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Jacob Anderson pulled his squad car over at the curb, smacking the siren off and leaping out. A giant mummy loomed over the warehouse district, roaring with laughter as he smashed through buildings. People ran every which way in blind panic, and the other policemen were trying to calm them down. Jacob went straight to the police chief for orders.

"Junior Police squad reporting, sir," he said, snapping a quick salute.

Chief Crandall gestured towards a gutted warehouse. "Check that building for survivors. And be careful; there may be Weeping Angels inside. If you spot anything that even looks like a statue, call for backup and don't take your eyes off it." Saluting again, Jacob charged off to obey, crunching rubble underfoot. Overhead, four Zords screamed down from the sky, and the people stopped running to cheer. Chief Crandall took advantage of the pause to start yelling evacuation instructions to his men.

One window of the second story was exposed, and Jacob smashed it in with the butt of his flashlight. Clipping it back to his belt, Jacob swung himself up, slid through the window and landed on the floor with a light thump. It was dark and cobwebby, the floor sagged down towards the far corner and part of the roof had collapsed, but he spotted a woman lying under a filing cabinet.

"Hey, are you okay?" Jacob yelled, but she didn't answer. The roof sagged, and dust trickled through. Panting, the Junior Police officer crawled under the cabinet, tensed his muscles, and pushed with his back. The cabinet went up and over with a crash, and Jacob checked the woman's pulse. He let out a deep breath as he found one, fast and light but definitely there.

"Hey!" Jacob ran back to the window. The floor sagged further, and hairline cracks spread outwards from the break. Waving frantically, he got the attention of a paramedic. "I've got an unconscious person in here!" He shouted, and the man ran over. "I'll pass her to you."

"Try and support her head, we don't know if she might have back injuries," the paramedic said, standing right up against the window. As carefully as he could, Jacob picked up the woman, resting her head in the crook of his arm, and carried her to the window. A huge chunk of the floor fell away, and the entire room shook.

Hands shaking, Jacob maneuvered the woman's feet out through the window, into the hands of the paramedic. There was a metallic groan, and Jacob looked over his shoulder to see one of the steel pillars bend under the weight of the ceiling. Sweat dripped into his eyes, blinding him momentarily. He was only holding the woman's head and shoulders now, and he nearly dropped her in his haste to get her out.

"Get clear!" He shouted to the paramedic, as the pillar tore in two with a screech and the ceiling fell in. Throwing up his arms, Jacob fell flat on his back as chunks of masonry and plaster rained down on him. Battered on all sides by the debris, the Junior Policeman rolled down towards the widening hole in the floor. He wondered briefly if the Power Rangers would notice him, and then he hit the basement floor with a bone-jarring crack, his vision flashed white, and darkness took over.


The first thing Jacob saw on opening his eyes was a white, low tiled ceiling. He blinked, and realized that he was lying flat on his back, on what was either a very uncomfortable bed or a padded table, and there was an IV in his left arm. He was clean, unbruised, in a hospital gown, and cuffed down by his upper arms and ankles. For a second, Jacob wondered what was going on, and then he remembered. Monster attack.

"Hey!" Jacob yelled, and tried to wriggle out of the restraints. "Is anyone there? Hello?" There wasn't. Dropping back on the table, Jacob realized that his hands and felt…wrong. First by flexing his fingers, and then reaching up, he realized that his fingers were all webbed. Beginning to panic, Jacob looked to the small bedside table, mainly filled with silvery, dangerous-looking tools. Awkwardly grabbing a metal tray, he shook the scalpels and forceps off with a clatter and held it up to his own face.

Bright yellow eyes looked back at him, distorted by the tray but still very clearly there. He had three slits on either side of his throat, which twitched open as he inhaled sharply. Jacob dropped the tray with a clang, slumping back against the thin layer of padding.

He was still trying to put all the pieces together when the door opened. Jacob twisted around to see a hunchbacked, dwarfish man enter, shut the door, and look him in the eye. He didn't look surprised or bothered in the least, though it was difficult to tell under his bushy eyebrows and hooked nose.

"Who are you? What's going on?" The stranger said nothing, only coming closer. Jacob grabbed the hunchback's wrists, glaring up at him. The man was completely unfazed.

"Igor Fischer, and you were beyond the help of normal science when we got you out of that building," the man said, jerking his arms free and seizing Jacob's IV-ed arm. Jacob pulled away, but Fischer's grasp was firm, and he began removing the needle.

"You're also in the Hexagram, if you're wondering. No I will not tell you what that is. You are probably wondering why you look like this. It's complicated, but all you need to know is that I have a drug based on previous formulas used to regenerate monsters to make them grow giant-sized," Fischer said, letting go of Jacob's arm and shuffling around the table. Jacob waited until his back was turned, and grabbed the biggest scalpel on the table.

"It's not me you should complain to. The Alchemist will call in soon to debrief you. Clothes in that closet." Fischer reached down, pushed a button on the underside of the bed, and the cuffs snapped open. He turned towards the door, but Jacob wrapped an arm around him and held the scalpel to his neck.

"Give me your phone." Fischer didn't so much as blink.

"I don't have one. Put that down and let go of me." Jacob let out a short, dangerously hysteric laugh. "Put it down unless you intend to kill me, because even if I could comply with your request, I would not." Fischer waited. Eventually, Jacob's shoulders slumped, and he tossed the scalpel away, letting go of the hunchback.

"Good. Now, we don't have much time, so don't ask any questions. You will receive a message in a few minutes, making you an offer. If you do not like what you're told, accept anyway and sneeze twice the next time you see me. I will give you further instructions then." Then he left, closing the door quietly after him.

Jacob opened his mouth, but couldn't come up with a reply. He sat back down on the table, and put his head in his hands. What was this, Mission: Impossible? Finally, he decided to get out of the stiff hospital gown, and then try to sort this out.

The closet Fischer had mentioned was bigger than it had looked, and full of black jumpsuits for some reason. Jacob retrieved the scalpel, deciding it would be a good idea to have some kind of weapon handy as he slipped it into his pants pocket. Jacob was folding the cuffs up when the wall to his right lit up.

He started, and turned to look as an old man appeared on the screen. He was seated in an all-black room, and only his head and shoulders were visible. The fluorescent light tinged his lab coat and lined face green. Shuddering, Jacob wished he could pull his gaze from the stranger's intensely blue, cold eyes. Opening his mouth, the man began to speak. His voice was low and slightly raspy.

"Hello, Jacob Anderson. Yes, I know your name. I know all about you. I am the Alchemist, and you have been rescued from certain death because I have a mission for you. You will complete my team of Power Rangers and destroy the Stellar Corps Power Rangers." Jacob stared at him for about a second, and protested.

"Destroy Power Rangers? They're the protectors of Earth! If we killed them the Weeping Angels would kill everyone in the galaxy!"

"Enough whining," the Alchemist snapped. "If it were not for them, you would not be here." He looked Jacob directly in the eye, unblinking.

"Jacob, I know how the original Power Rangers saved your father from Lord Zedd and you yourself from going over a near-cliff. These 'Stellar' Rangers didn't even notice you, trapped mere yards away from them. They are unworthy of the Power Ranger title, and all I want you to do is help me take it from them. My formula has not only healed you, but accelerated your fighting abilities. You've always wanted to be a Power Ranger yourself, and I'm giving you that chance."

"No," Jacob said, folding his arms and glaring at the Alchemist. The old man matched his glare, and leaned into the camera. His breathing was harsh, nasal and fast.

"There's something else," he said, "that you may want to know about before making a decision. Your mind is infected with the image of a Weeping Angel. There is no cure, and the only treatment is my secret formula, which wears off every twenty-four hours. Your choices are becoming my Black Ranger, and destroying a set of overpowered posers, or dying and unleashing a psychopathic and incredibly powerful alien on those around you. I'll give you a minute to think about it."

Jacob turned away from him, and grabbed handfuls of his thick brown hair in frustration. What now?

Fischer. He'd warned Jacob, and he obviously had some sort of plan. Taking a deep breath, Jacob turned back to the Alchemist, who was tapping out the seconds with one finger.

"I accept," he said, stepping into the at ease position, sweating hands clasped behind his back. The Alchemist smiled—which turned out to be a more frightening look than his frown; it made him look completely insane. He pushed a button, and a drawer at the base of the table popped out.

Stepping over, Jacob picked up the square, belt-buckle morpher that lay there, and turned it in his hands. It was black, perfectly smooth and gleamed in the fluorescent light. Four fang-shaped protrusions held the silver Power Coin in the center. The coin itself was engraved with a webbed, clawed hand.

"You will be the Black Gill-Man Ranger," the Alchemist said, "your team is just through that door." Sitting back with a satisfied air, the Alchemist turned off the screen with a click.


Trivia: As it turns out, Jacob Anderson in The Ninja Encounter-this guy-was played by Jacob Frank, Jason David Frank's real-life son. I had no idea when I first conceived of or wrote this fic, and my mind is now blown.