Waking up and Tests

Hey guys Kiki here Rebelanna has been writing chapters for help so when I give the computer back tomorrow she will update.


I woke up to be tied to a chair.

"What is going on?" I said as I look around to see Kendall, Carlos, and Logan tied to chairs also.

"Well, James I want the perfect boy band and you are going to be in it." said a old man with gray hair.

"WHAT, NO, I WANT TO GO HOME!" I yelled as I started crying.

The man came over to me and slapped me.

"For that you are going first." He said as the others woke up.

"James what is go..." Kendall started to ask but the man cut him off.

"James is going to show you what I kidnapped you for and if any of you says a word you are next." The man said.

Soon I was being carried to this room with a bed with chains, the next thing I know my hands and feet were chain to each pole.

Soon a woman walk in with a tray with five or six shots on it.

"Now each shot is going to do something to your body." she said as she pulled on the sweatpants I just realize I was only wearing.

The first shot was inserted in my back and a few minutes I could tell it was infecting my whole body.

I felt pain shoot though my body and it was unbearable and I could help but scream and cry.

After an hour it finally stopped, I looked down and notice that I was sitting up and my feet was touching the end of the bed.

Then the woman come back and gave me another shot in my arm and the same pain as before, this time it only lasted an 20 minutes.

When I looked down this time the body look different, I ran a hand down my stomach and didn't feel the lump of my stomach instead six tight lumps.

The woman came back and gave me another shot in my lower stomach, and soon I felt something growing then I notice it was poking up in my sweatpants.

Then the woman gave me something to knock me out.


We watch in horror as all these changes started happening to James.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HIM?" I yelled as I watch James fall asleep.

"You will see." the man said as I felt a needle in my skin, before I blacked out I saw Logan and Carlos already passed out.


I woke up in pain and notice three other older boys was in the room still asleep.

I got up and looked around till I noticed a mirror.

The guy in it couldn't be me could it.

I reach out and touched the mirror, the guy did the same.

I fell to the floor crying.

We can't go home now.

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