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"Our element being air, the Peri hate being confined. The Haoma has ravaged much of Izdihaar and imprisoned my people. It was said that a prince of Persia would vanquish the Haoma, fulfilling my people's promise," the Peri said.

The prince asked, "How can I stop it?"

"There is only one way. You must find the sword in the stone. With it, you will kill the Haoma by striking at its heart. We will give you the help of the Djinn," the Peri turned into his wind shape again and touched the prince. "Tust kadrat parii, jan raftah az hawaa." A bright light shone, the prince took a few steps backward.

"What did you do?" the prince asked, stunned.

The Peri returned to his human shape. "If you wish to stop the Haoma, you will need more Time. I have given it to you. In addition, a final warning. Any ordinary sword will not kill the heart of the Haoma."

"I'll keep that in mind."

"Go. There is no hope for this Kingdom if you do not find the sword."

Exiting the chamber, the prince found he was on a ledge made of white marble. On the other side lay another ledge; a huge expanse of space lay between them. From where he was standing, the prince could see elaborate marble carved archways, thick pillars supporting them that extended all the way to the misty heights below. Intricately carved wooden screens were on the wall to his left, golden poles protruded from its surface. The prince swung from pole to pole towards the opposite ledge. Coming nearer, he found out that there were a few of the Haoma's minions waiting for him. They were once Izdihar's soldiers. Tainted by the Haoma, the soldiers transformed into plant-like beasts.

Using the power of flight, the prince leapt across the gap and attacked the waiting enemies. He unleashed a whirlwind attack, creating a whirlwind that knocks down his enemies giving him time to inflict damage, slashing through them with his sword.

Note: I find it very difficult to describe the beauty of the environments in prince of Persia and the combat scenes that occur regularly throughout the game without sounding boring and repetitive. Ach, I feel that I have not done the game justice. Please comment on whether I should continue this story.