flames. I like to keep the pyrotechnics in one city where I can control the police a bit better. Have you seen that movie My Cousin Vinny? That guy only stole a can of tuna down south and he almost got the chair, imagine what committing arson on a whole city would get you."

I laughed. "Are you trying to be funny?"

"It made you smile, didn't it?"

"Yeah, it did" I grinned at him.

Edward took a deep breath and continued, "When I got down there, I wasn't sure what to expect. Charlie was given no warning about my arrival. I tracked him the first day to get his schedule down. The last contact Carlisle had with Charlie was right before you came here. Charlie mentioned that a few people down there were becoming suspicious after the last time Carlisle went to see him, and that was during that time. So all contact was severed unless in case of emergency. Carlisle tried to communicate with him after you got shot. My dad was gonna tell Charlie that he had to come back, no more hiding. This had already affected you too much. After a few weeks, Dad got nothing and tried to handle it on his end without him. We never thought in a million years, you would be put in the position that you would be essentially forced to take your vow. I had always been careful about making the meetings and handling business… I feel like its my fault… I should have been there," Edward said obviously frustrated.

"You were in jail, that couldn't be helped," I sympathized.

"Yes, it could of Bella. Remember that night at the club with that guy Alec?" I nodded not sure of where he was going with this story.

"Well afterward we found out Alec Macomb was a low level associate of Vanessa Marino; he nickel and dime shit, nothing major. Carlisle called Vanessa and told her she was to deliver Alec to us in compensation for hurting you and if she didn't he would see it as disrespect. Vanessa without hesitation complied. I was so pissed and usually I have my head on right. But that day I was so blinded by rage when everything was said and done Bella. I popped him in the head with my gun, the gun that I kept at Cullen construction. The fucked up part of it all was the bullet in you couldn't be positively identified as coming from that gun, so they used the bullet that was in Alec's head to make the match and of course it would have cause I did shoot him with that gun, so had I not lost my cool, I wouldn't have been in jail and you wouldn't had to take the vow."

"That's all water under the bridge, we can't do the coulda, woulda , shoulda's now. How did Charlie take you being there?"

"I waited till the next day, when he was leaving. I walked up to him as he was getting into the car and said 'Charlie, we have to talk about your daughter' of course this sent him into a panic and he threatened me, which, I expected from the get-go. I spent the next four hours explaining everything to him. He was upset, blamed himself for awhile. Then, Charlie became angry and blamed us. He didn't want this life to touch you. I had to remind him that Carlisle had kept it from you as long as he could. He was furious when he found out you had been shot and that you were Carlisle's second, then he realized why he was called back in."

"Why did Emmett and Jasper go down there?"

"We ran into a issue taking care of Charlie's affairs. We weren't expecting a complication and Carlisle assumed that Brooke Davis was just a ruse so that the money couldn't be detected. When I got to Atlanta though we found out that, she was in fact a real person and..." Edward hesitated for a moment before continuing. "...that she's your sister," Edward whispered the last part and letting the words hang in the air.

I didn't think it was possible to process all the shit I had to in the last couple of months, but the hits just kept coming and coming.

"Wow! Are you fucking kidding me?" I gasped. Then I felt this odd twinge jealousy. He hadn't missed me at all. Charlie had a replacement. "How old is she, have you seen her?"

"Yes, she is almost six and her name is Brooklyn Renee." That felt like a slap in the face, to name some whore's child after my mother. "She is quite eager to meet her big sister, that's the only way we got her to sit still long enough on the flight back. Emmett is loving his new playmate. Brooke tried to arm wrestle him."

"I don't know what I want to do. I want to meet her, but I'm just gonna need some time, to handle all this."

"They understand, we all do. No one is gonna push you. I was thinking that maybe we could go away for awhile, just you and I, to work on us." Edward hedged uncertainly.

"Um..." I was apprehensive but I couldn't fight the love I have for him "I don't think I can get away right now. There is a lot to still be done with Serenità and I am still quite mad at you," I whispered kissing his jaw.

I still craved his touch and the way his presence sent ripples of electricity throughout my body. It didn't take long before his mouth was on mine and I was straddling his lap, grinding into his cock. I missed it very much.

"No more secrets," I demand looking at him.

"No more," he replied kissing me chastely on the lips. I rested my head on his chest reveling in the connection, that I'd been missing.

We were quiet for a while and let my mind wander to everything Edward told me, and I started to feel bad for the little girl that Charlie had.

"Charlie is gonna have a price on his head, is it fair to potentially leave Brooke fatherless? I know what that feels like," I mentioned, holding him closer to me.

"That's the life we signed up for. We are not going to go looking for war and conflict but we will protect our family. We will cross that road when and if it happens."

Carlisle called Edward home a few hours later. He reluctantly went after I assured him that Travis was nothing but professional, and that he was indeed married with a family. Also that he and his team were quite capable of keeping me and the grounds safe. My mind in overloadand exhausted I went to bed.


My peace was short lived though, when a few days later there was a commotion reported at the gates. I quickly armed myself and went to see what was going on through the cameras. The sight before me had me rolling in laughter. It was Travis's day off and Morgan, Travis's relief was in a standoff with two pissed off women. I'm going to have to give that boy a raise, I thought to myself.

"Ma'am, I am under strict orders to not let you in. There is a list," Morgan explained.

"I don't give a flying fuck about a damn list, these gates will be opened by me or you. Take your pick," Rosalie's fingers waved in his face.

"There is no way I can let you inside, without approval from the main house," Morgan replied calmly.

It was then that Alice tapped Rose and pointed to the camera. Rose walked past him and look straight into the camera. "Bitch, I know you see me and I know you're watching this shit. Tell the maytag man to open this fucking gate, cause we both know Alice and I are coming in no matter what," Rose warned.

"Mrs. McCarthy, please calm down and respect Miss Swan's wishes or I will have the police remove you," Morgan said with slight irritation to her antics. I could totally relate, she'd always been a bit theatrical.

"What! You gonna call the po-po on us?" Alice raised her voice in amusement.

"Yes ma'am, Mrs. Whitlock. It's procedure."

"I ain't scared of no po-po. Call da po-po hoe," Alice laughed out loud. I saw then that I had to stop this, before she went Mini-Madea on him. Morgan was a white man from the Midwest. He wouldn't get the humor from a Madea a Black woman from the south.

I could tell he froze in confusion to Alice's sudden change in dialect. I pushed the intercom. "Morgan," I said.

"Yes. Miss Swan?"

"Let those crazy bitches in," I laughed. "And I apologize for their behavior. The Looney hospital will give anyone a day pass these days." I hear him snicker and open the gate for them.

I stood there with the door opened as they pulled into the drive. Rosalie was now driving a Black BMW 3.

"You got some fucking nerve making us wait for two months to see you. We are your sisters. We deserve better then that Bella," Rosalie said as she took a swing at me. I ducked and her fist connected with Jarred, another one of Travis personnel. He ran perimeter checks and was instructed to stay close when there was company around.

Rosalie stood in surprise that she hit a stranger. Jarrod just shook it off and introduced himself.

"I told Rose, it was a bad idea to come here mad but like always, she didn't listen, too hot headed for her own good, no patience," Alice said coming up and giving me a hug. "Hey Bella. How are you?"

"I'm good Alice. Come inside, since you're already here."

There was no big fanfare or sentiments of love. I love them and they loved me we all knew this. We just naturally picked up where we'd left off. We didn't stay mad, we were sisters. We made plans for a night out just the girls and I.

The family drama not just my own, but everyone else's was working a nerve. It seems that since Rosalie and Alice were married women, Daniela and Esme have started on the grandkids talk. I for once was very thankful to be out of that conversation.

I inquired on Brooke and they had nothing but good things to say about her. She was smart and very cute, she was also curious and inquisitive. I remembered being like that at that age.

I received a call from Carlisle, a few days after Rose and Alice's visit. I was astonished he'd waited that long.


"Bella, sweetheart how are you doing?" He asked.

"I am fine sir. Are you calling for a specific reason?" I didn't want to waste time on idle conversations.

"Yes, I've called a meeting tomorrow night at five, dinner will be served at six. Esme misses you... We all miss you. I trust we will see you there."

"Yes, sir."


I arrived fifteen minutes early so that I would be able to see who was coming, but I ended up being the last one to show up, from the body language they'd all been there for awhile. You know the feeling you have when your name been on the lips of those inside a room. Yeah I got that. It made me feel defensive and suspicious.

"Hey, B!" Emmett engulfed me into a hug, smiling wide enough to make his dimples stand out.

" Hi Em, married life looks good on you," I replied.

"I can't complain." He wagged his eyebrows "I'm gonna need your piece before we walk in though. Sorry, B." I could see the honesty in his eyes. He really was sorry to have to take my gun.

"What the hell! Did you take everyone's or is it just mine?" I asked.

"Everyone's was taken. It's Carlisle new policy, ever since a nine millimeter went threw a first edition Charles Dickens novel," he said winking at me. "If it makes you feel better the other girls didn't like it either. I tell you what, give me the nine and I'll let you keep the SS you have in your bra."

"Thank you. I promise to behave," I said kissing him on the cheek.

I noticed Carlisle's office had been recently redecorated, there was the smell of fresh paint and hardwood floors replaced the plush white carpet. One wall had paintings and photographs, and the bookshelves were removed. I caused one small whole and I wasn't going to feel guilty over the cost of a renovation that I am sure Esme talked him into doing. I'm sure she was begging for an excuse after all. A wall was also taken out to accommodate a bigger conference table. I could see my seat had been chosen for me, towards the head by Carlisle, Edward across from me and the girls beside me. Charlie, who I am sure is responsible for the now no-gun policy and Marcus were at the other end. He didn't try to speak or acknowledge me. That's exactly how I wanted it.

I kissed Edward on the lips and out of respect chastely kissed Carlisle's cheek before I took my seat.

"I just wanted to touch base with everyone. We've all been doing our own thing for the last several weeks and now there is some talk about this family not being as united as first perceived, but that couldn't be further from the truth. We will fight and argue but in the end we are here for one another. This rumor has gotten around to the other families, I expect one of them to try and test our strength and dedication to this family. Whatever spats we have I ask that you keep it behind closed doors. Our enemies are waiting for the perfect time to strike and it will happen at the weakest link." Carlisle sighed loudly and continued his lecture, "we are expecting a shift in rank within the next few weeks and I need this to go smoothly," he said looking at me.

"You won't get any problems out of me sir," I replied.

I watched Carlisle give Edward a wink as he went back to address me, "Isabella, I just wanted to tell you we have missed you and welcome back."

"Thank you, sir," I mumbled.

"Okay so does anyone have any business to discuss, before we dive into Esme's pot roast?"
Marcus reminded us that the hospital sent invitations to the dedication of the Swan Spine and Rehab facility that was to be held in December. I was shocked and humbled that Cullen construction donated time and materials to a facility to help others who were like me. They'd also set up a foundation so that people could receive these services free. Rose and Alice even coordinated with Sabrina my old physical therapist to put together similar programs to those that helped me.

I know they did it for me out of love and turned one of the most tragic events of my life into something positive.

Emmett and Jasper inquired on shipments and I confirmed delivery dates. Alice and Rose wanted to tag along for pick up but their overprotective husbands told them no, earning them the couch for a few nights, I am sure.

"I have a request of you Isabella," Carlisle said, turning his attention to me. "I was wondering if you would accompany Edward to Meadows Winery in Charleston, South Carolina. It's a new venture we've recently acquired..." Now lets talk about the word acquired; translation: The fuck owed me money, he didn't pay and we took his shit "...and I would prefer to send Edward with you. Look at as a mini vacation."

"Sir, I would love to but I am still overseeing a lot of the work with Serenità. When would you want us to go?"

"Bella, I am needing someone down there in two days. Esme would love to help you with the house and I know you trust her to look after the renovations. the house is safe. Mr. Walker is the absolute best in his field, and I'll have Jasper and Emmett check up everything if you're worried."

"Yes sir. I will go to Charleston with Edward," I replied. I still wasn't sold on the idea, and for brief moment I entertained the thought that maybe they were just gonna whack me while I was down there, but I conceded to going anyway. The light tapping of the door alerted us that dinner was served.

Everyone left the room except for Carlisle, Edward, Charlie and I. Carlisle had requested that we stay behind. I knew this was when The Little girl Brooke was going to brought up.

"Edward told me that he told you about Brooklyn," Carlisle began.

"Yes sir."

"And what do you think about it?"

"To be honest, I wouldn't mind meeting her. Its not her fault her father is a piece of shit," I replied honesty.

I heard Charlie start to say something but Edward looked at him like he was mentally chastising him and it was all forgotten.

"Okay, Edward bring her in," Carlisle ordered.

A few moments later I heard the small tapping sounds of a small dress shoes walk in. Brooklyn was a very pretty girl, we shared the same eyes and reddish tint in our hair. She was in a pink dress with white lace overlay, pink ribbons sat up top her pigtails. She walked over to me and gave me a huge hug. It was awkward at first but I hugged her back.

"Daddy says you're my sister. I am five and my name is Brooklyn Renee. You can call me Brooke. Okay?" Brooke finally said out of breath.

"Yes, Brooke I am your sister Bella. It's nice to meet you."

"Took you long enough I waited forever. That man Edward..." Brooke pointed at him "said if I behaved on the big bird, then I could see my sister. You took too long, I thought he lied to me. It's not nice to lie, but now you're here, so he not lie."

I just nodded my head and look right dead at Charlie "You're right Brooke, it's not nice to lie, but I am here now, so we can do sister things together sometime, if you want."

Brooke moved closer and cupped her hands to my ear. "I asked Edward to be my boyfriend," she giggled.

I gasped smiling "You did? What did he say?"

Brooke giggled again and replied, "that you were his girlfriend and that he loved you. Do you love him back?"
"Yes Brooke, I love him back, very much." I looked up smiling at him.

Dinner was bit awkward, but I missed Esme's cooking. She hugged me and scolded me for being away so long. I sat in between Brooke and Edward. Brooke was on a rant about how she wanted scrambled egg and grits for breakfast this morning and Esme didn't know what "grits" was. I laughed at her I assumed she lived in Atlanta her whole life. Her accent was too cute. Esme laughed when she finished the story explaining that Brooke made her Youtube how to make grits.

I enjoyed spending time with my sister. Charlie kept a dutiful eye on her, at least he was a good father to her. I noticed his eyes held remorse and longing, but I would hold my ground. It was the least I could do for my mother. I had lots of questions for him, like why did he leave, who was Brooke's mother, was she the reason he left? but I refused to be jaded with a daddy complex, but things were the way they were. I was an adult and I refused to waste time whining on what I had and didn't have.

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