So, here it is. A story about the Keyblade War. This is certainly going to be an interesting ride. Before we start, though, I want to say two things:

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2. A bolded word in the context of the story signals that a time and/or perspective change has occurred.

Ok, those two things being said, read on. And to those who read Guardian Twin…see if you can catch the references.

Chapter One: Enter the Past

Yen Sid's old gaze strayed from the book that lay on his desk to the window the let in the light of the stars blazing in the night sky. He sighed heavily. He'd already sent Mickey to retrieve Sora and Riku for their Mark of Mastery exam. It was only a matter of time now before they arrived. Yet, he could not help but feel melancholy. "It appears…time is catching up to me," he murmured.

He felt his gaze drawn back to the book on his desk. It didn't seem like all that long ago that the two Keybladers had defeated Xemnas and Organization XIII. It probably hadn't seemed like all long to the boys, either; none of the Destiny Island trio would remember the events that had transpired in the year that had passed.

He shook his head. "Everything moves along so much more quickly than it did before," he murmured. "All because of a boy…who was chosen by the Keyblade." He thought of what he'd been told of Sora, and of what he himself had seen, the events playing in a rewinding sequence through his mind as he closed his eyes:

A fight against time…

Sora and Riku struck the final blow, defeating Xemnas, but at the cost of being sent to the Realm of Darkness…

He fought against a mysterious Nobody in the Station of Awakening, not yet knowing the Nobody was his own…

Scouring the worlds, looking for the King and Riku…

Waking up, after being asleep for a year he didn't remember to regain his memories…

Defeating Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, and saving the worlds…

Finding himself fighting his best friend, Riku, even though he didn't want to…

Searching for his two best friends, Riku and Kairi, and making some new ones - like Donald and Goofy - along the way…

Destiny Islands falling apart, and, when it was needed most, the Keyblade appearing in his hands…

His eyes snapped open as he pulled himself away. "Perhaps it's best…not to get lost in the past." Yet he couldn't help thinking of those whose stories had been buried in the folds of time; those whose tales would soon come to light:

Xion dying in his arms…

Jumping into the darkness to save Terra, even if it meant she'd lose herself…

Destroying Vanitas, at the cost of his own heart…

Losing his body, but using his lingering strength to bring his armor to life…

He sighed. Yes, he knew those events would soon come to light, but…what about all the ones that would not? What about the ones of those who sacrificed everything to make sure the trio would even be able to save the worlds one final time?

Yen Sid, of course, was thinking of the events that had transpired during the last year that had passed. However, little did he know, those very words pertained to another…one who was listening to the whispers of the substantial world without really being able to hear them. He hailed from a time long passed…a time when Keybladers were not nearly so rare as they were in the present.

Now, let's rewind, to more than twelve years ago…

"But darkness did cover the world once, in legend," the old Keyblade Master rumbled, his voice rough with age. "We know so little about the Keyblade War - only that it was just the beginning. Amidst the crisis, a precious light was found." He turned his gaze behind him, amber eyes glowing as he looked at the man he had trained with as a pupil. "It is a curious tale - and one worth exploring."

He was headless of the growing anxiousness of his companion behind him, instead returning his gaze before him and motioning with his hands for emphasis as he continued. The resulting words ended up in a brief fight, the dark Keyblade Master prevailing.

That was it, then; the stories of the original Keyblade War were little more than legends in the time of these two Keybladers. But there was one, not so far off, who remembered every detail…because he'd lived through it himself. He'd experienced first hand both the darkness - and the light - that can be brought forth from the Keyblade.

This was the beginning of one saga. However, the legend of the Keyblade War begins long before, in a time when the worlds were not many, but one, and Keybladers were not so few in number. It's to go back…

…Before the beginning.

"Oh, my!"

The little boy lifted his brilliant blue eyes at his mother's startled exclamation. He blinked as he looked from the face of his mother to the face of the strange man that stood just inside their doorway. Beside him, he knew his younger brother, Trevor, was happily playing with blocks. He'd never liked blocks; he was much more interested in what the grown - ups talked about. And now he was more curious than ever.

The strange man smiled, his silver eyes glowing. He frowned. He tugged on the hem of his mother's dress. She looked down, and he whispered, "His eye's are strange, Mommy."

She looked appalled that he'd said such a thing, but he didn't understand why. She looked as if she were about to admonish him, but the man cut her off, laughing. "It's quite alright; I'm well aware that my eyes are not something common."

The woman sighed, looking down at the boy that stood beside her. "But…did you really mean it?"

"Of course."

She shook her head, looking at him with wide eyes. "But…they're so young! How can…?"

He held up his hand, once more cutting her off. "The oldest one has shown potential. He certainly had a strong heart, to stand up against such odds. Stronger still for trying to continue even after he'd been beaten."

"He only faced those bullies to protect Trevor," the woman replied, glancing to the younger boy that was still oblivious to the grown - ups' conversation. The older boy frowned. How could he still be playing with those things?

"And you don't think he could do it again, on his own?"

"I-I'm not sure," the woman stuttered, looking at her eldest son once more.

The stranger smiled, and odd glint in his eyes. "Why not let him answer for himself?"

When all eyes turned to him, he straightened, blue eyes shining. "I could do it," he puffed proudly.

"Well, then that settles it." The man hesitated, then added, "With your permission, ma'am?"

She exhaled a heavy sigh. "If he agrees, then I'll let you take him with you."

The stranger nodded, then turned back to him. The boy noticed his strange eyes once more. They spoke of great power, though his young mind had trouble comprehending what. Then the man extended a hand. Light flared around it, before forming into what look like a strange, oversized key. "This is a Keyblade," the man murmured. "Do you know what a Keyblade is?"

He nodded, then recited dutifully, "A Keyblade can only be used by special people. It's magic. The people who have them protect us."

The man nodded. "You can be one of those people."

The boy gaped. "Me?"

"Yes. All you have to do…is take it." The stranger bent down, extending the hand that held the Keyblade. "What do you say…Gillick?"

Amber eyes snapped open. Their owner sat up abruptly, looking around and seeing only the dead of night. He exhaled a heavy sigh. "It was only a dream."

He lifted his head to the moon, eyes narrowing. Well, it seems I'm never going to escape the past, am I? he thought bitterly as he stared up at the glowing sphere. He reached out a hand, grabbing his scabbard from where it lay beside him. He grasped the golden hilt and pulled out the blade, a silent inspection to make sure the weapon was ready when he needed it. The ruins etched into the warrior's blade glowed in the darkness of the night.

He sighed, re-sheathing his sword. Whatever. It doesn't matter anymore. He reached up to his face and touched the skin just below his eye. His eyes had power in them before; now mine do, too. He closed the amber orbs, letting himself fall backwards and attempting to return to sleep.

He would soon learn, however, that the Keyblade was not something you could escape so easily. And before long, Gillick Nogard would be called to duty once more.

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