Jules rushed through the unlocked door, seeing the confrontation in the newly decorated kitchen. "What's going on?" Jules asked, breathing loudly as she gave the most parental look towards the married couple. They both sighed, dropping their heads to the floor. They both looked up, their heads in line with each other as they began shouting their version of previous events. "SHUT UP" Jules insisted, covering her hands over her ears, hearing the couple quiet down and stop immedently regaining the sound of the neighbour's bird tweeting in the background. "Firstly, Ellie, go ahead" Jules pointed to her, she saw Andy raise his hand. "Yes Andy?" he stood crouched over "why did you choose her first?" he asked cleverly. "She's my best friend. Wait I shouldn't explain myself. Carry on Ellie" Jules smiled, she moved over to the wooden chair placing it facing opposite her friends. "Andy tried to drink out of the blue mug again" Ellie sulked like a small child. "Andy your turn" Jules smirked, she knew she'd instantly take Ellie's side, only once a few years ago did Ellie lie, she was always an honest person, she didn't need to be loved by others expect the people she loved, she was complex and real. "Firstly Andy don't drink out the blue mug, seriously? You know this! And Ellie calm down, go get peter and drink small sips" Jules suggested. Peter was the small shot glass they won from a poker match with a man named Peter.

Jules finally left her neighbours house, she opened her front door, seeing all the lights turned off, and a small lamp only left on leaving almost complete darkness. As she tipped toe through the main kitchen and hallway, she looked over to sofa, seeing her boyfriend laid across it, a small blanket covering him for warmth and the pillows used to support his head. She sat near him, bending down on the floor as she tried to slowly wake him to move him upstairs. "Gray" Jules rubbed his cheek; she felt the softness of her finger rub against the hard skin. "Mmmm" he sighed "oh hey, I tried too" Jules cut him out "I know" she smiled, kissing his forehead. "Let's get you to bed" she smiled, holding his hand as he slowly stood up, and walked him upstairs.

Jules awoke the next morning, her eyes disliking being forced open, and she slowly stood up and looked into the mirror. Her perfect curls now looking remotely flat and her makeup untouched. She turned around to see the open space where Grayson slept, his body print still remaining the soft sheet. She moved over to her dressing table admiring the photo frames. She picked up as she rubbed the sides of a photo on the beach she got of her and Grayson, it made her smile seeing them both so happy and yet so unaware of the photo. Travis, her son decided he'd start doing a photography class and used his own family as the project. Only this photo was the she kept, well at least let the public be allowed to see.

As she ran down the stairs, now fully dressed into a dress with flower prints, she saw the gang gathered around the kitchen, speaking in hush tones and their heads remaining close together and keeping down low to avoid any sound being let out of the circle. "Hmm" Jules interrupted. They all looked around seeing her Jules looking confused, she walked over closely almost processing and trying to figure out what the gang was up too. "Jules, look it's a bird over there!" Bobby shouted loudly, the gang turned their bodies sharply, ducking to the floor before all running out the centre of the room in different directions. "What?" Jules replied a few moments later, still searching around the first floor out of the windows, only to realise what Bobby had just did. "Bobby!"

The day slowly was ending, a click of the front door being opened woke Jules up, her body laid flat on the deck chair outside of her home, and she looked to watch seeing the time and sighed loudly. Behind her she felt a shadow go over her face and reflect half way down her body. "If you're a murderer my boyfriend's a black belt" Jules laughed slightly, seeing Grayson's head pop over into her vision as he placed a soft kiss on her lips before moving round and kneeing next to her. "So what have you done today?" Jules asked wisely, she knew they were up to something. "Well we just attempted to arrange your birthday party round your own home if that's what you mean?" Grayson simply let out. Jules sat quickly, watching as he didn't flinch or show any sign that he was lying. "So what's happening?" she kissed his lips, hoping this would hint for more information and bribe him. "Well all I'm going to say is, you're going to one very unsurprised lady" he kissed her forehead, leaving the garden and locking the backdoor as he went. "Grayson!" Jules shouted, they both stood laughing. Jules felt the rain touching her bare shoulders, as she pointed shakily trying to show Grayson it was raining. He played dead, pretending he couldn't see the raindrops hitting her face like they did in the shower. "I'm sorry what…I can't hear what you're saying?" he used his hands to show the confusion in his words, small laughs being escaped out of his mouth, before unlocking the door as the rain began getting harder. He moved over to the nearer the stairs, watching as Jules entered, her hair was dripping, making small puddles on the mat by the door, her clothes see-through. "Run, Ellis, Run" she began chasing him up the stairs.